The Great Benefits of an Upside Down Bong

Granted, there are a lot of ways to enjoy your marijuana including the use of hand pipes and smoke joints. But the truth is, it is quite easy to hit some blunts. However, upside down bongs take the cake. They are commonly used to smoke and one of the most preferred ways because of the advantages they offer.

An upside down bong is a favorite choice for a variety of weed smokers. They are available in all sort of sizes but being the avid smoker you are, chances are, you already know that! Here are some benefits of an upside down bong:

Proper filtration

This is one of the biggest benefits and game changers for those who smoke marijuana. An upside down bong takes filtration to a whole new level. The benefits of water filtration as you smoke marijuana include easy cooling down of your smoke. It also acts as a great remedy anytime your throat is irritated from the smoke that the bong emits. In addition to this, proper filtration filters excessive chemicals, toxins or ashes that would end up in your mouth and would also be irritating. This is beneficial to your health as well as it guarantee you a smooth smoking process.

A high level of convenience

The intricacy of rolling out a cigarette may be quite tiresome for many smokers. However, an upside down bong comes with a great level of convenience. When you use a cigarette or pipe, it will take a long time for you to be able to enjoy your smoke. However, an upside down bong cuts down on this time. You will be able to enjoy your smoke almost immediately, without anything holding you back. Needless to say, there is no better way to enjoy your weed other than using this type of bong. You will not have to struggle when it comes to getting your smoke in. the convenience that comes with a bong smokers to use it over and over again:


Due to the material that an upside down bong is mad of, it is highly durable. This means that it will be of services to you for many years to come as it can take quite the use and abuse. Needless to say, this type of bong can persist from generation to generation especially when it is taken good care of and handled accordingly. An upside down bong that is made out of strong glass has great attributes of longevity. In comparison to other forms of smoking equipment, this bong is much more reliable. It can also withstand a few drops. There is no doubt than a durable and long-lasting bong is always appreciated amongst smokers.

Smoker hits

It is no surprise that smoking out of this bong will pave way for smoother and bigger hits. The bong are much more reliable in comparison to other methods of bigger. If you are a first-time smoker, an upside down bong is not recommended because it may seem overwhelming. It is better-suited for those who enjoy bigger hits. You will be able to appreciate everything that this kind of bong has to offer.

Easy to use

You hardly need to learn anything when it comes to an upside down bong. While the proper relying of a joint can be daunting for most beginners, this kind of bong is much easier to use. It comprises of four highly important parts including the shaft or stem, tube, the vase or reservoir on the bowl place your mouth on top of the bong and light the marijuana in the bowl. The smoke will travel down the stem, into the water and also thorough the tube into the airways. The fact that the bong is upside down allows the free flow of smoke and consequently smooth inhalation.

Easy to clean or maintain

An upside down bong is easy to clean and maintain. Needless to say, a clean bong gets you stoned faster. Think about it, when you keep on hitting that nasty and clogged bowl, it is equally going to burn that clogged resin. You will not be enjoying fresh smoke when your bong is clean, your hit is also going to be a lot smoother. Your weed is also going to taste better. Smoking your quality marijuana out of a dirty bong will simply ruin your whole experience. Settle for nothing less than a glistening bong. Rubbing alcohol will clean the resin off the glass of your upside down bong.


The good news is that when you take good care of your upside down bong, you can drop a good amount of money on a solid bong, and you will not feel the need of running to the store every now and again. Not only will this enable you to save money in the long run but when your bong is properly cleaned, it will offer you a cherished smoking experience. After all, many marijuana smokers create an attachment to the bongs that they use as well as their smoking moments. As such, it will be easy to enjoy favorite past time in a familiar bong at all times.

A piece of art

Bongs are pieces of art that someone created with their own hands. As the upside down bong is no exception. It is truly a piece of art! With shapes and functions as diverse as the artists who created them. There are those who prefer their bongs with clear scientific looks while others tend to go for an array of bold colors and design. It does not really matter what design you go for, it is the functionality of the bong that truly matters. The beautifully designed upside down bongs will speak to your unique aesthetics takes. They are quite the beauty in hand. The fact that you are limited in the kind of design that the bong comes in is truly incredible.

If you are a weed smoker with an affinity for bongs, you will not be disappointed by what the upside down bong has to offer. The key secret is their functionality and impeccable design as well as features. If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck in regards to legal marijuana there you should consider looking into this bong type.