The Benefits of Using the Vortex Pipe vs Dry Pipes

Most popular smokers are often torn apart when it comes to the use of a vortex pipe or a dry pipe. When it comes to smoking their precious herbs, they often want to milk everything out of their experience. However both the vortex pipe and dry pipe come with their own merits and demerits. Even so the vortex pipe appears much more superior because of the health benefits that it is associated with. To help you understand this better, here is a breakdown of all the advantages that you will enjoy when using this marijuana smoking pipe.
The advantages of smoking your marijuana with a vortex pipe in comparison to dry pipe:

More friendly for new users

It is no secret that beginners may face challenges when using smoking pipes or bongs. However, a vortex pipe is somewhat easier for many new smokers to use. The bubbles that the pipe produces during the inhalation process makes the smoke smoother than that of an average dry pipe. This way, you will thoroughly enjoy smoking for the first time and will not have to face any challenges.

Smoother smoke

As aforementioned, the vortex pipe produces smoother smoke in comparison to a dry pipe that is available in form of a cigarette or cigar. Using this type of pipe will not irritate your throat like tobacco or cigar roll-ups would. Warm water is able to eliminate any bacteria that may be compromised in the smoke. This offers a clean inhalation. On the other hand, cool water subsequently cools the smoke. It reduces exposure to common smoking-related conditions.

Suitable for casual uses

Vortex pipes are known to filter out a member of carcinogens per inhalation. This automatically lowers the chances of vulnerability to illnesses such as lung cancer. The pipe also drives the smoke deeper and sends it faster into the lungs. Just like any legal highs, always use weed and your vortex pipe in moderation to keep any health issues that may be experienced at bay.

User convenience

Vortex pipes are only easy to use seasoned smokers and beginners alike but they are also easy to pack. Their lightweight nature makes them quite portable and easier to clean in comparison to bongs. This leads to the lowest level of wastage of your marijuana herb.


If your health is your main concern (as it should be) when deciding whether to use a vortex pipe or dry pipe for your marijuana then the former is your best bet. Vortex pipes are known to your lungs. This happens by taking advantage of the boiling points of all the ingredients in the marijuana. A reliable vortex pipe will never subject your lungs to any harsh smoke. Both your house and your lungs will be smoke free.

Available in a variety

Vortex pipes are available in more variety than their counterparts, the dry pipes. There are those that are made out of gourds and others that are made of plastic, glass or ceramic. Then there is the Persian hookah which is clearly a vortex pipe for smoking flavored tobacco called shisha. As a smoker, there is no holding back. You can confidently pass the smoke through a water basin before your inhalation. It does not matter which type of vortex pipe you use-they will all deliver.

Aesthetic value

While a dry pipe always looks just like a dry pipe, with a vortex pipe, you can accessorize and modify. For instance, you may decide to purchase a bong with a percolator. This will work by taking the smoke into a separate chamber and dissecting it hundreds of times. The pipe can also be customized with different utensils such as bowls, as catchers or diffusers. This way, you can simply set your vortex pipe apart. If you are to spend a little more on your pipe then you can certainly get some absolutely stunning pieces that will always look very impressive at all times.


Vortex pipes are longer lasting in comparison to dry pipes. They have been proven more effective and designed with durability in mind. Through years of use, the vortex pipe has demonstrated its efficiency, suitability and character. You will not need to make constant trips to the store to purchase a new pipe anytime you want to enjoy a hit. Instead, this pipe has got you covered! It will give you the bona fide experience of a rich smoke for as long as you have it!

Important Things to Remember When Using a Vortex Pipe

Smoking marijuana may be considered a leisurely activity but when using a vortex pipe, it should be done in moderation. This way, it will be enjoyable and give you some time to slow down. However, it is important to remember the following:

  • Do not take deep hits if you are a beginner. The vortex pipe may appear small in size but it is designed to maximize pulling efficacy. Do not underestimate its efficiency. It is the most powerful ay to smoke.
  • Is two-chamber design filters smoke through water? As such, only a thick, cloud of smoke is produced. This makes it safer to use vortex pipes than ordinary dry pipes.
  • The vortex pipe represents a way of smoking heavy marijuana. It may be simple in design but clean and progressive in nature.
  • The pipe has a patented airflow system that takes the smoking of marijuana to new standards. They force smoke away from the chamber walls, making way for an amazing “tornado effect”
  • To work effectively, the vortex pipe requires a top chamber where smoke will be released.

When using a vortex pipe, these two important considerations should be made personal preferences and health benefits. The reality is that these pipes are cheaper, more aesthetically friendy and the best alternative for smoking. To avoid negative health effects when using your vortex pipe, take proper responsibility for your usage. As such, moderation is key. Do not overdo it. Properly maintain your pipe and you will make it a safer alternative.