11 Waterfall Bong Inhaling Tips For Better High

A waterfall bong is considered the most effective device for smoking marijuana. If you are looking for a new and different way to enjoy your herb then it poses the ideal solution. As a variation of the gravity bong, a waterfall bong yields 100% of smoke for user consumption when used properly.

Even so, not all smokers know how to indulge in marijuana smoke using these device. But worry not! We got you covered! Here are 11 inhaling tips for a better high when using a waterfall bong:

Tip 1. Eat a mango

While the idea of eating a mango before enjoying your hit of weed on your waterfall bong may seem laughable to many smokers, it is actually one that works, needless to say, a mango gives you a better high. It comprises of the myrcene terpenes compound which enables the THC from the weed to fly through the brain barrier, quickly. Eat a mango on hour before smoking and you will enjoy a stronger and more euphoric high the next time you use your bang.

Tip 2. Grind your marijuana well

Grinding your marijuana will give it more surface area. This will enable it to burn more easily and slowly. Ensure you bust that bud up good for a much better high. This is especially ideal for seasoned smokers in comparison to those who are merely enjoying their first list of marijuana. You do not have to do it manually chamber griders are available to make work easier. Grinding will also make the weed easy to smoke using a waterfall bong.

Tip 3. Check the ingredients

Ensure that your weed has an ample amount of THC as this is the main ingredient which determines how high you will get. This psych or active ingredient that will get you as high as you want to be. Using a waterfall bong to enjoy marijuana with a substantial amount of active ingredients will give you his quick fix that you desire.

Tip 4. The stronger the weed, the better

A waterfall bong works better with strong weed. As such, your marijuana should have high strains. For instance, Sativa tends to make you feel more high and energized when smoked on a bong. Weak weed will not get you there as efficiently as the good stuff will. As such, you should not be tempted to purchase weak weed because it will not be satisfactory in the long run.

Tip 5. Do not fake it

When it comes to enjoying a good puff, there is no faking it. If you are not high, do not act like you are. You need to learn how to use your waterfall bong and marijuana well. The two should work together in unison. Remember, ever when using the same bong, you will not experience the same gig as other people around you. What works for one person may not necessarily work for you. Therefore, enjoy your bong only in the best way you know how.

Tip 6. Practice good breathing control

Just like a deep water driver, having utmost control over your lungs is certainly important. Before taking your big hit, remember to take several deep breaths from the depth of diaphragm. This will instantly open your lungs and fill your system with that extra oxygen that will enable you to endure the time it will take to hold and hit better.

Tip 7. Cushion the hit with a breath of fresh air

Any smoke that does not go into your lungs will not be absorbed. In fact, it may end up irritating your throat. However, when you cushion your hit with fresh air, you will be able to absorb it much better. However, cushioning differs depending on your method of consumption. As smoking marijuana produces an oxidized process, only a bit of the marijuana will be absorbed in your bloodstream. Hold your hit for a few seconds for the best results.

Tip 8. Chew to increase salivation

Cannabis is generally known for causing a dry mouth or cotton mouth. This is because the active ingredient in marijuana is known to bind the receptors that are found on the salivary gland, causing them to less active. This can be unpleasant for many people. Therefore, before enjoying your hit on your waterfall bong chew to increase salivation in your mouth. Enough saliva is important because it will enhance your appetite and digestion even after smoking marijuana.

Tip 9. Use a smaller bowl for bigger hits

The bowl size that accompanies your waterfall bong affects the composition of your hit. To enjoy the biggest hits, a smaller bowl is more appropriate. While this is counter intuitive, a smaller bowl allows less flow of air around your marijuana herb, giving a better burn and more concentrated smoke. After all, the goal is to take in a whole lot of smoke and a tiny bit of air

Tip 10. Let it go slowly

Once you take your hit, you should release it slowly and smoothly-do not be in a rush to let it go. Many people tend to cough from residual smoke in their lungs after they exhale. Therefore, it is important to “let it all out” after a hit. If you do it too quickly, you may end up chocking or coughing hysterically. Therefore, it is important to enjoy every bit of the exhalation process.

Tip 11. Vapor is better

Smoke tends to hold a lot of chemicals produced by combustion. As such, using your waterfall bong and favor will enable you to take in a substantial amount of marijuana smoke. When you decide to vaporize weed, it does not pose any direct challenges to your health. The smell of weed will still be present but it does not form a heavy cloud. Also, you will be able to taste the flavor notes even more.

There you go! 11 practical tips that will enable you to get the best inhalation out of your bong. Use these tips and you will never be disappointed by your experience. If you want something portable and packs a serious punch for all your smoking expedition, it is certainly time to consider a bong.