What Happens If You Drink Bong Water

We’ve all been there; you get high, and the next minute, you’re wondering whether to drink the bong water to get higher. Actually, this is one of the urban legends making rounds in the streets.

And look, I get it. There’s a moderate amount of THC traces in used bong water, but you may need to read further before draining that colored mixture down your throat.

This article will help you understand bong water better and know whether it’s safe to drink.

Key Takeaways

  • Bong water comprises numerous chemical compounds and residue filtered from inhaled smoke.
  • The THC and CBD traces deposited in bong water have no psychoactive effects.
  • Drinking bong water is discouraged and can adversely affect your lung, stomach, sight, and immune system.

What is Bong Water?

You must understand the bong first before you ask about the water. A bong is simply a smoking device that uses water to filter the smoke you inhale. Essentially, filtration helps remove tar and toxins from the smoke. Besides filtering the toxins, bong water cools down the smoke making it gentle on your throat.

Once the smoke from the dry herbs passes through the water, it deposits ash, toxins, and other materials, and the end product is “bong water.”

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Bong?

Obviously, we clean up for sanitary reasons. Tar and resin build up in your bong during a smoking session, and with time, all parts of your bong, including the stem, will get clogged, and you’ll probably struggle to make a smooth and effortless puff; no fun at all.

Using efficient chemicals like hydrogen peroxide will remove the residue, letting you enjoy every bit of your smoking. Besides, a clean bong looks pleasant and appealing every time.

Besides the appealing look and residue removal, cleaning also helps eradicate the odor of the resin and tar. Overstayed residue in your bong attracts bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, and more.

Letting the bong sit around without regular cleanup can expose your lungs to severe infections and respiratory illnesses, hence the need to make cleaning your bong a routine.

Can Drinking Bong Water Get Me High?

The main reason someone would like to drink the nasty water is to get high. If the smoke passes through the water, it drops THC remains. Could these remains make you high if you drank the liquid?

Bad idea; the theory has so far been debunked and labeled as a mere urban myth.

So, as you try to get stoned by drinking bong water, you end up in a severe health condition. The main intention of using water is to filter any harmful materials and chemicals in your product. How, then, do you take the same materials that you sought to eliminate in the first place?

Every drag you take dumps a bunch of nasty stuff in the water, which is why you have a nice-tasting and smooth smoking experience.

Sure, THC constantly passes through the bong water, but it’s not enough to make you feel the effects. The traces may be highly diluted and inhibited by other materials present in bong water.

Besides, neither CBD nor THC is soluble in water, so there’s no way you can get stoned by drinking the water.

Another reason you may not get high from drinking bong water is its exposure to light. Bong water is exposed for a long time, degrading its CBD and THC. It doesn’t matter whether it’s water from a hammer bubbler, dab rig, or a water pipe; filtration water has no psychoactive effects.

What Happens If I Drink Bong Water?

  1. Lung Infection

The impurities in bong water, such as crumbs, yeast, and ash, are harmful once they enter your lungs. The dangerous pathogens commonly found in bong water can cause nausea, dizziness, emphysema, pneumonia, and strep throat.

Another pathogen common in stagnant water is Flavobacterium, known to cause severe respiratory diseases. This is not something you’d want anywhere near your mouth or throat. So, keep your bong clean and steer clear of drinking any water used for filtration.

  1. Stomach Complications

Leaving your bong unattended for some time makes it a breeding ground for mold, fungi, and bacteria. The nasty mold spores might also elicit allergic reactions, dizziness, blurred vision, and general malaise.

Moreover, unkept bongs may have the ruthless Giardia lamblia parasite that causes intestinal problems such as gas, cramps, and diarrhea. That’s not all.

Do you know that the popular Hepatitis A virus stays in stagnant, dirty water? The virus is known to cause fever, nausea, jaundice, chills, stomach pain, and dark urine.

  1. Vomiting

The nasty stuff in your stagnant bong water can complicate your digestive system. So, if you decide to ingest the water, you could harm the stomach lining and the entire digestive process. These disturbances are common causes of vomiting; you don’t need to have taken a large amount of water; just a sip is enough to cause extreme pain.

The consequences of drinking bong water resemble those of food poisoning. Even if you take the water before the 24 hours mold takes to form in bong water, the disgusting smell and taste might make you throw up. This ends up hurting your throat and lungs even more.

Don’t Drink Bong Water

When you smoke, bong water traps debris and loose leaves that stick to your bowl hence the rusty brown color on most bongs. Along with this residue, the stagnant bottled water accumulates microbes, bacteria, and fungi within hours. These dangerous creatures can take different forms and can adversely affect your body. Drinking bong water puts all these toxics into your stomach and body.