What Is a Hookah Bong?

Smokers are used to smoking their dry herbs through a joint, dab rig, or a bong, but have you ever thought of a hookah? Smoking your products from a hookah would be thrilling, and surprisingly, it doesn’t require much effort despite its complex appeal.

In fact, smoking through a hookah brings a more vibrant social smoking experience than other bubblers. Below we expound on the hookah bong mechanism, types, usage, and why it’s the best option for your next party.

Key Takeaways

  • The word hookah is Arabic for water pipe
  • A hookah bong allows you to add charcoal to keep the concentrates burning and flavors to keep the smoke sweet.
  • The most common material used to make these items is stainless steel due to its durability and maintainability.

What Is a Hookah?

The word hookah is Arabic for water pipe. So, a hookah bong is a water pipe used to smoke any concentrate you may have. Besides, this item allows you to add charcoal to keep the concentrates burning and flavors to keep the smoke sweet. Other common names used to refer to a hookah bong include goza, shisha, and hubble-bubble.

Unlike standard water pipes and bongs, a hookah pipe is quite massive and allows more than one smoker simultaneously. We shall discuss all the hookah parts in detail below but let’s fully cover the overview.

If you want to smoke your tobacco using the hookah bong, sweeten it with honey, fruit pulp, molasses, or additional coffee, mint, and coconut flavors. These flavorings give the tobacco a sweet aroma and taste, making it appealing, especially to women and the youth.

It’s worth noting that hookah bongs can be used to smoke hashish, marijuana, and herbal shisha. Ensure that the herbs and the bong are authorized before trying them out. Also, consider all health precautions regarding smoking some concentrates through the hookah bong.

What Material Is the Hookah Bong Made Of?

Today, thousands of different hookah bong manufacturers use a wide array of materials. However, stainless steel is the most common material used to make these items due to its durability and maintainability.

While metals are prone to corrosion and failure at some point, stainless steel can last up to 10 years when maintained properly. Besides, the material is easy to clean and rarely has residue buildup after use.

Like other bongs, hookahs use water every time you smoke, hence using stainless steel, whose corrosion takes longer than other materials. Therefore, it’s imperative to check whether the hookah gong is made of pure stainless steel when you purchase

This does not mean you can’t enjoy your sesh with a hookah made from other materials. One interesting implementation is wood which would look great, but you’re sure this won’t be durable. The same case applies to glass susceptible to shocks when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Major Parts of a Hookah Bong

If you want to enjoy your concentrates with a hookah bong, more than just the dry herbs make the sesh fantastic. To get the most out of your smoking experience, you must familiarize yourself with all the crucial parts and accessories that make up a set. Below, we highlight every major component to give you a perfect hit.

The Hookah Bowl

The hookah bowl is the part that holds your herbs and the place where combustion happens. Once you light up the bowl, the smoke forms immediately and sucks down the airways below it. Note that the amount and speed of the smoke moving down the airways depends on how soft or hard you inhale. It’s recommended to start with a slow inhale to allow time for the smoke to build up, filter, and cool in the water chamber.

Hookah Tray

The tray looks like a wide plate just below the bowl meant to hold coals and ash that fall from the bowl. With this tray, you won’t have particles falling on the floor, thus minimizing mess and enhancing a clean sesh.

Hookah Stem

This part connects all the other sections of the hookah bong from the base to the hose. It also channels smoke from the bowl to the water chamber and acts as a filter. The water helps the stem create tiny bubbles allowing more surface area coverage and enhancing the cooling effect.

Hookah Hose

This is the pipe through which you suck the cool and filtered smoke from the hookah bong. It acts as the mouthpiece in other bongs, but the hose is long and flexible.

Hookah Base

The base is perhaps the biggest part of your hookah bong and holds the water crucial for smoke filtration and cooling. The water chamber works in tandem with the stem but does not need it to function. In the case of a shisha, smoke will move to the base through the stem before proceeding to the hose.

Hookah Grommet

The grommet is a silicone or rubber ring that seals the vase and the stem to prevent the smoke from returning to the bowl.

How To Use a Hookah Bong

Smoking your dry herbs from a hookah bong is pretty easy, just like in other bongs. Here’s how.

  1. Ensure that the bong is clean.
  2. Fill the hookah’s tank/vase/base with cold water about halfway full.
  3. Place the upper piece, including the stem of your hookah, by screwing it gently or applying a little pressure.
  4. Connect your hookah hose. Note that you can add several hoses depending on the number of smokers in an event.
  5. Pack the bowl with your herbs and flavors, allowing space for the mixtures to spread and burn evenly.
  6. Cover the bowl with aluminum foil and poke a few holes with a needle or toothpick. Alternatively, you can use a hookah screen that already comes with the holes.
  7. Light up the coals and give the burning some time to spread.
  8. Use heat-proof gloves or tongs to place the bright red coals on the aluminum foil sheet to the screen. Be sure not to cover the holes to maintain proper heat flow.
  9. Give the colas a minute to vaporize the concentrates and inhale from the hose.

Now you can enjoy the hookah until the dry herbs are entirely vaporized.

Pass The Hookah Bong

If you haven’t used a hookah bong, you should try it now. There’s nothing arguably better than sitting with friends and sharing the experience with one massive hookah device. Visit our online shop and select your preferred size, theme, and shape of your hookah bong.