What Makes the Crystal Bong So Special

How about seeing sparkling crystals and rainbows the next time you smoke? Two things could be the cause, either what you are smoking or smoking with. But the latter makes more sense, a crystal bong. They are a lovely and spectacular alternative to run-on-the-mill smoking devices. Besides the medicinal value of crystals which we will discuss later, these exquisite smoking pipes guarantee magical smoking.

Key Takeaways

  • A crystal bong is a smoking pipe made from robust crystal, amethyst, or natural quartz.
  • The different type of materials used to make crystal bongs carries a more profound meaning among smokers.
  • Some crystal bongs should not be stored under direct sunlight, especially decorative ones.

What is a Crystal Bong?

Crystal bong is the newest trend in the smoking world. It is a smoking pipe made from robust crystal, amethyst, or natural quartz. The material is exceptionally resistant to heat damage, meaning it does not burn or melt. Hence you can enjoy smoking anytime and anywhere without worrying about damaging the pipe or hurting yourself. They are easy to clean, lightweight, and durable. The most notable uniqueness among crystal bongs lies in the smooth polished finish, making them look classy and lovely!

Crystal bongs have been used since time immemorial in Europe and China, from the Renaissance to the 18th century. Crystal smoking pipes have also been used in Japanese Russian, and Indian cultures.

It shows that crystal bongs are not new and hence the adoration among smokers. Most smokers prefer using crystal bongs over plastic or glass pipes because of their beauty and durability.

Why Crystal Smoking Bongs?

Crystal bongs are a great way to enjoy your favorite herbs or tobacco. The crystal on these bongs adds a distinctive flavor and aroma- an aspect many smokers adore.

Best crystal bongs are made from actual crystals, mainly comprising the two common types; Amethyst and Quartz. Most crystal smoking pipes are made of Amethyst for their blue and purple colors, which are more readily available in nature than in real Quartz.

Unlike Amethyst, Quartz has a higher refractive index; it bends lights better. Despite the difference in refractive index between these two materials, crystal bongs made from them are irresistibly beautiful compared to those made of glass or plastic beads. These advantages give crystal bongs a competitive edge against other bong materials.

Does The Pipe Have a Screen Filter?

As in other modern bongs, crystal bongs have a stainless-steel metal screen filter. You can remove it when cleaning the crystal smoking device but remember to clean it too. Typically, the filter can last up to 3 months if maintained well hence the need to clean it after every use. Moreover, with the screen filter counting as a removable part of a bong, it’s advisable to have several at your disposal in case one malfunctions or wears out.

Cleaning And Storing Crystal Bongs

With the immense love shown for crystal bongs, they experience a good share of use and hence get dirty more often. This also results in more cleaning instances to maintain hygiene. Keeping the bong clean will ensure that you enjoy the flavor of the natural herbs, and the bong looks great just by looking.

However, cleaning a crystal bong may differ from a plastic or silicone bong. It would be best if you had a gentle, soft sponge on the crystal to avoid eroding it. Start with soaking the device in a certified cleaning mixture like isopropyl alcohol. After a few hours, gently clean the bong, including all removable parts.

On completion, rinse the bong with warm water and keep it in a cool, dry place. Note that some crystal bonds like Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Opal, and Smoky Quartz are not to be kept under direct sunlight. If you’re holding an outdoor party or smoking from your yard, ensure that you don’t keep the unique crystal bong exposed to direct sunlight for long.

Is Crystal Bong Safe for Smoking?

Like glass, crystal bong is considered safer for smoking. You won’t have to worry about melting from extreme heat or inhaling toxic emissions, as is the case with plastic. Besides, a crystal bong with additional cooling parts like percolators and ice catchers offers a cleaner and cooler hit that would require relatively less lung effort to handle.

How to Buy Crystal Bongs Online

Today you can buy almost everything online, including shopping for your favorite crystal bong. So long as you have your phone, PC, and internet, you can shop and skim through genuine headshops. Expect an endless list of vendors, but you should only deal with those offering the best deals.

Before purchasing online, ensure the online headshop offers these services:

After-Sales Customer Service

It is no brainer that you can purchase a damaged crystal bong online without knowing, or it could get damaged in transit. Sometimes you might need to fix your product. These are a few challenges online buyers face. Therefore, ensure you deal with an accessible and committed vendor. An excellent after-sales service helps build trust and confidence with the customer.

Warranty and Return Policy

The crystal bong you buy online should also have a warranty and return policy. Remember that you might want to replace or return the bong if faulty. Therefore, the online headshop you choose should offer this service when needed. Most online headshops offer myriads of products for sale but not all back their products with a warranty or return policy.

Experience A Crystal Sesh

This guide serves as an eye-opener when you’re looking for a rare crystal bong. Like any other shopping endeavor, you need to apply due diligence when previewing your crystal bongs online to ensure that what you see is genuine and worth it. It would be best if you also grasped the correct way to clean, store and take care of a crystal bong.