If you grew up watching Spongebob on Nickelodeon and can’t do away with the nostalgia, consider smoking with the award-winning Spongebob and his aquatic friends in the fictional underwater city of Bikini Bottom. Sure, sometimes the smoking experience requires something to trigger the fantasies that shape our imaginations, and this bong has it all.

Besides, the cute Spongebob’s resilient materials make the bong the fun and talk of any party. Interestingly, Spongebob bongs feature not only the adorable and funny Spongebob SpongeBob SquarePants but also the other wild characters.


Key Takeaways

  • The Spongebob bong is named after the animated comedy series’ title character.
  • Notable Spongebob bong features include durable silicone material, detachable parts, and a built-in glass bowl screen.
  • Buy the Spongebob bong at Vortex Gravity Bong and emulate the adorable Spongebob and his buddies.

Spongebob Bong Features

When it comes to bongs, features are more important than looks. You want a resilient bong from falls and changes in temperature. Besides, you want a bong that’ll be easy to clean and handle. Below are crucial features of a Spongebob bong that make it the best fit for your smoking experience.

  1. Durable Silicone Material

While glass has been the undisputed king in bongs, modern bongs come in different materials than glass. You’ve likely come across bongs made from bamboo, metal, or even acrylic. But what about silicone?

In addition to resilience, silicone is adored for its ability to form into just any shape. This is a very crucial aspect when making bongs. Besides, having the Spongebob bong made with medical-grade silicone means that your smoking experience won’t have any nasty flavors. Silicone Spongebob bongs are also easy to handle and clean.

Spongebob bongs are also glazed with ceramic and grip lings to avoid slipping from your hand.

  1. Completely Easy to Disassemble

The cleanup process is the main reason everyone wants a bong that’s easy to disassemble. No one wants to take a hit from a dirty Spongebob bong. You must take a few minutes or more to clean your bong thoroughly for a peasant look, freshness, and hygiene.

When it comes to the Spongebob bong, you can easily disassemble most of its parts for quick cleanup. Also, you can remove the bowl, mouthpiece, and pipe to ensure they don’t break during cleaning. Keep the removed parts in a separate container to avoid misplacing them or infecting other kitchenware.

  1. Glass Bowl With Built-In Screen

A bowl screen’s obvious benefit is protecting your throat from the leaves and particles from your herbs. Inhaling any of these scooby snacks would be horrible for your smoking experience.

Unlike traditional bongs, Spongebob bongs have a built-in screen, meaning you won’t stress about doing it yourself. It would be a hassle figuring out which screen material is best for you and how to install it.

  1. Dimensions

Spongebob bong is the perfect household addition for any anime fan. Besides, the bong has a wide mouthpiece to allow for maximum intake. The less than 25cm high Spongebob bong is easy to handle and carry as you go on a trip.

Why Is It Called Spongebob Bong?

Entertainment is part of the smoking culture, and the bongs have been at the forefront of artistic expression. From Stash Jars to the Boba Fett Helmet Bong, the bong industry seeks to make every popular character feel represented.

Therefore, Spongebob bong is named after the lead character in the animated comedy television series of the same name. The character debuted in the 80s in Stephen Hillenburg’s book “The Intertidal Zone.” However, he appeared only in Stephen’s comic books until the late 90s when he appeared on Nickelodeon.

Spongebob is rectangular and covered in a yellow color with an olive-green outline. Earlier episodes showed him having a wider top and slimming bottom to assemble a trapezoid. However, he has developed into a more balanced square shape. In addition, the Spongebob comes with three freckles on both cheeks, olive-green pores, large blue eyes, a curved nose, and a large mouth with protruding teeth.

Where To Find Spongebob Bongs

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Other Available Bongs

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Buy A Spongebob Bong

Smoking accessories such as the Spongebob bong will make you emulate Spongebob taking a bong. No matter how old the franchise gets, new films bring a new generation that expands the backstory keeping fans thrilled and anticipating a new chapter of the comedy.

Grab the Spongebob bong and watch your favorite series again. You’ll see Spongebob’s humor and power differently when smoking.