2 Foot Bong

The gravity bongs have become one of the common ways to smoke your CBD. The challenge that remains is determining the best type of bong for you.  The 2ft bong (24 inches) is relatively bigger than most bongs that range between 13 to 17 inches. Below, you will find out the bong’s contrast with your typical bongs that influences its popularity.

What are the Common Types of Water Pipe?

The materials and design determine the quality of the bong you choose. The common bong materials in the market today include plastic, glass, and ceramic.

Glass Water Bongs

Glass bongs are known to provide the best quality as they provide a pure taste and do not affect the flavor. Besides, glass bongs’ transparency enables easy monitoring for resin build-up, enhancing cleanliness.

Are Glass Bongs Resilient?

The only thing that makes glass pipes a challenge is their fragility. For this reason, brands have devised ways to create a high-quality glass product. As a result, borosilicate glass pipes have become more resilient to thermal expansion and chemical contamination. The chemical combination used to make this device applies even to the showerhead perc.

The Plastic Pipes

Plastic’s durability makes it the second popular bong material as the devices survive falls. However, some plastic bongs might affect the taste of your smoke.

There is also the ceramic bong that is more robust and heavier. Notably, the clay’s malleability enables the creation of different bong sizes and shapes. The fact that the ceramics are generally fragile makes them ideal for special occasions.

The Tree Perc Bong

When it comes to design, the straight bongs are considered the simplest as they only consist of a simple tube with a bowl poking out of the side. You need to place your weed and smoke it by pouring some water into the tube.

The multi-chamber bong is sometimes called a recycler and separates the tube into two chambers connected by a third chamber or a tube. They provide a smooth and cool smoke but not as fast as the percolator bongs.

Sometimes called the bubble bong, the percolator bong contains a percolator dissipating the smoke before it goes through the water. The percolator makes the device high rated among smokers as it enhances better and faster filtration.

Be Ready to Repair the Water Pipes

If you can buy a bong that will offer quality services, you must reach highly rated gadgets. At some point, you will need a quick repair or replacement of crucial water pipe devices, and it vital that you understand how to go about it.

Note that using fragile pipes like ceramic or glass bongs requires you to have a spare bowl or shower head to avoid spoiling your smoking experience. Every accessory counts. So, ensure that every downstem or dab you add is high rated and provides the desired filter.

Buying Big Bongs

It is now a common thing to come across a headshop as you cross streets. However, it is online shopping that’s trending, especially with the new norm of social distancing. You will find high-quality types of pipe sold on every website.

Just select a highly rated vendor and subscribe on the website for a newsletter and earn as you shop or bring new customers. Note that you must be 21 yrs and above before you enter some of these sites.

Assessing the Available Vendors

Remember to search for the vendors’ reviews and establish whether they offer slashed prices or free shipping. Remember we talked about the significance of accessories hence the need to find a vendor with high rated devices at an affordable price. The available payment methods are also a significant factor to consider.

You want a vendor that allows common payment mediums such as the American express linked on the cart. The cart should also clearly show the correct price of every item and provide a reference code for the purchase. Since most vendors have different work ethics features, it is always wise to locate the customer support tab for any inquiry regarding points, free shipping or delivery.

Key Takeaway

Whether you want to buy the ceramic or the glass bong, look for a site with page support and a classic style collection featured for you if you have attained 21 years. The 24-inch bong is popular for its space that allows additional trees, downstem and percolators with a showerhead.