Fly and Shine with a Sunflower Bong

Sunflower is a happy flower, and adding such a perfect bloom to your smoking bong would undoubtedly brighten your mood. The gorgeous plant was named after the sun for its sheer delight and the ecstatic yellow, orange, and red colored parts. Be part of the holiday craze with a bong designed like a magnificent sunflower, or download several sunflower bong PNGs and drawings to stick to your bong. Below we explore the many types of sunflower bongs you can have and the symbolism such decal conveys.

Key Takeaways

  • As the name suggests, a sunflower bong is a smoking item conveying a sunflower theme.
  • In addition to the beauty and mood of a sunflower bong, the depiction has numerous symbolic meanings.
  • Sunflower bong examples include the Sunflower Bee Glass Bong and the Sunflower Patch Bong.

What is a Sunflower Bong?

As the name suggests, a sunflower bong is a smoking item conveying a sunflower theme. The market is already flocked with different bong designs, but you don’t need to break the bank to acquire sunflower bong designs. Instead, you can download a few sunflower images and stick them on your plain glass beaker bong to convert it into a sunflower bong.

Why Smoke with A Sunflower Bong?

In addition to the beauty and mood of a sunflower bong, the depiction has numerous symbolic meanings. So, if you want to make a statement related to any symbolism discussed below, you should acquire a sunflower bong.

  1. Devotion and Steadfast Loyalty

When you incorporate a sunflower in your smoking sesh, you show your unswerving faith. The sunflower plant is known to face the sun with adoration and love as if following it throughout the day. In fact, the sunflower plant is the only plant associated with the idea of the bright sun. So, any smoking session you undertake alone or with friends will still demonstrate your connection with the rest of the world, especially mother nature.

  1. Happiness and Optimism

By looking at the sunflower in real life or on your bong, you develop a feeling of radiance. The bright yellow petals, the orange part, the red crescent leaves, and their shape represent everything positive. Hence, sunflowers are used for happy occasions such as baby showers, birthdays, and weddings. It is one thing that can boost your hope if you’re smoking to evade frustrations in life. In the same way, a sunflower can make an excellent gift for any occasion.

  1. Durability

One thing that could make sunflowers a symbol of longevity and durability is their resemblance to the sun. The sun is one element perceived to withstand the test of time, even though we’re told it will die out one day, just like a sunflower does. Chinese cultures have long used the sunflower as a symbol of long life and perseverance. Actually, the plant stems can last for weeks when cut to make bouquets and vases.

  1. Good Luck and Fortune

Have you heard that seeing a sunflower motif in your dream could symbolize good luck? Such an incidence would mean personal, or career development or anything offering positive opportunities is eminent. So, a sunflower decal would be a lucky charm if you’re a beginner at anything, say, a job or fun activity.

  1. Sunflowers are Detoxifiers

If you still need to find a substantial reason to incorporate a sunflower theme on your bong, how about creating detox awareness? Sunflowers are branded as ‘hyperaccumulators,’ meaning they can absorb toxins in the world. Scientists planted millions of sunflower plants to help the Fukushima and Chernobyl land recover from nuclear contamination after the disasters. Besides, the ability to absorb toxins protects the sunflower plant from herbivores.

Sunflower Bong Examples

While we can’t exhaust the different sunflower bong designs, we have a few you’ll likely find online or at a headshop near you. The cost of acquiring the bong may vary with size, shape, and design. You must also acquire the best material, like borosilicate glass or silicone, if you want your bong to last.

  1. Sunflower Bee Glass Bong

This sunflower bong would easily go unnoticed in your backyard flower bed or near your Chia pet. The 10-inch-tall borosilicate glass bong is coated with a greenish hue to emulate the sunflower stem and a few sunflowers protruding beside the bong. We counted about six sunflower buddings on the Sunflower bee glass bong, with the bowl being the most distinct.

  1. Sunflower Patch Bong

This beautiful borosilicate glass bong has 38 mm x 4 mm tubing to ensure it withstands heat and external forces. The Patch bong also has a unique double round bubble that perfectly complements the sunflower millies on its handle. The golden hue surrounding the base up to the neck gives the sunflower bong bright rays, synonymous with the rising or setting sun rays. Available Sunflower Patch bongs sizes vary from 14 inches to 5 inches.

  1. Sunflower Bong Bowl

Just adding a sunflower-themed bowl to your plain bong turns it into a sunflower bong. The borosilicate glass bowl comes in different sizes, and you’ll surely find one for your bong, no matter the shape or size. Besides, the Sunflower bong bowl is hand-blown to incorporate an HD sunflower decal, including the yellow petals, the green base, and the reddish interior where you place your herbs.

  1. Sunflower Beaker Bong

Earlier, we mentioned how you could turn your plain beaker bong into a sunflower bong just by sticking a few sunflower images or drawings here and there. Now, we have a beaker bong already furnished with classic sunflower decals that are more durable than stickers. What’s more, the delightful beaker design comes in two shapes the 12 inches and the 8 inches. Surely, you can’t be in a bad mood when using such a glamorous piece of glassware.

Smoke Positively with A Sunflower Bong!

The bright smile the sunflowers share with you is the perfect visual you want every time you take a drag. Luckily, we have innovative designs to express our love for sunflowers in the most stylish way. Check out the numerous sunflower bong designs online and decide what to add to your shelf and what to share with friends during the holiday season and beyond.