Lee Bong-Ryun’s recent clinch of the Baeksang awards proves she’s a rapidly rising star in the entertainment industry. The South Korean-based actor and model has maintained a positive track record since her debut to the attention of the indomitable AM Entertainment. An in-depth look at Lee’s roles in different films and her personal developments shows a polished actress fit for more leading roles locally and abroad.


Key Takeaways

  • Lee Bong Ryun is a South Korean actress born in Pohang, South Korea, in 1981.
  • Lee Bong Ryun started with minor roles in her cinematic life, incorporating the crucial skills she had acquired throughout her practice.
  • Other prominent Korean actresses include Kim Yoo Jung, Park Bo Young, and Jun Ji Hyun.

Lee Bong-Ryun Early Life

Lee Bong Ryun is a South Korean actress born in Pohang, South Korea, in 1981. She started her basic education in the same town, although she frequently dropped out due to dire situations. Nonetheless, Lee completed her first grade and relocated to Daegu for her third grade. She passed the GEDs and immediately enrolled in a photography course at Daegu Arts University. At 22 years, Lee Bong Ryun proceeded to Chung-Ang University to study for a Master’s Degree in Photography and graduated two years later.

It is worth noting that Lee Bong Ryun had been practicing and working as a part-time photographer throughout her higher education journey. So, she was already popular in Daegu even before she received her credentials. In fact, Lee was one of the popular photographers whose works attracted significant adorations in exhibitions. It was by chance that Lee started working in the theatre, which she had begun frequenting after conducting her graduate study.

But in her own words, Lee Bong Ryun went for acting after she found photography boring and quiet. She preferred to use her spare time to join musical performers and perhaps be like the Park Dong-Ha performance she adored on TV. Luckily, a social education center in Daegu offered art and music lessons, and Lee did not hesitate to join. From 2003 to 2005, she found some time at night to hone her musical and performance skills in the center. Soon, the stage director, Kim Dong-Yeon, noticed her knack for acting and quickly fixed her as an assistant film director in “Fantasy Fairy Tale.”

In 2005, Lee Bong Ryun debuted as a double actor in “Five Drawings of Love,” but she suddenly took center stage when the lead actor went missing. Lee’s star has kept shining since then, and she’s featured in many musicals and plays. Notably, she appeared as the laundry owner or grandma in ‘Laundry’ between 2008 and 2012. Lee later joined Alleyway, a prominent theater company where she was featured in ‘Press Guide,’ ‘Manchurian Front,’ and ‘Ode to Youth.’

Lee Bong Ryun Cinema Life

Lee Bong Ryun started with minor roles in her cinematic life, incorporating the crucial skills she had acquired throughout her practice. In 2011, she participated in Choo Chang-Min’s ‘Late Blossom,’ which later proved to be a sleeper hit. Other movies casting Lee Bong Ryun include ‘Girl On the Edge’ (2015) and ‘How to Break up with My Cat’ (2016). If you’ve watched, ‘Okja,’ the action-adventure movie by the renowned filmmaker Boong Jon-Ho, you can quickly notice Lee Bong Ryun as the receptionist. Lee also appears in “A Taxi Driver” as a full-term pregnant woman riding a taxi for free.

Generally, Lee Bong Ryun has been a frequent figure in most National Theater Company of Korea shows. Besides, she appeared as Princess Hamlet when the Theater’s 70th anniversary swapped Shakespeare’s Hamlet gender and won the 57th Baeksang Awards. Recently, Lee Bong Ryun appeared as an ex-wife in the ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ TV series.

Other Prominent Korean Actresses

Lee Bong Ryun follows in the footsteps of other prominent South Korean actresses with exceptional personality, brilliance, and talent. She’ll likely succeed if she keeps it up like her colleagues highlighted below.

  1. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim is the most successful and popular actress in South Korea, given the number of awards she has clinched so far. Her remarkable presence on the screen is evident in her domestic and international hit series, ‘Love in the Moonlight.’ From a child actor to adult roles, Kim Yoo has achieved what only a few can.

  1. Park Bo Young

Park Bo is famous for her roles in ‘Strong Woman,’ ‘Wedding Day,’ ‘Scandal Makers,’ and more. She debuted as an actor at 16, and her talent and beauty made her the most adored character in Korean drama. Since then, she hasn’t rested and has participated in numerous films and on-stage dramas. Today, Park Bo Young provides a vivid example for all the upcoming stars, including Lee Bong Ryun, on how to maneuver the entertainment industry knocking all the available opportunities out of the park.

  1. Lee Sung Kyung

Lee had a successful career as a model when she found herself in TV show production. A series director stumbled on Lee when he was looking for a fresh and new face to appear on an upcoming show. She took up several low-key drama roles until her debut in “Okay, That’s Love” made her an overnight celebrity. Since then, Kim Sung has appeared in several shows, including the lead actor in ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!’

  1. Park Shin Hye

Despite her perfect moves in Lee Seung Hwan’s music video, Park had no formal training. So, she only underwent a quick briefing and debuted as a heroine in the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ K-drama. The young talent also led in the “You’re Beautiful” title and still pulls out impressive performances in K-dramas like Heartstrings and Pinocchio.

  1. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun won the Best Actress award for her lead role in the romantic comedy, “My Sassy Girl.” The series topped the charts, placed Jun as a top star, and became a breakthrough in her career. Jun has also appeared in ‘My Love from the Stars,’ ‘Assassination,’ and ‘The Thieves.’