A Glock bong is a bong resembling the popular Glock pistol. From wooden pipes to bongs looking like a special pistol type, innovation brings every thrill we’d want in a smoking sesh.

Like in other masterclass pieces, a Glock bong clarifies your personality and sensitivity to art. Millions of smokers in the country and globally are increasingly embracing design bongs to enhance cooling and filtration and connect with their fantasies.

If you’re yet to update your smoking item collections, why not consider bringing in the Glock bong? Most might be expensive, but many are cost-friendly and would still make your friends and family go; wow.


Key Takeaways

  • Glock bongs are made to resemble Glock pistols.
  • The most widely used Glock bong material are silicone, ceramic, and glass.
  • Your choice of Glock bong material depends on your preferences.

What is a Glock?

Glock is a brand of pistol made by Glock Ges. M.B.H., an Austrian gun manufacturer, and widely used by law enforcers and civilians. The pistol’s popularity worldwide has made them the most profitable product line for the company.

The Glock pistol is adored for, among other things, its relatively low slide profile that enhances comfort and quick aim recovery in multiple firing. While the Glock pistol has undergone tremendous cloning and improvement, it maintains some signature looks and features.

What is a Glock Bong?

The Glock bong is a new smoking item targeting smokers with an eye for the Glock gun. So, the Glock bong resembles a Glock, but the protruding water chamber and the mouthpiece will help quickly distinguish it from a real pistol.

Normally, a Glock bong comes with the usual long handle that matches a bong base extending from the trigger. So, the primary role of the case will be to hold the bong in place as your take a drag.

Choose from the wide range of modern Glock bong designs matching your statement, theme, or purpose. For example, you can buy a Glock bong with a necklace cord to keep on your chest for convenience and fashion.

What Are Glock Bongs Made Of?

Of course, the material is the first thing you’d want to consider whenever you’re buying any item, including your cookware. The same case applies to smoking items. While you want something working perfectly, everything will likely surround your choice of bong material.

Moreover, a Glock bong differs slightly from any other bong, such as a collapsible bong. You know the guns’ reputation and how your arrogant neighbor will likely react when you emerge holding a deadly metallic smoking Glock. Simply put, you need something to help others contrast it with a real gun.

Nonetheless, your choice of gun material should not mainly be based on looks but rather the durability, efficiency, and maintenance. The most widely used Glock bong material are silicone, ceramic, acrylic, and glass. Each of these has its pros and cons, depending on your preference and, perhaps, your financial situation.

Glass Glock Bongs

Nothing would look better than a crystal-clear glass bong doing its bubbling in a smoking sesh. In fact, glass has dominated the bong market and is the most used material for making Glock bongs. Although the choice of material depends on your preferences, glass is undeniably the best for a bong smoking experience.

Unlike your run-on-the-mill bongs, a Glock bong must be made of thick glass, not the cheap, fragile ones that make smoking less comfortable. So, if you’re planning to add this piece of art to your collectibles, consider the strong borosilicate glass. It is the only enhancement that can ideally sustain a real work of art and enhance the bong functionality.

One of the best things about glass is that it is easy to clean, so the nasty flavors and odors will no longer be a bother. All these advantages do not erase the fact that glass is glass and can break easily due to falls, extreme heat, or pressure.

Ceramic Glock Bongs

Ceramic Glock bongs maybe even more fragile than glass, but you’ll surely like the cooling and filtration the smoke undergoes. The main reason we have so many Glock bongs made of ceramic is the material’s display of real works of art. Ceramic pottery is the most artistic of all the materials hence its wide use in mushrooms, skulls, dragon bongs, etc.

The downside you’re likely to encounter when you acquire a ceramic gun bong is hard to clean process. The complex shapes the material finds itself in, plus the additional percolators and ice catcher, mean you’ll have to cut corners during the cleaning process. With time, the hidden dirt clogs up, and you’re likely to taste a different flavor than what you’re used to. Consider additional cleaning solutions to remove dirt on your Glock bong’s interior walls.

Silicone Glock bong

Silicone is the last material to venture into the bong industry, but it has become trendy in recent years. While we should expect little of a taste or functionality difference from other bong materials, silicone Glock bongs are virtually deconstructable. You can throw it off a skyscraper, hit it hard, and still use it to smoke like it were new. This is something you don’t expect in a glass or ceramic bong.

Silicone bongs are also easy to fold, meaning that they can fit in whatever space you have in your purse or pocket. Avoid cheap and low-quality silicone that would spoil a party and emit unhealthy chemicals when in use.

Grab A Unique Glock bong For Your Sesh

Clumsy smokers know they are okay with silicone bongs, while the flashy ones would instead go with a glass item. Choosing the best material wouldn’t be as complex as deciding the Glock bong design to take home from the vast collection.