5 Cactus Bongs You Need to Try Out

Ever smoked cactus? The trend in bong design inventions offers you a chance to smoke from a cactus at home, work, or a party. Admittedly, the bong industry has seen some of the most erratic design innovations, from the Mario to the assault rifle bongs.

Now we have bongs looking exactly like a cactus plant, from the sharp spines and the green color to the relief after smoke inhalation. Below we look at different cactus bong designs to help you choose the best for you. But first, let’s understand what a cactus bong entails.

Key Takeaways

  • A cactus bong looks like a real cactus, including the trunk, the arm, and the crown.
  • A bong such as the plain glass beaker bong decorated with a cactus decal also qualifies as a cactus bong.
  • Examples of cactus bongs include the 6″ Happy Cactus Bong and the Black Leaf Cactus Bong Green.

What is a Cactus Bong?

A cactus bong looks like a real cactus, including the trunk, the arm, and the crown. As you will find out below, several bong designs look exactly like a cactus plant utilizing the arms and the trunks as bowl and mouthpiece, respectively. However, your bong doesn’t necessarily need the cactus design and shape to be called a cactus bong. Any bong, such as the plain glass beaker bong decorated with a cactus decal, qualifies as a cactus bong.

Top Cactus Bong Available

  1. Cactus Jack Bong 7″

The pint-sized cactus bong by Hemper features a classic showerhead percolator with a matching bowl and a vibrant cactus green hue. The bong is hand-blown, giving it a sturdy base to keep it still when you wash, smoke, or handle. Besides, the oil-catcher and the planter-pot base make the Cactus Jack Bong 7″ perfect for flower bowls. The bong looks like a cactus with overgrown arms taller than the trunk resting on a circular basin that serves as the water chamber. The two arms are firmly attached to the trunk to minimize breakage and enhance cooling and filtration. The longer arm serves as the mouthpiece, while the shorter is the bowl. The Cactus Jack Bong 7″ currently retails at $125.

  1. Happy Cactus Bong 6″

The main reason we call it the happy cactus bong is due to the decorations depicting a happy face on the side. Unlike the Cactus bong 7″ discussed above, the Happy face cactus bong doesn’t resemble the typical cactus plant. Still, the dark green coloring and the spikes around the bong make the idea click automatically. However, only the upper part of the happy face bong has a cactus resemblance with the lower water chamber looking sparking clean from the clear and plain borosilicate glass material. The sturdy and wide flower pot makes the bong perfect for an e-nail setup or flower bowls.

  1. 46cm CACTUS Glass Bong (with Turbo Kick-Hole & Ice Compartment)

The straight-up cactus design and the few stems on the side make the 46cm Cactus glass bong the best cactus to give you a massive hit. The Cactus bong’s inbuilt ice catcher compartment gives it a simple and attractive silhouette. With the big hits from this bong, it’s crucial to keep the smoke cool to enhance your sesh. Moreover, the gigantic look adds a flair to your room or party not to mention the statement you make on what type of glassware you’re dealing with.

  1. Cannabox 4″ Cactus Bong

This cactus bong is relatively short and is the best conversation starter when camping in the desert with friends. The bong stands at 4 inches, making it a portable smoking item and a multi-functional house plant. If you have a green corner in your house or yard, the short cactus bong from Cannabox would be an ideal piece. The only thing that makes the cactus bong resemble a cactus is the green dome-shaped mouthpiece with rough sides, just like a cactus trunk. Additionally, the bong comes with a 10mm bowl and has a gold logo to complement the dome-shaped cactus design. You can get a new Cannabox cactus bong at $50.

  1. Black Leaf Cactus Bong Green

The Black Leaf cactus bong comes to help smokers feel the cactus experience in their smoking sesh. The glass bong combines function with style and incorporates a bowl to hold any concentrates and herbs. The light weight also makes it easy to lift the bong as you smoke for the best hit. The mouthpiece is also smooth, unlike other bongs, with sharp edges likely to hurt your lips when you take a drag. It’s also wise to avoid the spine as you grab the bong, as they could give you an unexpected but slight poke. As is the case for most glass bongs, the Black Leaf cactus bong is made of resilient borosilicate glass with a few decorations to give you the Western affair. A standard Black Leaf cactus bong currently retails at about $60.

Common Cactus Bong Designs

While a cactus is easy to identify even when used to decorate smoking bongs, there’s more to consider than just the cactus decal/design if you want the best experience. Some basic cactus bong features and functionality depend on whether your cactus bong is a straight tube, beaker shaped, a recycler, or a bubbler.

A straight tube is also known as a straight neck, and it’s a uniformly straight tube with a wider base and a few arms for the bowl and the mouthpiece. This is probably the easiest to clean, but it might not offer the best hit. The beaker-shaped bong is a straight tube with a wider triangular base resembling a beaker, adored for its stability and ease of use. A recycler bong has many water chambers of different sizes to enhance cooling and filtration, while a bubbler has additional percolators for further cooling and filtration. It’s worth noting that the price of each bong type varies with design complexity.

Smoke on a Cactus Bong

Today, bongs are for more than smoking. They serve as conversation starters, statement pieces, and individual pieces of art. So, with a cactus bong, you can express your own individuality while having the best shots ever. Choose the best cactus bong for you and enjoy every bit of your smoking while indoors and outdoors.