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Tylor Gang Gravity Bong

Tylor Gang Gravity Bong is Making Wiz Khalifa Even More Famous and Relevant If you want to become part of the Taylor gang squad, you got to do what they do best, smoke strong stuff and perhaps be clad in those dope Chuck Taylor shoes. Luckily, we have an even cheaper option to smoke the Taylor gangway, and most surprisingly, it's not your run-on-the-mill bong that gets noticed every time you pull it out in public. Taylor Gang has now teamed up with the seamless glassmaker Stündenglass in a somewhat iconic collab. Key Takeaways Wiz Khalifa registered The Taylor Gang Entertainment in 2008 as a film and music production company [...]

The 18 Inch Bong Is Adored for Its Big and Cool Hits

The 18 Inch Bong Is Adored for Its Big and Cool Hits Large bongs are adored for their top-notch percolation and bigger hit every time you fire. When a bong reaches the 18-inch mark height, it means to serve you right with the best of all percolations. Of course, the mouth pipe takes much of the bong’s length meaning the smoke will have a long journey to your lips than, say, a shorter 6-inch bong. The water chamber in an 18-inch bong is also relatively large, aiding the cooling process further. Sometimes taking your joint huddling under a tree shade may not provide the needed spark. However, you shouldn’t lose [...]

5 Cactus Bongs You Need to Try Out

5 Cactus Bongs You Need to Try Out Ever smoked cactus? The trend in bong design inventions offers you a chance to smoke from a cactus at home, work, or a party. Admittedly, the bong industry has seen some of the most erratic design innovations, from the Mario to the assault rifle bongs. Now we have bongs looking exactly like a cactus plant, from the sharp spines and the green color to the relief after smoke inhalation. Below we look at different cactus bong designs to help you choose the best for you. But first, let's understand what a cactus bong entails. Key Takeaways A cactus bong looks like a [...]

Which Is the Best Elephant Bong Design

Which Is the Best Elephant Bong Design Elephants are a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and vitality. With all these meanings, an elephant bong is something you may want to add to your smoking stack, especially if you need something to keep you going. Currently, the bong market is flocked with a myriad of elephant bongs, and this guide will help you determine the best design and purpose. Key Takeaways An elephant is a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and vitality. If a bong looks like an elephant or has an elephant decal, it is definitely an elephant bong. Design elephant bongs come with ice catchers and extra percolators to [...]

Have You Seen the Sexy Pussy Bong

Have You Seen the Sexy Pussy Bong Now you can buy a smoking bong resembling almost anything you'd think of, including a pussy. It's interesting how artists incorporate unique bong designs resembling things you wouldn't bring anywhere near your mouth. Whatever your case, we have a few examples of bongs that would make you smoke even if you're a non-smoker. The bongs are erotic and made of different materials anchored on the sexy image of a female vagina. In addition, we have bongs designed to fit in a woman's genital part, which acts as the base as you smoke. Such an item would be a precious ornament addition to your [...]

Which Is the Best Gun Bong Material

Which Is the Best Gun Bong Material Puff blasts the assault way with a bong resembling a massive rifle. We're now past the medieval and mediocre smoking methods thanks to advanced technology and high levels of creativity. From wooden pipes to bongs looking like an AK-47, innovation brings every thrill we'd want in a smoking sesh. Like in other masterclass pieces, a gun bong clarifies your personality and sensitivity to art. Millions of smokers in the country and globally are increasingly embracing design bongs to enhance cooling and filtration and connect with their fantasies. If you're yet to update your smoking item collections, why not consider bringing in the gun [...]

The 2013 Bong Thriller and Other Films

The 2013 Bong Thriller and Other Films The first-time director Bong Joon Ho caught many audiences' attention was probably when his film "Parasite" won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2019. However, if you had seen some of the other works, including Snowpiercer, popularly known as the 2013 bong thriller, before the awards, you may have felt this recognition was on the way coming. The South Korean auteur has led several films spanning sci-fi, action-adventure, detective thriller, monster thriller, dark comedy, and more. Below, we explore popular Bong Joon Ho films that stand out to date, but first, let's unearth the filmmaker's background. Key Takeaways Bong Joon-Ho is a South [...]

Grab A Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong

Grab A Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong Watching the infamous video showing Miley Cyrus smoking a bong is enough to laugh your head off. It was the first time the singer was seen in public taking a resounding hit from a bong. The more than 10-year-old video leakage led to a wave of a mixed reactions from different sectors. Today, the image of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong has become a trending logo on almost any smoker's collectible. Below we reflect on Miley Cyrus, her smoking culture, and the impact the leaked smoking videos have on the bong, entertainment, and fashion industries. Key Takeaway Miley Cyrus is a 30-year-old musician and [...]

Why TAG Bongs Rule – Are They Top Quality

Why TAG Bongs Rule TAG (Thick Ass Glass) bongs are adored for their resilient glass materials, but you need more than just a thick glass material to enjoy your smoking experience. Usually, when we buy bongs, we check the quality, function, and price. At least these should help us reach the purchase decision pretty quickly. What type of bong do I want? Do I want a bong with simple or complex functionality? What can I afford? Yes, the bong glass may be a thick ass, but does it pass the quality test? Shop for one of the TAG bongs, and you'll get a fantastic product and save boatloads. Key Takeaways [...]

Dildo Bong – What is it and Where to Buy One

Dildo Bong - What is it and Where to Buy One Call it a cock bong or dick bong; a dildo-shaped bong is one gift that can make someone laugh their heads off. Plainly speaking, most dildo bongs have the girth and height of a regular dildo. Sure, this is something you may want to keep inconspicuous, especially in the presence of sweet moppets. The dildo bong is really kinky, and you'll likely feel hilarious, uncomfortable, or both simultaneously. Nonetheless, the detail and functionality of this simple tool make it nice to look at. Read on to understand the standard features of a dildo bong that enhance usage and management. [...]