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The 2013 Bong Thriller and Other Films

The 2013 Bong Thriller and Other Films The first-time director Bong Joon Ho caught many audiences' attention was probably when his film "Parasite" won the Best Picture Academy Award in 2019. However, if you had seen some of the other works, including Snowpiercer, popularly known as the 2013 bong thriller, before the awards, you may have felt this recognition was on the way coming. The South Korean auteur has led several films spanning sci-fi, action-adventure, detective thriller, monster thriller, dark comedy, and more. Below, we explore popular Bong Joon Ho films that stand out to date, but first, let's unearth the filmmaker's background. Key Takeaways Bong Joon-Ho is a South [...]

Grab A Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong

Grab A Miley Cyrus Sucking Bong Watching the infamous video showing Miley Cyrus smoking a bong is enough to laugh your head off. It was the first time the singer was seen in public taking a resounding hit from a bong. The more than 10-year-old video leakage led to a wave of a mixed reactions from different sectors. Today, the image of Miley Cyrus smoking a bong has become a trending logo on almost any smoker's collectible. Below we reflect on Miley Cyrus, her smoking culture, and the impact the leaked smoking videos have on the bong, entertainment, and fashion industries. Key Takeaway Miley Cyrus is a 30-year-old musician and [...]

Why TAG Bongs Rule – Are They Top Quality

Why TAG Bongs Rule TAG (Thick Ass Glass) bongs are adored for their resilient glass materials, but you need more than just a thick glass material to enjoy your smoking experience. Usually, when we buy bongs, we check the quality, function, and price. At least these should help us reach the purchase decision pretty quickly. What type of bong do I want? Do I want a bong with simple or complex functionality? What can I afford? Yes, the bong glass may be a thick ass, but does it pass the quality test? Shop for one of the TAG bongs, and you'll get a fantastic product and save boatloads. Key Takeaways [...]

Dildo Bong – What is it and Where to Buy One

Dildo Bong - What is it and Where to Buy One Call it a cock bong or dick bong; a dildo-shaped bong is one gift that can make someone laugh their heads off. Plainly speaking, most dildo bongs have the girth and height of a regular dildo. Sure, this is something you may want to keep inconspicuous, especially in the presence of sweet moppets. The dildo bong is really kinky, and you'll likely feel hilarious, uncomfortable, or both simultaneously. Nonetheless, the detail and functionality of this simple tool make it nice to look at. Read on to understand the standard features of a dildo bong that enhance usage and management. [...]

What Is a Recycler Bong?

What Is a Recycler Bong? By hovering over our site, you'll discover the many options to smoke your herbs ranging from edibles and dab rigs to joints and blunts; the bong reigns supreme for most smokers. Bongs take different shapes and sizes to meet your expectations and serve multiple purposes. Basically, a bong has a small bowl to hold your products. It also has some water at the base/chamber, which sucks the smoke once you light up and inhale your tobacco or any other product. Notably, the water will bubble as smoke passes through, making it cooler and soothing hit. The enhanced smoking experience is the main reason most smokers [...]

The Lava Lamp Bong – Light Up Your Mind

Light Up Your Mind with The Lava Lamp Bong Bongs are also made of this ancient lamp to reminisce about the good old days. Today, you can find a wide array of lava lamp bongs in your nearest head shop or any online store. Of all the available bongs, lava lamp designs are becoming popular among smokers globally. Whatever material you choose, the lava lamp rig is a suitable choice for you. But what is a lava lamp bong, and why would I need one? Read on to find out. Key Takeaways A lava lamp is a simple but decorative lamp invented in the early 60s by Edward Walker. A [...]

Foldable Bongs – Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Foldable Bongs Bongs have been around for a long time now. What used to be a limited simple tool has evolved into an array of endless possibilities. Do you prefer a unique bong resembling a gigantic dragon? Maybe you want something that can also serve as a room decoration? Or perhaps a practical smoking bong that you can carry wherever you go? If that's the case, foldable bongs may be your thing. Key Takeaways A foldable bong can fold into different shapes to fit into small spaces for easy portability. These bongs are also called collapsible bongs and are only made of silicone. Benefits [...]

Benefits of an Alien Bong

Benefits of an Alien Bong Aliens have arrived and taken over even the smoking sessions! Advanced technology and continued innovation have led to the production of infinite types of bongs of different materials metal and varying prices. While the main objective of these products is to provide a smooth smoking experience, the premium designs and types have become part of smokers' paraphernalia collections. However, we also have standard bongs that are more compact, smaller, cheaper, and made from materials like silicone and plastic. The third category involves patterned, colorful, and deconstructable bongs designed to meet specific customer needs. Most of these have additional features to help you achieve the best [...]

Have Fun with A Pokemon Bong

Have Fun with A Pokemon Bong If you grew up in the early aughts, the Pokemon franchise must have been your thing. Pokemon was popular even to those who hadn't watched the TV series or played video games. Most of us delved deep into the universe, and what’s surprising is that the Pokemon collectibles and memorabilia are still selling today! Due to high demand, the number of Pokemon bongs is spiking. This gives you a wider selection if you want to invest in a useful, nostalgic, and fully-functional smoking bong. Key Takeaways The Pokemon bong is your typical bong themed with the popular Nintendo franchise. Nintendo has returned the favor [...]

Invertible Gravity Bong for Sale

Invertible Gravity Bong for Sale Using an invertible gravity bong is one of the best ways to consume your cannabis, especially if you don’t prefer smoking. One of the famous gravity bong used today is known as the infinity waterfall bong or the invertible bong. So, if you are a new smoker, you might struggle to understand what the invertible waterfall bong is. Below you will find amazing insights on what a bong entails and how it works. You will also learn how easy it is to create your own bong at home with simple steps and tools. The Gravity bongs Commonly known as a GB, hookah, jib, etc. is [...]