Why TAG Bongs Rule

TAG (Thick Ass Glass) bongs are adored for their resilient glass materials, but you need more than just a thick glass material to enjoy your smoking experience.

Usually, when we buy bongs, we check the quality, function, and price. At least these should help us reach the purchase decision pretty quickly. What type of bong do I want? Do I want a bong with simple or complex functionality? What can I afford?

Yes, the bong glass may be a thick ass, but does it pass the quality test?

Shop for one of the TAG bongs, and you’ll get a fantastic product and save boatloads.

Key Takeaways

  • TAG is a brand that manufactures a wide array of smoking accessories, including bongs and rigs.
  • TAG bongs are made of high-quality borosilicate glass common in lab equipment for its resilience and durability.
  • Shop for one of the TAG bongs, and you’ll get a fantastic product and save boatloads.

What Are TAG Bongs?

TAG is a brand that manufactures a wide array of smoking accessories, including bongs and rigs. The company’s bongs have solid glass designed to enhance your sesh. The bong’s intricate design and thick glass make them outstanding among other brands.

TAG Bongs Are Top Quality

The glass thickness is one of the most important factors to consider when determining your bong’s quality. A thick glass bong has better quality and may last longer.

However, the primary determinant of the glass quality is not necessarily thickness but the material. We’ve seen even thin glass bongs last long just because they’re made of a top-quality glass material.

The glass materials determine the glass quality. Weak materials mean the glass may be vulnerable, have flaws, or have higher chances of breaking. A higher quality material comes with a more pristine glass bong.

It’s also worth noting that the manufacturer’s experience in glass blowing determines the quality of the result glass piece.

Luckily, TAG bongs are made of the high-quality borosilicate glass common in lab equipment for its resilience and durability. Almost every manufacturer now uses this strong material, and TAG has placed itself a notch higher by making the glass thicker than any other brand.

But is thickness really that important?

Of course, the name thick ass bong refers to something heavy, but this is something you can handle. The standard glass thickness ranges between 3mm to 12mm, and perhaps the thickest ones are around 10mm, which most people find excessive.

Most bong smokers prefer around 5 to 7 mm, and if the manufacturer wishes to add weight, they’d prefer it to be only on the base. In addition to being weighty, a thicker glass item may last longer. Feel free to go overboard and acquire an 11mm thickness bong; it’s more of a personal preference.

If you have to choose between thickness and quality, go with the latter. You better for that good quality 4mm thick beaker bong than a gigantic 11m thick bad-quality glass. But generally, thick glass covers much of potential glass weaknesses.

As a disclaimer, we emphasize that TAG bongs’ quality is unquestionable, and that’s one of the reasons the brand has been around that long.

But Why the Thick Glass Bongs?

Thin glass is unreliable, fragile, and brittle. A thin glass pipe, downstem, or oil rig will heat up faster, increasing the chances of fracturing. Forthat reason, no one likes to work with something below the 3.5 mm mark. If standard-thickness bongs are sturdy enough, imagine what you can do with the thick-ass glass bongs.

Available TAG Bong Designs

Now that we’ve discussed our favorite glass materials and the importance of thick bongs, let’s explore the best TAG bong designs for you. These bong designs are built from the coveted borosilicate glass material.

Straight Tube Bong

As the name suggests, these bongs feature a massive straight tube as the mouthpiece. It’s the simplest thick-ass bong design that you can find. A straight tube bong is simply a glass tube sealed on one side and a bowl poking out from the sealed end. This makes it simple to carry and uses little water to smoke.

Beaker-Shaped Bong

The beaker-shaped bong resembles a straight tube, but one side is flared to look like a beaker. The beaker base not only gives this item a name but also makes it more stable. Nonetheless, the beaker bong functions like other bongs.

Round-Base Bongs

Like the beaker bongs, thick-ass round base bongs have a broader base than the tube. Essentially, the spere-shaped base of the round-based bong acts as the water chamber. The round-base bong’s flat bottom makes them stable, but not like the beaker bong. Regardless of their base shapes, these bongs use the same mechanics.

Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs are a variation of a straight-tube bong sometimes called multi-chamber bongs. The recycler bong is a straight tube bong with two or more chambers to provide further filtration and cooling, resulting in a smoother and cooler hit than in other bongs. The complexity of these recycler bongs makes them more expensive and harder to maintain than the simpler makes.

Percolator Bong

Also known as a bubbler bong, a perc bong can be any shape you can imagine, but the uniqueness is the presence of a percolator. This is a piece of glass that filters the smoke through tiny holes and is known to cause a bubbling effect in the bong. The percolator can be anywhere in the bong, complicating the cleaning process.

Carburetor Bongs

If your thick-ass glass bong has a hole in the middle, it’s a carburetor bong. The carburetors are not necessary in a bong, but they help you make an intense hit. When you release the carb, you allow in the fresh air, which pushes the smoke into your lungs pretty quickly and makes it easier to smoke.

Buy a TAG Bong Online

TAG glass is really thick and uses high-quality borosilicate materials. Besides, it offers these better pieces at an affordable rate for all authorized smokers.