Tylor Gang Gravity Bong is Making Wiz Khalifa Even More Famous and Relevant

If you want to become part of the Taylor gang squad, you got to do what they do best, smoke strong stuff and perhaps be clad in those dope Chuck Taylor shoes. Luckily, we have an even cheaper option to smoke the Taylor gangway, and most surprisingly, it’s not your run-on-the-mill bong that gets noticed every time you pull it out in public. Taylor Gang has now teamed up with the seamless glassmaker Stündenglass in a somewhat iconic collab.

Key Takeaways

  • Wiz Khalifa registered The Taylor Gang Entertainment in 2008 as a film and music production company and has since signed Juicy J, Tuki Carter, and Lala Monroe, among others.
  • The Music Brand partnered with Stündenglass (a company of glass experts) to create the modern gravity bongs.
  • This versatile smoking device can handle shisha tobacco, concentrates, and flowers.

What is The Taylor Gang?

Of course, Taylor Gang refers to the Hip Hop star Wiz Khalifa’s fans and crew, but the artist’s creation of a record label with the same name has made things more formal. Wiz Khalifa started using the phrase in the early aughts to refer to his fans and crews in his music career. Wiz, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, coined the name after realizing the name resonated with his former school Taylor Allderdice high school, and his favorite shoes, the Chuck Taylor. Nonetheless, Wiz was sure to point out that Taylor’s gang was beyond him or his race and fits anyone obsessed with raking in the dough and taking drags.

Is Taylor Gang a Criminal Group?

In 2008, Wiz Khalifa registered The Taylor Gang Entertainment as a film and music production company and had since signed Juicy J, Tuki Carter, and Lala Monroe, among others. Most people assume the label is full of criminals when they see the word gang on the logo of this innovative smoking bong. Besides, they probably have seen most of Wiz Khalifa’s songs and judge everyone just by the smoke bellowing from the rapper’s mouth and his iconic tattoos. Wiz has debunked most of these misconceptions during most of his interviews and clarified that the word gang means a “band of friends” in the record label. He has even gone a mile further and explained how he was quiet in school and never found himself in drama.

What is a Taylor Gang Gravity Bong?

While it’s not usual for a music and film label to venture into other industries, such as bong making, Wiz Khalifa incorporation of bongs in the mix brings vast experience and art, which is undoubtedly a treat for fans. The cannabis industry is no new to surprise collaborations between celebrities and large companies, but in most cases, such partnerships involve celebrities with little or no smoking experience. The associations that bought the Taylor Gang Gravity bong were perhaps the most iconic and the rearest. It brought together Khalifa’s Tylor Gang Entertainment and Stündenglass.

What is Stündenglass?

Stündenglass is a company of glass experts mainly specializing in modern gravity bongs. The company created the first gravity-powered bong serving as a beverage, food, and hookah infuser. The current flagship product is so dope that it immediately attracted collaborations from cannabis brands such as Dr. Greenthumb’s, Cookies, and Taylor Gang Entertainment. It’s worth noting that Wiz only developed an interest in the Stündenglass collaborations after his fellow rapper Berner gifted him the gravity infuser, and the rest is history.

How Does the Taylor Gang X Stündenglass Gravity Infuser Work?

The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser caught Wiz Khalifa’s attention for its design and ease of use. The manufacturer seems to know how to wow smokers, and the sleek glass leaves many with their jaws dropped. Before the Taylor Gang Gravity bong came into being, a gravity bong was merely a plastic bottle cut into half and submerged in a bucket for the same effect as in a Stündenglass Gravity Infuser. This innovation has now made those types of DIY projects a thing of the past.

Nonetheless, the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser still applies the conventional gravity bong functionality, but this one is improved significantly. It generates airflow by rotating at a 360-degree angle, activating airflow, and filling the globes with smoke when water displaces. What’s more, the Taylor Gang Gravity Bong comes with a glass liner and a bowl kit if you want to use it as a hookah. The 14mm male joint lets you connect any other vaporizing or smoking device. Usually, the Taylor Gang Bong emits smoke through the exit tube, meaning you can inhale it effortlessly. Besides, the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser can provide a direct and close-up toke when you attach a long silicone hose such as the 3-foot.

Why Use a Taylor Gang Bong?

There are plenty of reasons to consider the Taylor Gang Gravity Bong, whether or not you were part of the original Taylor gang when Wiz was doing Black and Yellow. In fact, most smokers have opted for this bong for the nostalgia it evokes whenever they smoke. Others want to smoke from a masterpiece created in collaboration with a hip-hop star.

Whatever your reason for the Tylor Gang Gravity bong, you’ll enjoy the contactless consumption of your dry herbs while experiencing the coolest and smoothest of hits, thanks to the built-in percolation system. Remember, the item is also compatible with aromatherapy, hookah, culinary, and mixology. Taylor Gang also released a mini version called the Kompact, which is smaller but still offers massive hits.

Smoke the Tylor Gang Way!

You no longer have to fret when you hear the word ‘gravity bong’ as the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah eliminates all the hard work and embarrassment. This versatile smoking device can handle shisha tobacco, concentrates, and flowers.