6 Skull Bongs Dominating the Bong Market Today

If you’re into skull aesthetics, what about smoking from a skull pipe? Now we have everything you need to add a vibe to your smoking experience, from skull bongs to skull accessories. Welcome to the center of the art and design world, and look at some of the skull bongs we have in store for you.

We know that you want a skull bong not only for its looks but also its functionality. Therefore, we’ve scaled down the top six skull bongs we have to make an impression in your room and also get the smoothest hit ever.

Key Takeaways

  • Skull bongs come in different materials and sizes but have a skull decal or shape.
  • Some of the best skull bongs include ceramic, frosted, and crystal skull bongs.
  • This site lets you see different types of skull bongs available and indicates the respective prices for quick purchase and delivery.

Frosted Skull Bong

As the name suggests, smoking from this bong looks like you’re smoking from a high-end alien tool. A frosted skull bong retails at around $110, and its performance outshines its looks. The exquisite skull patterns all over give this mid-size piece a stunning look that makes a statement whenever you use it in public.

The frosted skull bong stands around 10 inches tall and comes with a percolator to help cool things down. Note that the percolator complements the cooling from the bong water diffusing the smoke further before it heads to the mouthpiece.

This type of water bong is made of frosted and electroplated glass making it suitable for daily use at home or sharing at parties and other social events.

Ceramic Skull Bong

Yes, sometimes a massive bong placed on the shelves may be scary, but the ceramic skull bong’s mission is to please you rather than give you that eerie feeling.

The 8 inches tool item looks like a grinning skeleton welcoming you to another universe accessible only when you’re high. Besides, the ceramic material makes the skull bong easy to grasp while the flat bottom keeps it balanced.

What’s more, the skull bong currently retails at about $50, meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your herbs in style.

Skull Water Pipe

The designers behind the skull water pipe sought to enhance your smoking experience and add character. So, don’t take the bong as simply a smoking item but as a lifestyle. In fact, smoking from a skull water pipe makes a lot of statements about you than, say, a clear glass water pipe. With this work of art, you simply transfer smoke from the skull to your mouth seamlessly.

Moreover, the bong’s ease of grip, eye-catching color, finely sculpted skull base, and rock and roll style will definitely captivate you. The 10-inch height helps you easily reach the mouthpiece, and if you have a smaller size, you only need to bend it a bit backward, and you’ll enjoy a comfortable hitting experience.

The standard 10-inch-tall skull water pipe retails at around $50, and you won’t need extra space to pack it for a road trip.

Crystal Skull Bong

The crystal skull bong comes in a simple design but also has a noticeable artistic twist. Unlike other bongs we’ve already discussed, this bong has a skull on top supported by a base that serves as the water chamber. The 6-inch bong is suitable for concentrate and dry herb smokers making an excellent travel or tabletop piece.

The 14mm male bowl connects to the 45 degrees female joint to place your herbs. Besides, this bong comes with a downstem and a showerhead percolator fixed in the water chamber to enhance cooling and filtration for a smooth hit.

Available crystal skull bong incorporates the borosilicate material known to be more durable than other glass types. You can also get a crystal skull bong of your preferred color at about $100.

Glow In the Dark Skull Bong

While you can guess some of this bong’s features from the name, there’s more than meets the eye. This 14-inch-tall bong is ideally made for dark environments or at night. So, if you’re the kind of smoker who likes to wake up and bake, the glow-in-the-dark bong should be part of your paraphernalia.

This bong comes with thick and durable glass material and has many skulls all over that glow when you smoke in the dark.

The 14mm outfit in this beaker-style water bong makes it ideal for night seshing. What’s more, the diffused downstem forces the smoke from your herbs into the water chamber, where cooling takes place before reaching your lips.

With $75, you can acquire a glow-in-the-dark skull bong with an ice pinch to hold a few cubes to cool and filter the hits even further. This water pipe also has a handle to enhance grip considering that you’ll likely put off lights when using it.

7 Inch Skull Bubbler

Aside from being an appealing water pipe, this heady crystal skull bubbler is a terrifying yet seductive water pipe. Smokers adore this bong mainly for its lantern neck functions that provide a smooth smoking experience and prevent splashing. It would be a stunning addition to any smoking enthusiast, and you’ll surely draw attention when you pull it out at a party.

The $80-worth bong also has a curved tail-like design over the skull, serving as the mouthpiece. This and other additions all over the bong makes it blend in with other collectibles in your house and hard for minors or guests to realize that it’s merely a bong. Therefore, you won’t have to separate it from other collectibles in your house.

Smoke From the Skull Bong

After going through this list of top skull bongs, you can now head to our online shop and make your selection. Which one captured your attention? Don’t hesitate to invest in a skull bong and its accessories for unforgettable smoking sessions.