Definitive Guide: A Mushroom Bong

If you’ve caught on to the charms of mushrooms, it’s now your chance to show off your mushroom bongs. The beautiful bong shaped like a cluster of magic mushrooms is perfect for stealth smokers. With the pipes hidden underneath the hat, no one will notice this device.

Moreover, some mushroom bongs come with mouthpieces and percolators shaped like mushrooms.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mushroom bong takes the shape of a mushroom with a flared mouthpiece and a curved stem.
  • Mushroom bongs not only give you a better psychedelic experience, but they also incorporate personal touches.
  • When buying a mushroom bong, common factors include material and your budget.

Can I Smoke Mushroom with The Mushroom Bong?

Sure, some types of mushrooms are proven to be hallucinogenic for a few hours, but the effects may be severe. Besides, possession of these mushroom species is illegal in the U.S. and some other parts of the world. Notably, the “Amanita phalloides” type of mushroom is responsible for many food poisoning-related deaths. Since mushrooms bear a strong physical resemblance, you better keep off mushrooms altogether.

Mushroom bongs take their name from their shape-not the products smoked on them. These bongs are perfectly designed to give you a better psychedelic experience while incorporating personal touches. So, be prepared for compliments when you present your mushroom bong to your buddies.

What To Look for In a Mushroom Bong

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro bong user, you need to understand the best device for you. Of course, this depends on several factors like the frequency of use and your budget. Nonetheless, the best bong for you is one that provides more satisfaction and a better experience in your smoking experience.

The Bong’s Material

Bongs come in different materials, like plastic, metal, or glass. All these materials differ in price range and, of course, durability. For instance, a ceramic mushroom bong would give you a luxurious experience, but it’s pretty pricey.

Similarly, there’re materials likely to affect the taste of your smoke. A plastic bong, for example, would produce an odor when used extensively, thus exposing your lungs to toxic chemicals-not to mention the discomfort such an emission would cause in your surroundings. The safest choice for a mushroom bong material is glass, especially borosilicate glass.

The Bong’s Design

Since you’ll be using your mushroom bong regularly, you must pick the best design. The many options readily available today fit almost any personality you can find in a smoker. Some are gigantic, while others are as black as night with a brilliant glow in the darkness.

Your Budget

The design, material, and size determine the price of a bong. The most expensive mushrooms are made of ceramic. However, other bongs may cost more, especially if you bought them from professional artists. Mushroom bong prices range from $5 to $300; if you’re on a tight budget, consider plastic.

Frequency of Use

If you’ll be using your mushroom bong more frequently, chances are that it’ll wear quickly. So, settle for an affordable bong that you can easily replace. Glass bongs also have a record of quality smoke and relative durability, but if you’re a frequent traveler, you may need to rethink this. A glass mushroom bong can inconvenience your travel since they are heavy and prone to shattering.

Available Bowl Sizes

Generally, there are three bowl sizes; small, large, and party size. It would be best if you bought a mushroom bong with your preferable bowl size, as no one wants to end up with a party-size bowl when you smoke all alone. No need to waste your products with the wrong bowl; go for small bowls if you don’t take such big hits.

Contrastingly, the large bowl is necessary if taking massive hits is your thing. The best part about acquiring a mushroom bong with a large bowl is that you can take several hits or even one massive one. If you’ve invited friends, the party-size bowl will serve you right.

How To Keep Your Mushroom Bong Clean

The bong water makes smoking with a bong one of the healthiest ways to smoke. It absorbs harmful combustion by-products and cools the smoke to make it less harsh on your lungs. But no one loves smelly bong water, not to mention the resin build-up in the stem.

This is not something you need to put up with so long as you maintain your bong’s cleanliness. The trick is simple; make bong clean-up a daily routine. The more often your scrub your bong, the less the clean-up task, but you’ll have a complex task ahead if you leave dirty for long.

Change The Bong Water Daily

Regularly changing the bong water is crucial if you want to keep your bong fresh and clean all the time. If you’re a heavy smoker, it’s advisable to drain the bong water in the sink every time you smoke. Stick to this critical step, and you won’t smell any unfortunate odor.

For most people, it’s okay to settle on a weekly bong clean-up, and surely there will probably be minimal resin by the end of the week.

There’s a wide array of chemical concoctions to clean your bong, but you better know what you’re using to avoid inhaling questionable chemicals when you take a drag. Recommended chemical compounds include coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol.

Steps to Clean Your Mushroom Bong

  1. Drain the bong water and remove any herbs.
  2. Dismember the bowl and other delicate pieces and submerge them in a mixture of coarse salt and alcohol. Shake the bag gently and let it soak for 5 minutes, after which you rinse with warm water.
  3. Carefully remove any gunk using a cotton swab.
  4. Add coarse salt to cover the bottom of your mushroom bong and at least 2 inches of isopropyl alcohol. Plug the holes and shake vigorously to dislodge any resin. Once the mushroom bong looks sparkling clean, empty the mixture and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Our mushroom bongs aren’t only for aesthetics; they are super durable smoking devices that ultimately bring you the much-needed high. The premium borosilicate glass materials sound fit for any buddy looking for a durable mushroom bong.