The Best Frog Bongs

You probably don’t give frogs much thought unless one jumps in front of you. The high time we think of these tiny amphibians is during the springtime when they emerge and sing loudly. But what if you bring a frog into your smoking sesh? How, you ask? By acquiring a bong decorated with different types of frogs and other underwater creatures. Below are a few bongs with a frog as an additional glass design and others with simple frog PNGs and drawing to serve as a personal statement and a conversation starter.

Key Takeaways

  • A frog bong has a frog design or image on it.
  • Representations associated with the frog include knowledge, good luck, wealth, and rebirth.
  • Examples of frog bongs include the Frong and the Juice Glass Cartoon Frog Bong 19cm.

What is a Frog Bong?

A frog bong has a frog design or image on it. Whether the frog is an additional glass design wrapping around the bong or a standard beaker bong decorated with numerous frogs, they are all frog bongs.

The frog is an important symbol when added to your bong, and most cultures add it on house posts, totem poles, and household items. The frog is a supernatural creation in the human world. In the natural world, the frog can live on land and in water, depending on the seasons. Many believe that the loud cloaking sounds have magical power, hence considering the amphibians as healers. Other representations associated with the frog include knowledge, good luck, wealth, and rebirth.

Apparently, there’s more to a frog bong than just the design. You connect to the spiritual world with the help of your dry herbs while attracting attention in public places and parties. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to make your statement clear. Choose from the frog bong examples provided below to acquire all the virtues associated with the amphibian.

Examples of Popular Frog Bongs

  1. Frog Bong “The Frong”

Frong combines the word ‘frog’ and ‘bong,’ just as with glong in ‘Glock’ and ‘bong.’ The frong has a beaker-bong shape but comes with additional decorations mainly focused on the base. Notably, the water chamber is covered with a whimsical scene full of red mushrooms growing from a flowery meadow and blushing frogs resting on lily pads. The artistry around the bong is made of 3D clay depiction with a glossy finish for durability. The neck also has a few decorations showing dragonflies covered in rainy clouds under a blue sky.

The Frong bong is made of resilient borosilicate glass material and has a built-in ice catcher for enhanced cooling and filtration. Interestingly, the dense frog decoration around the Frong bong base hides the bong water, to cover the disgusting resin mixture. The only way you can check the situation inside the water chamber is through the bottom, which is left clear for maintenance purposes. The current retail price of the Frong is about $100.

  1. Small Color Changing Frog Bong

The small color-changing bong has been a darling for many smokers, probably due to the color-changing aspect that makes the frog and other decorations beside it look more realistic. This glass piece has a well-crafted frog on the mouthpiece and the removable bowl. Both frogs are mainly covered in yellow with a few reddish and greenish patches.

The big draw for the Small Color Changing Frog Bong is what the name says. The color-changing effect adjusts according to the bong’s temperature and the light intensity in your environment. So, if you smoke the bong for a long time, like at a party, the magic will likely play out, leaving your friends in total awe. This bong is also made of durable pyrex material and retails at around $70.

  1. 22 cm Bull Frog Glass Ball Bong – Fat Belly

The 22 cm Bull Frog Glass Ball Bong – Fat Belly is like a round base smoking bong, but the mouth pipe is slightly slanted. The easiest way to identify this bong is through the unusually bulged belly, which serves as the water chamber in the bong’s case. A large part of this bong is plain glass with only a small frog decoration on the mouthpiece near the tip.

This frog bong makes the perfect smoking item for you if you don’t want the frog on your bong to overshadow other aspects associated with a round-base bong. The PNG frog decal on the top of the mouth pipe is mainly green in color with a few black and red patches and several bubbles to make it look lively. You can take home your piece today for as low as $30.

  1. Juice Glass Cartoon Frog Bong 19cm

The Juice Frog bong resembles a juice bong but comes with frog decorations on the water chamber. A juice bong takes the shape of a juice box with the bowl and the mouthpiece protruding on top and the entire box serving as the base and the water chamber. This bong applies the frog theme only on the box, which is the largest part, while the mouthpiece and the bowl are plain glass with no decoration. Moreover, the frog on this bong is only a cartoon depiction of a laughing frog holding several bongs. Juice Glass Bong Cartoon Frog 19cm retail price ranges from $99 to $250.

  1. Mushroom and Frog Hangover Glass Ice Bong

The Mushroom and Frog Hangover Glass Ice Bong is a straight tube bong with a uniform width from top to bottom. However, the upper half of the tube is tilted for a clear view when you light up your concentrates hence the name ‘hangover.’ While a large part of the straight tube bong is clear and plain glass, the tilted mouth pipe has a mushroom and frog decoration on one side. This glass bong is designed for dry herbs and is equipped with a ground joint to hold the bowl and downstem tightly. The Mushroom and Frog Hangover Glass Ice Bong retails at around $60.

Smoke the Frog Way

The types of frog bongs available today are endless; your choice mainly depends on your preference. Check frog bongs online or at your nearest headshop for the best smoking experience. Alternatively, you can download a few frog decals, stick them on your plain glass bongs, and boom! You join other smokers using a frog bong.