Why Are Rainbow Bongs Seemingly Everywhere?

If you have been following smoking trends on social media or attended a party recently, you might have noticed that rainbow bongs are almost everywhere. It may even feel like you are the only one who doesn’t have a rainbow bong.

Undeniably, rainbow bongs are aesthetically pleasing. But it’s not just rainbow bongs that are popular today, as there are also rainbow ashtrays, rolling papers, shredders, and even pipes. However, since the rainbow flag is associated with the LGBT community, the popularity of rainbow bongs leaves many smokers confused. Is there more to rainbow bongs than meets the eye?

Read on to understand the types of rainbow bongs, their recent rise in popularity, and how to take care of your rainbow bong. We also want to know if you must be a LGBT member or supporter to use a rainbow bong.

Key Takeaways

  • There are two types of rainbow bongs: iridescent and rainbow-themed bongs.
  • Rainbow bongs also requires utmost care like other top-end smoking bongs.
  • What having a rainbow bong symbolizes for you is more of a personal choice, as the LGBT association isn’t automatic.

Types of Rainbow Bongs

When you hear about rainbow bongs, your mind likely pictures a bong with rainbow colors, but things may be a bit complicated. There are two types of rainbow bongs: iridescent and rainbow-themed bongs.

Iridescent Rainbow Bongs

Iridescence is a phenomenon where certain surfaces change color gradually in line with changes in the angle of illumination or view. The color change commonly appears as a shimmering effect of the bong surface.

Ever blown a bubble on a sunny day, and it seemed to have rainbow colors? That’s iridescence. Iridescent rainbow bongs are called chameleon bongs due to their “color-changing” effect.

Rainbow-Themed Bongs

Rainbow-themed bongs have a permanent rainbow color that looks the same regardless of the angle of illumination or view. Each of the colors on the bong is also distinct.

Why Are Rainbow Bongs So Popular?

Plainly speaking, there is no one-factor making rainbow bong so popular today; it’s more of a perfect storm of factors. These factors include:

Trendy World

Almost every day, there’s a new trend. Some trends die off quickly, and some stick around longer. Now it’s time for rainbow smoking tools to trend, and it seems like this trend will stick around longer.

A Fashion Statement

For many people, rainbow bongs are nothing more than a fashion statement. These bongs are aesthetically pleasing and look cool; that’s why many people have them. Rainbow bongs are eye-catching, and smokers perceive them as a form of self-expression.

The LGBTQ Connection

The LGBTQ rights movement is now stronger than ever before, almost globally. Many people who identify as LGBTQ are purchasing rainbow items, including bongs, as a sign of their identity. Straight people, too, are purchasing rainbow items in support of the LGBTQ community.

Taking Care of Your Rainbow Bong

It’s no surprise that taking care of your rainbow bong means it will serve you and look superb for longer. Rainbow bongs are somewhat more susceptible to mold stains, water or resin stains, scratches, and other dirt compared to other bongs due to their bright colors.

Having a dirty bong can tarnish your image among friends when you invite them over for a smoke. The best way to take care of rainbow bongs is by regularly cleaning them after use. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to clean a rainbow bong:

  1. Get rid of the dirty water in the bong and flush the interior with warm, clean water.
  2. Add a cleaning solution into your rainbow bong. You can use salt and isopropyl alcohol as the cleaning solution. Without reservations, it’s best to use a cleaning solution specifically designed for cleaning resin from bongs, such as Formula 420.
  3. Cover all the openings of the bong. You can use paper towels or your hands to cover the gaps. It’s best to use caps designed to cover openings on bongs, such as Resolution silicone cleaning caps.
  4. Give the bong a vigorous shake. Letting the cleaning solution soak into the resin for a while before shaking it can ease resin removal. Ensure all resin is off the bong wall and floating as a solution before you drain.
  5. When you encounter stubborn resin spots, use a pipe brush to clean them off. If the stubborn spots are in unreachable areas on your rainbow bong, use a magnetic bong scrubber like Scrubberz.
  6. Pour out the cleaning solution. Rinse the bong thoroughly with warm, clean water.

Preventing Mold Stains, Water Stains, Scratches, and Breakages

The most notorious issues that affect rainbow bongs are mold stains, water stains, scratches, and breakages. Mold stains not only look gross, but they are also challenging to remove. Change the water in your bong daily and clean it thoroughly weekly to prevent clogging.

Minerals in the water you use for cleaning your bong typically cause water stains. Tap water and unfiltered spring water have high mineral content and will stain your bong. For that reason, you should go for filtered water to clean your bongs.

Also, avoid scrubbing your bong with anything other than a pipe brush to prevent scratches. You can protect against scratches on the bottom of your bong by always placing it on a non-abrasive surface.

Use your bong appropriately and hold it correctly to prevent breakages. Also, make sure you store your bong in a safe place so that you knock it over and break it.

Do I Have to Be an LGBT Community Member or Supporter to Use a Rainbow Bong?

Not at all. Anyone can choose rainbow bongs for any reason. You only know your reasons for picking a rainbow bong. The LGBT connection isn’t automatic.

Feel free to explore new trends in smoking and beyond, and have fun. You can buy a rainbow bong online, which will arrive on your doorstep in discreet packaging. Whether you have a rainbow bong or any other type, all that matters is that you enjoy your hits in style.