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How Will Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

The Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain, a.k.a. GSC/Cookies, has been around for over a decade and has played a vital role in shifting the cannabis landscape. Besides the legacy, GSC has become breeders' favorite for developing crosses, paving the way for a surge in gourmet strains like the Mint and Platinum. What's most thrilling is the Cookies' unparalleled popularity and adaptability in the now-flocked weed strain market. The strain is still winning awards, and users can't get enough when they settle to smoke the flower on a massive bong! This guide reduces the GSC weed strain to the bare bones, activating your third eye on its genetic makeup, effects, and [...]

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain: How To Grow At Home

Tending to your Blue Dream cannabis garden and harvesting the fruits of your labor is an enriching experience. However, like any other farming practice, you must know the tweaks to ensure you harvest an excellent yield and high grade. Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains for home growing, praised for its uplifting effects. So, if you do the farming right, you may get over twenty-one ounces (600g) in one plant, which is a plus! While this may translate to about 150 grams (approx. $3,000) after drying, it still saves you cash, given that your garden will have several plants. In addition to the cost-effectiveness, having total control [...]

Why Are Rainbow Bongs Seemingly Everywhere?

Why Are Rainbow Bongs Seemingly Everywhere? If you have been following smoking trends on social media or attended a party recently, you might have noticed that rainbow bongs are almost everywhere. It may even feel like you are the only one who doesn't have a rainbow bong. Undeniably, rainbow bongs are aesthetically pleasing. But it's not just rainbow bongs that are popular today, as there are also rainbow ashtrays, rolling papers, shredders, and even pipes. However, since the rainbow flag is associated with the LGBT community, the popularity of rainbow bongs leaves many smokers confused. Is there more to rainbow bongs than meets the eye? Read on to understand the [...]

The Best Frog Bongs

You probably don't give frogs much thought unless one jumps in front of you. The high time we think of these tiny amphibians is during the springtime when they emerge and sing loudly. But what if you bring a frog into your smoking sesh? How, you ask? By acquiring a bong decorated with different types of frogs and other underwater creatures. Below are a few bongs with a frog as an additional glass design and others with simple frog PNGs and drawing to serve as a personal statement and a conversation starter. Key Takeaways A frog bong has a frog design or image on it. Representations associated with the frog [...]

Dragon Ball Z Bong – Everything You Need to Know

The bong industry has been all around creativity for the past two decades, introducing jaw-dropping art, materials, features, and looks. Indeed, the answers to the innovative concerns about bongs have been provided severally through the enormous, resilient, and colorful bongs we already have in the market. It has turned the bongs from being for smokers but also avid smoking paraphernalia collectors. The latter is making it a hobby to acquire these beautiful pieces and display them on their shelves. Smokers, too, have their preferred smoking bongs and a plethora of others just for show. Most of these prefer themed pipes; something that'll evoke childhood fantasies and make smoking feel authentic [...]

What is Iridescent Bong and See It Change Color Like a Chameleon!

Unless you've been living out of this world, you've undoubtedly seen buddies smoking from a bong that seems to change colors. Iridescent bongs transform like a chameleon when in action. Key Takeaways Iridescent bongs are made of color-changing glass, a.k.a fuming glass, which provides the best visually impressive sesh. The legendary Bob Snodgrass created the fumed glass, but it was more of a case of accident rather than discovery. Commonly used metals and colors in iridescent bongs include copper and gold. What is An Iridescent Bong? Typically, iridescent bongs are made of color-changing glass, a.k.a fuming glass, which provides the best visually impressive sesh. It is a jaw-dropping creation that [...]

Amazon Percolator Bongs – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are a newbie smoker or a regular stoner, a bong is something you should have by your side. Today, bongs have evolved, and visiting any headshop will leave you confused about the best smoking bong for you. A percolator bong is one recommendable item that provides an amazing and smooth experience. Below we take an in-depth look at this type of bong to help you make informed purchases. Key Takeaways A percolator bong comes with a porous accessory for extra cooling and filtration. Popular percolator bong types include honeycomb, tree perc, and showerhead percolators. Your choice of percolator bong material, size, or design should depend on your preference, [...]

What is a Chiba Bong

Imagine watching your smoking bong sprouting plants and becoming a hilarious garden! This is the big draw for a chiba bong, and you can get it in any shape and size, including celebrities and Star Wars depictions. If you want a bong that blends in your nature-themed room, we have a few great options for you, but first, we need to get to the nitty-gritty. Key Takeaways A chiba bong is a smoking item that lets you grow the chiba plant. Having a chiba bong is foolproof that your life is not solely focused on smoking but also on nature and art. Although chiba seeds are edible, you're discouraged from [...]

gravity bong amazon

Gravity Bong Amazon Sales Whether you are a newbie smoker or a regular stoner, a bong is something you should have by your side. Today, bongs have evolved, and visiting any headshop will leave you confused about the best smoking bong for you. A gravity bong is one recommendable item to provide an amazing experience. Key Takeaways A gravity bong uses air pressure to suck smoke and direct it to the outlet. A gravity bong is one example proven to provide a hard hit to make you high quickly. The water in a bong cool and smoothens the smoke. What is a Gravity Bong? A gravity bong is an innovative [...]

Smoke The Juice Box Bong

For the longest time, smokers have used juice boxes as rough-and-ready bongs. In a homemade juice box bong, the juice carton serves as the base, the downstem as the straw, while the bowl is twisted from a metal nut and sometimes a pen to hold your herb. Today, however, you can skip the painstaking process of devising your juice box bong at home to enjoy your favorite herbs. These bongs now come in various materials, such as glass and silicone, but maintain the functionality of homemade bubblers. Key Takeaways Juice box bong works with the same principle as other types of bongs. Ingesting juice box bong water could be fatal. [...]