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Get Yourself a Pickle Rick Bong

Get Yourself a Pickle Rick Bong If you are an Adult Swim fan and a smoker, an animated bong is something you must have. Luckily, most of the characters are also featured in games, meaning you have more control over your favorite characters' lives. The pickle rick bong is one item that has been featured most in the smoking industry, the animation series, and games. So, even when you're not playing the game, you can proudly smoke your dry herbs with the Pickle Rick bong and display the character in your room. Key Takeaways The Adult Swim TV show features eponymous series and characters entangled in family drama and epic [...]

Where Can I Find a Dinosaur Bong?

The bong industry has been all around creativity for the past two decades, introducing jaw-dropping art, materials, features, and looks. Indeed, the answers to the innovative concerns about bongs have been provided severally through the enormous, resilient, and colorful bongs we already have in the market. It has turned the bongs from being for smokers but also avid smoking paraphernalia collectors. The latter is making it a hobby to acquire these beautiful pieces and display them on their shelves. Smokers, too, have their preferred smoking bongs and a plethora of others just for show. Most of these prefer themed pipes; something that'll evoke childhood fantasies and make smoking feel authentic [...]

Stand Tall with the 12 Inch Bong

Bongs, rigs, and hookahs have been smokers' favorites for good reasons. Particularly, bongs come with enjoyable cool smoke that passes through cold water in the chamber. The smoke from the water bongs is not only delightful, but it also comes with an exceptionally soothing smoking experience. Sometimes taking your joint huddling under a tree shade may not provide the needed spark. However, this should not hinder you from losing hope of enjoying your herbs in style, even if it means getting a new or bigger bong. Our online shop has a large selection of smoking accessories and bongs that are visually appealing and practical. One of these is the 12-inch [...]

Double Tree Perc Bong Online

If you are like most smokers, you prefer enhanced smoking accessories for ultimate cooling and filtration. You want high-quality rolling papers, elegant glass pipes, and of course, the best bongs. You can add a touch of luxury to your collection by upgrading to a double tree percolator bong. The double perc installation in this bong offers twice the filtration you'd get in other bongs, resulting in more flavorful and smoother smoke. Besides, the additional percolators add a magnificent visual appeal. This guide will help you understand double tree percolator bongs and give tips on finding the best for you. Key Takeaways A percolator bong has an additional cooling and filtration [...]

Yoda Bong vs Avocado Pipe

Baby Yoda Bong vs Avocado Pipe Smoking bongs and pipes have become second nature due to their attractiveness. It is not uncommon to find novelty bongs that are special or cartoon-themed. While they are all easy to handle and functional, they convey artistic expressions perfect for the market. What makes the avocado and baby Yoda bubblers so special is that most of them are made of silicone material known as the smokers' favorite. Below, we look at the two popular smoking items focusing on their similarities and contrasts. Key Takeaways The Avocado Pipe is a smoking pipe resembling a cut avocado fruit, while the baby Yoda bong is any bong [...]

Bottle of Vodka That Turns into A Bong

Bottle of Vodka That Turns into A Bong Recent vodka releases have stunning bottle designs that sweetly combine alcohol and luxury. Distillers are spending millions for well-known artists to develop a bottle that is appealing and enhances filtration and distillation. One that has taken center stage is a bong vodka. Drinking from a bong was a bad idea until artist Jimi Beach developed the Bong vodka: a top-class spirit with a creamily smooth texture and a glowing flavor profile. The vodka's bong-like bottle design has been a big draw, even for nonsmokers. In fact, the new line of "super-premium" drinks seems to have struck two birds with a single shot [...]

Infinity Waterfall Gravity Bong

If you still struggle with your CBD smoking style, you need to try gravity bongs. They have become so popular and readily available in convenience stores. Expressly, the Infinity waterfall gravity bongs have provided an innovative way to smoke your cannabis creatively, quickly, and enjoyably. As you will find, the bong takes smoking to another level giving you the best quality you can inhale.  But how is the infinity waterfall bong unique? To get this answer, you first have to understand what the waterfall bong is. What is a Waterfall Bong? A waterfall bong resembles a bottle using water to draw the smoke in a pipe. The plastic bottle has [...]

Best Bongs for Sale

With the influx in smoke shops physically and online, you need to understand the vendors’ stock. Online headshops have become popular mainly due to the public demand and the ever-evolving designs for bongs. For this reason, you need to remain updated about the evolving bong designs for sale and understand their different features. Modern technology has facilitated the development of new gravity bongs dab rigs. Today, you will find a simpler, portable, and durable accessory at an unbelievably affordable price. Besides, most of these brands are made of glass enhancing the smoking experience. The plethora of quality designs and reviews available in the market today leaves you with the task [...]

Smart Water Gravity Bong

Likely, you have already heard about gravity bongs and their numerous advantages. First, however, you have to ensure you get or make a suitable pipe to enjoy these advantages. One of the most accessible types of gravity bongs to make is the bottle gravity bong. Why Is It So Popular? The availability and make of the water bottle make it the favorite for most smokers. The bottle is chiefly known for features that can help make a top-quality homemade gravity bong. For example, you can use the bottle together with a foil wrapped bottle cap to make even a high rise gravity bong. The bottle can also incorporate a modern [...]

Mini Infinity Waterfall Bong

If you are like every other CBD concentrate smoker, you will know the importance of having the right accessories. Rolling paper is no longer the only option for CBD because there is more. Smoking the right way helps you get the most of your product, hygiene and convenience. However, the challenge comes up in choosing the right solutions such as gravity water pipes. So, we take a look at the Mini Infinity Waterfall Pipe, which is a stand out performer in this category. It's one of the best water pipes because it has the bells and whistles you would expect from a traditional gravity bong in 2021. It's also easy [...]