Bottle of Vodka That Turns into A Bong

Recent vodka releases have stunning bottle designs that sweetly combine alcohol and luxury. Distillers are spending millions for well-known artists to develop a bottle that is appealing and enhances filtration and distillation. One that has taken center stage is a bong vodka.

Drinking from a bong was a bad idea until artist Jimi Beach developed the Bong vodka: a top-class spirit with a creamily smooth texture and a glowing flavor profile. The vodka’s bong-like bottle design has been a big draw, even for nonsmokers. In fact, the new line of “super-premium” drinks seems to have struck two birds with a single shot by redefining the spirit world and showcasing exceptional artistic skills.

Key Takeaways

  • A bong Vodka is a unique design drink blended with pure elements for a smooth taste.
  • Vodka Spirit Bong is also packed in a bong-shaped bottle, making it necessary even after drinking.
  • Simply drill a hole in the base of the bottle, add a stem, and your products to turn any vodka bottle into a bong.

History Of the Bong Vodka

Bong vodka is officially known as Bong Spirit Vodka: a vodka brand packed in a bong-shaped bottle. In 2005, a renowned artist and designer, Jimi Beach, presented the bong-shaped vodka bottle design to partners at Bong Spirit Imports. Bleach sought to popularize a communal object that has remained in the underground for decades. The design has collected several awards, including the 2013 World Spirits Competition Awards.

What Makes Bong Spirit Vodka So Special?

The Dutch-made Bong vodka is sold in a 1-liter glass and is likely to grab the attention of most of your party guests. Who on earth drinks from a bong? Don’t be fooled; this is one bong that serves you a refreshing drink. Moreover, the premium liquor comes with a smooth finish after 6-time distillation and filtration.

While the design gimmick seeks to promote vodka, some buyers may misperceive the brand. Whatever the case, bong vodka is undoubtedly exceptional.

The entire design targets the youth and drinkers who focus on quality without sticking to serious perceptions. Sip the bong vodka in a cold martini, and the bottle design won’t make you take yourself too seriously.

Apparently, the liquor industry is widely incorporating art into the business hence the numerous designs that stand in comparison to the bong vodka.

Other popular vodka bottle designs include the Trump Super Premium Vodka, perhaps the vodka worthy of the former president’s name. Before this, there was the Donald Trump Vodka, which didn’t do well in the US markets but held ground in Israel.

Jacques de Lat, A master distiller, has now come up with the Trump Super Premium Vodka to command the same respect as the president’s brand. The new bottle features Bruni Glass design and decoration from Milton Glaser, the world’s leading designer and artist in New York.

Use Liquor Bottle to Make a Bong

Despite taking the shape of a bong, the bong vodka requires some drilling before you use it as an actual bong. The drilling mechanism applies even to other liquor bottles, as detailed below. But before drilling the glass bottle, consider the Knockout.

What Is the Knockout

Beer chugging and short gunning are fun until the drink gets all over your face and body. No one wants such an experience when doing their thing in a popular joint. The Knockout manufacturers feel the pain, too, and have developed a device to help you shotgun and chug the beer in style.

The little Knockout device also provides another application; it doubles the bottle into a bong.

Essentially, the Knockout comes with two openings: one as a beer outlet and another as a bowl. So, by tightly attaching it to the bottle top, you can chug the beer expertly. Similarly, place and light your dry herbs in the bowl and as the beer drains out, smoke will accumulate in the vodka bottle. In other words, you can shotgun your vodka and take a hit simultaneously.

Make a Bong from A Liquor Bottle

If you’re a smoker looking for fun ways to enjoy your favorite product, consider turning that vodka bottle into a bong with these simple steps.

Hole Drilling

Choose your favorite bottle design and ensure that your smoking remains in style. It’s wise to find a bottle with a broad base and a narrow neck to make the perfect bottle bong. Also, ensure that the bottle is clean and empty.

Acquire glass drills of about a half inch to accommodate the stem comfortably.

The drilling process starts with placing duct tape where you want the hole for proper traction. Ensure the gap is somewhere in the middle of the base to allow the pipe to submerge in water later when you refill. The drilling process should be slow to avoid cracks or breakages.

Install the Stem

Look for a stem of the same hole width and long enough to reach the bottle’s midpoint. If the hole proves smaller than the stem, you can redrill it to the correct size. If it’s too large, consider a larger stem or seal parts of the hole with a rubber ring.

Ensure no space is left between the bottle and the stem to enhance suction. The silicone sealant is tight, non-toxic, and flexible for that job. However, you must leave it for some time to set up before making good use of your newly created bong.

Customize The Bong

Once the stem is firmly fixed, you can add any decorations you may want to improve the bong’s look. Also, fill the bong with water above the bottom of the inner part of the stem. Now you can light up your dry herbs, and the water turns the smoke you draw into a less harsh vapor.

Turn Liquor Bottle to A Bong

The liquor industry is adopting packaging and production designs incorporating people of different tastes. The bong vodka, for instance, has revolutionized art and the spirit world by coming with a bottle that seems to recognize an essential section of consumers.

Check for a bong vodka in a store near you and start smoking in style. Besides, this guide provides all the information you need to smoke your product using a vodka bottle.