Waterfall Bong vs. Gravity Bong

The modern-day smoker has access to various unique products and solutions they can use. While these products are several, it also makes choosing the right one a hassle. However, learning about these products is simple, and choosing the right one will guarantee a safe and unique user experience. We will look at solutions such as waterfall and gravity bongs, which are better than traditional joints. These are some of the most popular products for CBD concentrates or tobacco. Before taking your first hit, it’s good to gain insight into these different bong types. You also need a lighter, a knife, some herbs, or tobacco and learn about using such a device.

What is a Waterfall Bong?

A waterfall bong is a device you use to smoke your CBD products. It works by flipping over, and filtering smoke through water using gravity. Many people also refer to waterfall bongs as reverse bucket bongs. You can also make a waterfall bong at home, but you need plastic bottles with a secure cap.

How Can you Make DIY Waterfall Bong?

Usually, you can assemble a waterfall bong using a water bottle, a rubber stopper, and a unique nozzle, which will function as a bowl. Furthermore, the nozzle will also help ensure the product for smoke stays in a single position and does not get into the bottle. The user then has to fill the bottle with water close to the neck and close the top. The next step is to remove the rubber stopper from your waterfall bong and place some CBD concentrate on the bowl. Then, light the bowl. Doing this will drain the water, and it will help draw weed smoke in the bottle. Finally, you have to unscrew the plastic cap once the water drains out of the bottle, and then start inhaling the product. The ideal bottle cap should have anti-slip benefits.

What are Gravity Bongs?

A gravity bong is a unique way to smoke your cannabis or tobacco products. You can also use a plastic bottle with a few holes to make a gravity bong at the bottom section. The traditional gravity bong features a large and small container.

How Do You Make and Use a DIY Gravity Bong?

You have to to fill the top container with some water and then place the smaller inside the interior chamber. The next step is to use your finger to push CBD concentrate on the bowl. After igniting the bowl, pull the small air chamber upwards using your finger. Doing so will bring a pressure difference, and smoke will start filling the bottom section of your jar. Once it’s complete, you can begin to inhale the herb or tobacco.

Do Gravity Bongs Get You Higher?

Both waterfall and gravity bongs get you high. These devices guarantee almost the same results, as they have similar mechanisms for producing smoke. The essential waterfall and gravity bong difference would be that the former features a single container. The gravity water pipe has two bowls, which you can use to inhale the herb or tobacco product.

Reasons to Get a Bong

Instead of taking a traditional blunt hit, you could use a bong, which is way better. Besides, products such as vaporizers or rolling paper are no longer the norm. The main reason for this is because bongs guarantee high-quality product hits thanks to filtered air. You can use a bong to burn the smoke product thoroughly, and the airtight design reduces wastage. So, each puff you take is clean and high potency. The science behind bongs is simple. You have to find a plastic bottle, fill it with one liter of water, and fine-tune a few components.

Furthermore, you can also opt to buy a ready-made alternative, which is equally efficient and healthy for your lungs. Getting a glass bong online is a fun and straightforward process. You visit the product page, create an account, choose any pretty-looking bong, and make a payment. Whatever your preferences are in smoking, bongs are perfect for smoking and cool. Cleaning your marijuana bong is a simple matter, as you can do it in your sink or bucket. A simple search online should reveal various high-quality products.

There are various reasons you should like using a bong or even learn to make one DIY. These are accessories that will make your smoking experience safe and convenient. However, before you can buy or make a bong, do your homework on these products. Learn about their differences and the specific ways they function.