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There are numerous cheap bongs for sale on amazon in various shapes, sizes and price points. Furthermore, you can separate the different bongs for sale into two main categories; commercial (from a retailer, online shop, manufacturer) and homemade (in garage, shed, living room) bongs.

Vortex gravity bong for sale from a retailer and online stores are many in the market for anyone. Regardless, if you are an average smoker or even a heavier smoker. If you have had the chance to visit a retailer recently you will quickly discover the array of different bongs for sales.

You can find bongs on amazon available in different sizes, shapes, budgets, and now in even different colors. Some bongs are for newcomers and operated on a DIY basis while others, such as the infinity and cyclone, are for more experienced individual. Some are for males while others are designed into a girly bong for the female counter part. Nevertheless, you will be spoiled for choices considering there are numerous varieties available.

How to Pick a Bong That’s Right for You

If you stop for a moment during your perusing it will quickly come mind that it comes down to your preference. Do you want a large water bottle or a small geeb piece? Is the price an important consideration? Does the color of the bong make a difference? Would you like an invertible infinity waterfall bong? Once you’ve determined your preference you will decide the best type of gravity bongs to add to your collection.

Be sure to look at all the different characteristics of the bong. Some bongs are classy while others are durable, others may present a great price savings while still others might be easier to clean and maintain. For instance, the graffix bongs have customized decorations while the cyclone or tornadoes have turbines that add layers of filtration and cooling providing a pleasant hit.

An important factor to consider is the frequency of use for your geeb piece. Consider the durability of the bong if you plan to use it regularly or if you plan to take it on your travels.

The more time you take to consider your choice the happier you will be in the long run. Your select of bong will last for some time and it will become part of your collection. But obviously, having an invertible gravity bong, a tornado or a graffix will more pleasurable than just having any other bong.

There is lot of information available for pipes and bongs. Let us look at some of the available bongs to help you make an informed decision when that time comes.

Gravity Bong on Weeds TV

Bubbler or a Bubbler Pipe – Oil Rig or Mini Bong

A bubbler aka a bubbler pipe, known to smokers as the oil rig or mini bong as it is the ideal smoking pipe that combines the portability of a standard hand pipe and the punch and functionality of a bong. Traveling with your bubbler is quick and easy.

For tobacco smokers who wants something small and stylish the bubbler bong or bubbler pipe should be you first choice. All around easy to carry and can operate on DIY basis.

When you inhale from the bubbler the smoke goes down the vortex pipe in the water, producing smoke-infused bubbles, increasing filtration and resulting in a much cooler and smoother puff that is packed with flavour.

No to get into too much details but the bubblers are intended to be used in combination with dry herbs or concentrates and oils. The best part of owning a stunning bubbler is that the mix and match possibilities are endless using the concentrate nails, the bowl and other accessories. The smoke that will come from the bubbler bong is filtered in the water and cooled providing a refined smoke.

Quality Glass Bongs for Sale – Absorb Heat Well

When a smoker thinks of movies or tv shows with bongs, usually the classy glass vortex bong or a glass water pipes comes to mind. This class of bongs is the most popular for many different reasons. Regardless, if you’ve seen one in a movie or a tv show or you some a number of them in the retail store.

One main reason why the glass bongs and glass water bongs are the most popular is that they are malleable and can be molded into any design. You can find the wildest of wildest designs available on the internet.

Second main reason why the quality glass bongs are the most popular is that glass bongs and gravity pipes are able to absorb heat which means a user can hold up a light to them without the danger of burning ones lips, finders, and device.

Glass bongs and glass water bongs are bar far the most popular but due their size they may or may not be practical for you. Remember to consider the frequency and place of use. Traveling with a glass bong can be challenging and may result in breakage.

Finally, they do not leave an aftertaste and your tobacco remains original, while the smoke will always be pure.

Acrylic Bongs – Various Shapes and Sizes

Due to durability and price point, acrylic bongs, water pipes are the answer to cheaper glass bongs. A first time smoker or even more experienced ones look for a cheaper option. Acrylic bongs are cheaper and allow you to abuse the device to your hearts content. Traveling with an acrylic bong is also easier.

Consider the different array of sizes and shapes when considering an acrylic bong or a water pipes. Price is important but you will quickly discover if the smoke produced is of your liking. Again, beginners usual start their experience with an acrylic bong or a water pipes due to their cheap price, durability, and the easy of travel. Plus, water pipes can be of high quality and kinda of cool.

Bucket Bong – Maximize the Effects

Reminded of an old classic movies in black in white, a bucker bong is used by smokers who want to maximize the effects of their limited tobacco. Used by a smoker who doesn’t mind the chemicals being inhaled, rather wants to feel the effect.

A bucket bong uses water to create a constant vacuum but in many instances the water doesn’t actually filter the smoke at all. Thus, resulting in a thick smoke. The thick smoke from the bucket bong can cause coughing for most users.

Along with the thick smoke from the bucket bong, it also means that more chemicals are inhaled as they are not filter by the water. Again, bucket bongs are used usually by smokers who have limited tobacco but are looking for the maximum effect.

Ceramic Bongs – Intricate Designs – Best Selling

Ceramic bongs can come various sizes and shapes. The are made of clay which can easily be molded into many different shapes and sizes. Shaped into various designs the ceramic bong is then baked. Due to endless design possibilities the shape of a ceramic bong be molded into the wildest of designs.

Smokers looking for bong with high quality intricate designs always turn to ceramic bongs. Combine the imaginative designs with various exotic colors and you have a bong that will quickly become your center piece within your collection.

Many smokers purchase ceramic bongs just to add to their collection. Never used, rather displayed for vanity reasons.

The only setback with ceramic bongs is that they have very small chambers that do not allow for enough smoke build up. When considering bongs, be sure to look at ceramic bongs as they are visually appealing.

Bamboo Bongs – Long Lasting

Not know for their fancy designs and color like the ceramic bongs, the bamboo bongs are usually of very high quality and have a natural feel to them. They can come in great designs and they also have a tendency to last for a very long time.

Having a bamboo bong as a backup bong is preferred by many smokers. The quality and tast of the tobacco is rated high by smokers.

Plastic Bongs – #1 Choice by Smokers

The number one choice for smokers. The plastic bongs or the waterfall bongs are the cheapest and most durable in the market. Suitable for travel, a plastic bong can take a lot of beating before being damaged.

Many of the best selling girly bongs on the market are available in plastic bongs. The girly bongs tend to be pink in color and are very attractive.

The plastic bong should not be mistake due to their cheapness. The quality and tast of smoke from plastic bong are in no way hampered the effectiveness. The ideal from beginners to experienced smokers so individual usual a number of them available in the collection of bongs.

Plastic bongs can be bought in various bong shops across the country or online. Such as Vortex Gravity Bong where you can find your preferred cheap bong for sale. The Vortex Gravity Bong in blue is a great bong to add to your collection. Famous-ed by a popular tv show weeds. The type of bong one buys generally depends on the various factors mostly known to the user.

The market provides for all types of bongs and preferences so that the user can enjoy their smoking experience.