Baby Yoda Bong vs Avocado Pipe

Smoking bongs and pipes have become second nature due to their attractiveness. It is not uncommon to find novelty bongs that are special or cartoon-themed. While they are all easy to handle and functional, they convey artistic expressions perfect for the market.

What makes the avocado and baby Yoda bubblers so special is that most of them are made of silicone material known as the smokers’ favorite. Below, we look at the two popular smoking items focusing on their similarities and contrasts.

Key Takeaways

  • The Avocado Pipe is a smoking pipe resembling a cut avocado fruit, while the baby Yoda bong is any bong themed with the popular Star Wars character design and decal.
  • Both smoking devices are relevant pieces capable of being conversation starters adored for their durable silicone material.
  • The first notable difference is that the baby Yoda uses water while the avocado bong doesn’t.

What Is the Avocado Pipe

The Avocado pipe is one of the most functional smoking pipes for smokers who want to be on the go. The bong’s avocado-like shell and color make it perfect for smokers who also crave for avocados. The avocado-ergonomic shape is not only for appearance but also for the pipe’s functionality. Unlike glass, silicone material guarantees the bong’s durability and adds up as part of your room’s antique setting.

Additionally, the avocado pipe bowl is made of glass to help you maintain cleanliness and ensure a flavorful sesh. Once you’re done smoking, you can cover the bowl to pack it in your bong or preserve the remaining concentrates. Above all, an avocado pipe has a carb hole on the side to allow airway cleaning. All these unique features make this pipe a real bargain.

The Baby Yoda Bong

If you’re a Star Wars fan, who likes to party, check out the Yoda bong. The cute Yoda face and resilient materials make the bong the fun and talk of any party. This smoking bong features the adorable, powerful, and wise Star Wars character Yoda taking a bong.

Why Is It Called Yoda Bong?

Art and luxury are part of the smoking culture, and the bongs have been at the forefront of artistic expression. From Stash Jars to the Boba Fett Helmet Bong, the bong industry seeks to make every popular Star Wars character feel represented.

Therefore, the Yoda bong is named after the Jedi Order’s enigmatic leader, popular in the entire Star Wars universe. The character first appeared as a knowledgeable teacher with a unique understanding of the Force. “The Empire Strikes Back” described Yoda as the most powerful master and the top of the Jedi Order. All these descriptions appear ironic, given that Yoda looks old, frail, and small.

The Mandalorian season three will launch next year, but we’re still engraved in the Yoda mystery. During the first season of this franchise, a new Yoda-like force-sensitive being emerged and nicknamed the Baby Yoda. However, the child isn’t the real Yoda, as the Jedi Order’s enigmatic leader died in 1983’s Return of the Jedi. We’re yet to see whether the baby Yoda bears any relation to the leader or whether they share the same species.

Similarities Between Baby Yoda Bong and Avocado Pipe Yoda Bong

When it comes to bongs and pipes, features are more important than just looks. You want resilient item from falls and changes in temperature. Besides, you want devices that’ll be easy to clean and handle. Below are similarities between these two items that make them the best fit for your smoking experience.

Durable Silicone Material

While glass has been the undisputed king in smoking paraphernalia, modern devices come in different materials than glass. You’ve likely come across pipes made from bamboo, metal, or even acrylic. But what about silicone?

In addition to resilience, silicone is adored for its ability to form into just any shape. This is a very crucial aspect when making avocado pipes and baby Yoda bongs. Besides, having items made with medical-grade silicone means that your smoking experience won’t have any nasty flavors. Silicone Yoda bongs and avocado pipes are also easy to handle and clean.

Completely Easy to Disassemble

The cleanup process is the main reason everyone wants a bong that’s easy to disassemble. No one wants to take a hit from a dirty device. You must take a few minutes or more to clean your pipe thoroughly for a peasant look, freshness, and hygiene.

When it comes to the Yoda bongs and avocado pipes you can easily disassemble most of their parts for quick cleanup.

Glass Bowl With Built-In Screen

A bowl screen’s obvious benefit is protecting your throat from the leaves and particles from your herbs. Inhaling any of these scooby snacks would be horrible for your smoking experience.

Unlike traditional pipes, Yoda bongs and avocado pipes have a built-in screen, meaning you won’t stress about doing it yourself. It would be a hassle figuring out which screen material is best for you and how to install it.

Difference Between Baby Yoda Bong and Avocado Pipe

The first notable difference is that the baby Yoda uses water while the avocado bong doesn’t. Therefore, handling and carrying the latter is easier, while the former can produce cleaner and larger hits. Note that no piece outshines the other, and their suitability solely depends on your preferences.

In matters of price, the baby Yoda bong is slightly costly because it comes with more parts and is more highly decorated. Besides, the baby Yoda’s bowl has a built-in screen and, of course, a water chamber. In other words, you’d need to disassemble the silicone housing to clean the airways. Anyway, both smoking items are popular, highly affordable, and easy to handle for beginners and pro-smokers.

The Bottom Line

Because of the virtually indestructible silicone material used in avocado and baby Yoda bongs, these tools have dominated the bong industry by storm. The silicone material also has a beautiful capability of incorporating any color and taking any shape.

Above all, the well-rounded package makes these two smoking bongs exceptional. Buy an avocado pipe or a baby Yoda bong online, and you’ll get something affordable, durable, popular, and functional. Again, your choice should be guided by your preferences and the situation.