If you still struggle with your CBD smoking style, you need to try gravity bongs. They have become so popular and readily available in convenience stores.

Expressly, the Infinity waterfall gravity bongs have provided an innovative way to smoke your cannabis creatively, quickly, and enjoyably. As you will find, the bong takes smoking to another level giving you the best quality you can inhale.  But how is the infinity waterfall bong unique?

To get this answer, you first have to understand what the waterfall bong is.


What is a Waterfall Bong?

A waterfall bong resembles a bottle using water to draw the smoke in a pipe. The plastic bottle has a pipe through the top, which allows air passage in and out. The bottle also has a water outlet that allows water to pass when you light up the extracts placed on the bowl. The water passage draws smoke in the bottle.

What’s The Difference With other Bongs?

The common difference between the waterfall bong and the regular bong is that in the latter smoke regularly passes through the water. Another difference with the gravity bong is the method used to draw the smoke in the bottle. You pull up the bong out of the water to create a vacuum in the gravity bong, but you only need to empty the chamber in the waterfall bong.

How to make Your Waterfall Bong

Making a waterfall ball is a DIY project that you can accomplish without the use of power tools. All you need is a bottle and a socket to tighten the grips. Note that different sizes and materials have other impacts. Follow through to learn the few steps to owning a waterfall bong for free.

Step 1

Use a sharp object to make a small hole in the cap of the bottle. The gap should not be so big to prevent the quarter-inch socket from falling through. It is worth noting that no space should be left when fitting the socket in the hole for an ultimate experience. A tight fix would draw significant smoke than a leaking one.

Step 2

It means that placing the socket is one aspect that needs close attention when making your waterfall bong. The readily available socket will remain to be the part of the bong hence the need to fix it correctly. You don’t want the bowl to fall into the bottle and contaminate the water every time you smoke. If you think setting the socket is risky, you can roll a joint and stick it in the tiny hole.

Step 3

Then there is the carb which is the hole that you hold shut whenever you light the herb. Shutting the hole restrains water and balances the pressure. Releasing the hole after you light it up changes the pressure forcing all the smoke your way. Therefore, the hole should be small provided it allows some air to pass through.

Using the Waterfall Bong

  • The next step in setting up your waterfall bong is filling it with some water to about an inch from the top. At this time, you should block the carb to stop water from leaking out. Test your bong by first filling up the bowl with the CBD extracts. Properly position the bowl on top of the bottle filled with water. Get a lighter to start the fun and ensure a stable distribution of fire on the herb.
  • Now you let the water go off the carb and see the bong draw in the smoke from the bowl as the water level lowers. Immediately cover the carb once all the water is completely out to leave the bottle filled with smoke.
  • Now it’s time to smoke cool! Screw off the bowl and start inhaling. You can let go of the carb to change the pressure in the bottle and help funnel smoke into your lungs.

Can I buy a Waterfall Bong?

If you don’t have time to make a bong at home, you can buy it instead. You will find your favorite waterfall bongs online and in smoke shops. The Infinity waterfall bong is the most popular brand that you can use to enhance your smoking experience.

The infinity waterfall is simply an artwork that doesn’t require buckets. The waterfall bongs have gained popularity for their simplicity and minimal risks. Get one today and change the way you spend your leisure time and parties.