Stand Tall with the 12 Inch Bong

Bongs, rigs, and hookahs have been smokers’ favorites for good reasons. Particularly, bongs come with enjoyable cool smoke that passes through cold water in the chamber. The smoke from the water bongs is not only delightful, but it also comes with an exceptionally soothing smoking experience.

Sometimes taking your joint huddling under a tree shade may not provide the needed spark. However, this should not hinder you from losing hope of enjoying your herbs in style, even if it means getting a new or bigger bong. Our online shop has a large selection of smoking accessories and bongs that are visually appealing and practical. One of these is the 12-inch bong.

Key Takeaways

  • A 12-inch bong measures 12 inches in height and is considered a large-sized bong.
  • Most 12-inch bongs are made of glass, silicone, plastic, and ceramic.
  • The towering beauty is adored for its top-notch filtration and visual appeal.

What is a 12-Inch Bong?

This bong derives its name from its height. A 12-inch bong is an advanced smoking apparatus that diffuses the smoke with much care. This outstanding device is one of the most sought-after bongs for smoking tobacco and other dry herbs. It also comes with an ice pinch to hold the ice in place as you cool the smoke further.

Clear glass bongs will let you see all the processes as you smoke on your bong. The 12-inch bong is an excellent alternative to those traditional smoking pipes. For instance, the quality borosilicate glass has a leaf pattern and an overall length that lands the 12-inch bong a delicate aspect. Besides, the bong has an ice catcher right above the chamber to thicken and smoothen the smoke you inhale.

Once you light up your dry herbs in the 12-inch bong, smoke starts coming into the pipe through the submerged downstem. Here, the first smoke filtration occurs in the water chamber before it heads to the ice pinch. The combination of the water and the ice cubes makes smoking on a 12-inch bong fun and smooth. Also, the bong’s sturdy design makes smoking comfortable and guarantees its durability.

Common 12-Inch Bong Materials

Who would have thought that a smoking tool this tall would be this interesting? These bongs have become popular at parties and are used as birthday gifts. Others have turned the 12-inch bongs into preferable conversation pieces for their coffee table.

While we have different types of bongs available, we’ve highlighted five common materials that have proven to withstand most experiences. Understanding these materials will help you make quick decisions when you want to visit a head shop.

Silicone 12-Inch Bongs

Silicone is the result of combining Oxygen and Silicon. It’s worth noting that most bongs labeled as made of silicone are really not pure silicone but tainted with foreign material. The impure silicone affects the bong’s durability, and using it could harm your health and the environment.

Silicone bongs may also melt or produce harmful gases when used extensively. The material’s melting point is 500°F, and your XL 12-inch bong can reach five times the temperature when it holds the flame for hours. This should not be a concern if you only want a 12-inch bong for occasional personal use.

The biggest advantage of using a silicone 12-inch bong is its durability. You’d be sure to smoke a bowl out of your 12-inch bong even if you dropped it from the tallest building. That is, if you didn’t have the glass attachments in place.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramics is the oldest of the materials bunch, but it came into the bong industry much later. Ceramic bongs dominated the market in the 60s and 70s until glass blowing paved the way for glass bongs. Not that ceramic became faulty, but it was behind technology and time. Glass could be mass-produced, took less time, and offered more customization options.

Nonetheless, buying a ceramic bong remains wise as they are functional, reliable, and heavy-duty. While ceramic 12-inch bongs may break from a fall, they are not as fragile as glass.

The ceramic bong’s fewer working parts, and lesser intricate designs make it fairly priced. Adding it to your collection would provide that vintage feel and comfortably complement your antique setting.

Glass 12-inch Bongs

Glass bongs achieve better diffusion, cooling, air flow, filtration, and, of course, a better smoking experience. They have the best performance due to their standardization, evolvability, and malleability.

When it comes to glass bongs, durability is relative. The size, design, and brand are crucial factors to consider if you want your glass bong to last. You want that sparkle from a clean bong placed on the table for a long time.

Plastic 12-Inch Bongs

Plastic bongs are cheap, simple, and functional. If you’re a newbie smoker, you can’t go wrong with this bong. However, plastic bongs are said to give the least rewarding experience, characterized by lousy smoke quality. Most plastic 12-inch bongs have bad designs, no percolators or diffusion. In other words, bong water is the only medium between your product and your mouth.

Besides, when plastic is extremely heated up, it adds an awful taste to your smoke, depriving you of the excellent quality offered by high-grade products.

Despite all these downsides, plastic 12-inch bongs outshine other materials in durability. So, if you travel frequently or tend to drop things from your hands, a plastic 12-inch bong is for you. Plastic bongs are also the cheapest due to their simplicity and the material used to make them.

Benefits of a 12-Inch Bong

It’s now agreed that smoking from a bong is better than from a cigarette pack. Of course, you can reuse the bong and control the quality and amount of smoke you inhale.

Adding a 12-inch bong in the mix also provides stronger blows, as the size of the bong is also a consideration when you want a big hit.

Using 12-inch bongs also means that pollutants and carcinogens won’t reach your throat as the water and the ice filter them. Note that the filtration also results in smoother and less irritating hits.

Buy a Bong Now

The 12-inch towering beauty bong is adored for the ultimate pleasure it Provides. Know your preferences and head to an online headshop for the best 12-inch bong. Be sure to check the quality, prices, features, etc., before adding it to the cart.