Mini Infinity Waterfall Bong

If you are like every other CBD concentrate smoker, you will know the importance of having the right accessories. Rolling paper is no longer the only option for CBD because there is more. Smoking the right way helps you get the most of your product, hygiene and convenience. However, the challenge comes up in choosing the right solutions such as gravity water pipes.

So, we take a look at the Mini Infinity Waterfall Pipe, which is a stand out performer in this category. It’s one of the best water pipes because it has the bells and whistles you would expect from a traditional gravity bong in 2021. It’s also easy to open for maintenance, clean and efficient.

Some of the Notable Features

Finding the right bong pipes for your needs is not always easy, and you have to be informed. If you want a unique smoking experience, you must consider the features and benefits this gravity pipe has to offer. The features include:

The Borosilicate Glass

Unlike most water pipes that consist of frail glass that stains or break easily, this unit is different. The borosilicate material is excellent for bongs, thanks to its various unique properties. For instance, the material is lightweight, durable and heat resistant. Besides, each glass vessel in this unit offers an exceptional 250ml of space. So, you have more than sufficient space for heating and smoking CBD products. Plus, the physical construction of this unit is also ergonomic. Therefore, the bong sits comfortably in your hands.

2 Glass Feet

Stability is also a crucial factor to consider when buying a large-capacity gravity bong. So, this unit features two cast glass feet, which are stable on almost all flat surfaces. To be specific, you will like the glass feet, which are hollow in the center, you would see in wine glasses. Such a unique design means you can even place this bong on the dashboard of your car or kitchen with convenience.

Durable Stoppers

Stoppers are also equally crucial for your gravity smoking pipes. So, this bong has two white silicone stoppers, which you can use to access each bong section conveniently. Besides, these gravity bong components are also easy to install and guarantee longevity. You can use the simple menu on the product site to find these accessories.

Excellent Fluid and Gravity Dynamics

The Infinity Gravity bong has an excellent fluid system, which helps filter the smoke from your product. You won’t find such a system on the traditional smoke pipe. While you may have to flip the bong after exhausting the smoke produced, the gravity system is highly efficient.

Many users also like that the water passes through the gravity bong and gets to either side fast. So, you never have to wait for long durations to get the filtered product smoke from this glass water pipe. In support of this feature is the 14mm adapter for clean CBD hits.

Simple to Use Design

The Mini Infinity Waterfall Gravity Bong is also easy to use, regardless of whether you are a novice to such products. In particular, the glass water pipe is easy to clean, open and replace any damaged components such as the stem or adapter.

As such, maintaining hygiene after each session is easy, so you can be sure of getting pure and clean hits. It’s a revolutionary feature that you won’t find on the traditional glass water pipe product in 2021.

For more information on the accessories, check the Infinity Waterfall Bong site menu. The site has lots of information on using water pipes and making the most of any available accessories.

Top Benefits of the Bong

• It comes with a semi diffused adapter, which is ideal for water filtration.

• It has white silicone stoppers for visibility and ease of use.

• It has heavy-duty construction and is ergonomic in the hands.

• It is equipped with a heavy-duty pipe that makes the bong easy to open.

• The product site offers a diverse menu of bong accessories.


• The borosilicate glass water pipe is prone to high impact falls.

• The white stoppers might stain easily.

Overall, the smoking products industry has evolved significantly over the past years, and users have a unique array of options in 2021. We have been looking at the Infinity waterfall Gravity bong, which has various unique features. The glass water pipe is stable on most surfaces and offers excellent smoke delivery. Plus, the menu of bong accessories available on the product site is also diverse and unique.