Gravity Bong Amazon Sales

Whether you are a newbie smoker or a regular stoner, a bong is something you should have by your side. Today, bongs have evolved, and visiting any headshop will leave you confused about the best smoking bong for you. A gravity bong is one recommendable item to provide an amazing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • A gravity bong uses air pressure to suck smoke and direct it to the outlet.
  • A gravity bong is one example proven to provide a hard hit to make you high quickly.
  • The water in a bong cool and smoothens the smoke.

What is a Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong is an innovative item that lets you smoke your herbs in style. Essentially, the gravity bongs combine the function of a waterfall bong and the bucket bong. In other words, you inhale the smoke by combining water and air pressure.

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The whole process starts in the bowl, which helps create a vacuum, hence the airflow to the water chamber. The air pressure then creates consistent smoke flow into the mouthpiece, which would be a hassle in the bucket bong. The functional smoke chamber in this item helps create strong hits and improve your overall smoking experience.

How To Use a Gravity Bong

Normally, a gravity bong has two chambers, with one large compartment holding the bong water. The other chamber is smaller, acts as the bowl holder, and captures the smoke. Understanding these parts makes using the device a walk in the park. Note that the smaller chamber also has a flower attached to it waiting for you to light. However, you should raise the flower slightly out of the water while lighting it. As the flower leaves the water, the water pressure will create a vacuum which then sucks the smoke into the chamber.

Wait until the chamber is filled with smoke before you remove the bowl. Also, gradually inhale as you push the chamber back into the water. I must emphasize the need for you to be ready for a heavy and intense hit since you’ll be inhaling as you push the chamber down.

As you’ve realized, the gravity bong is not only straightforward to use but also expedites the high feeling. So, you’ll love this item if you’re a heavy smoker or have a high tolerance.

Considerations When Buying a Gravity Bong Online

Gravity bongs’ versatility makes them one of the greatest accessories you’ll find favored by the smoking community. It would help if you made crucial considerations when purchasing them and other accessories.

The Brand

It’s always advisable to buy gravity bongs from popular brands as they have better chances of being legitimate and safe. No well-known bong manufacturer would like to tarnish its reputation by making faulty bongs or not listening to customers’ concerns.

Variety in Bongs and Accessories

Buy your gravity bong from a brand that also offers a wide variety of other bubblers for sale. A company with more products associated with gravity dab rigs is probably well-established and trustworthy. Usually, these top brands have specific types of designs you may lack in other outlets.


Check what other customers say about the gravity bong or the manufacturer. The reviews serve as the most reliable source of information regarding online bong purchases.

Best Gravity Bongs Amazon Sales

  1. Gravity Bong

The gravity bong is an award-winning bong that has appeared on famous TV shows such as Weeds and appeared in High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s undoubtedly the most advanced gravity bong on the market!

The gravity bong uses the power of gravity to deliver user experiences unlike any other. It’s a clean, fun smoking experience while providing dense and filtered smoke.

Check your preferred color, shape, and site on the site and your orders will be processed immediately and sent via FedEx Priority Shipping.

The gravity Bong is smooth like silk and produces a powerful gravity hit that goes straight into your lungs, leaving you high like never before. The green gravity bong is for sale from the selection of gravity bongs for sale as an award-winning portable smoking device that is more effective than any two-liter bottle. Gravity bongs maximize smoking efficiency, and the gravity bong is no exception.

Moreover, gravity bong has an innovative design that filters smoke between the two existing chambers. Water drains to the bottom when the valve is open, generating pressure that draws smoke into the top chamber. When you inhale from the top mouthpiece, you feel fresh air mixing with the smoke to create a smooth effect like a vaporizer. You’re going to love that feeling. The difference is that it has a greater effect and a quick high.

  1. Infinity Waterfall Bong

The Infinity Waterfall is a smoking item you can use in two ways. Usually, the waterfall bong has a wide base on top and bottom, meaning that you can flip it over and take a drag. Similarly, you can use this infinity waterfall bong as most other gravity bongs. Once you drain water from the bong, you create negative pressure that pulls out heavy smoke into the chamber.

You can find this beautiful piece on our online smoke shop, where it has been a constant seller. Notably, the manufacturer, Gypsy Labs, remastered this waterfall bong recently, creating a better product for smokers across the country.

Is Gravity Bong Right for Me?

We have a verdict for you if you’re still unsure whether to buy a gravity bong or other types of bongs. You may only enjoy smoking from a gravity bong if you’re a heavy smoker who likes to get high quickly.

However, if you like getting high slowly or are a light smoker, you may not like this bong. The smoke from gravity bongs is also not smooth as in other bongs with enhanced filtration and cooling.