Prototype Gravity Bong

Makers of gravity bongs provide you with an assortment of options to choose from. You get to choose the water pipe that perfectly suits your needs. One of the most widely used gravity hookahs is the Stundenglass gravity bong. Several attributes make this particular pipe so popular.

Made With Superior Materials such as Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

The primary factor that has made this gravity bong appealing to many people is its made with top-quality materials. Among the materials used in its making include surgical grade stainless steel and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.

The aluminum surgical-grade stainless is especially important because it provides the gravity bong with optimum durability. Usage of aircraft grade aluminum surgical also helps in making the device strong. You can expect Stundenglass bong to give you service for years without getting damaged.

Sophisticated Features

This type of gravity hookah is also ideal because it is designed using sophisticated features. You get to enjoy a top-quality hookah hose and hookah bowl, which make the flow of smoke flawless. The underclass gravity also has clear glass globes to make your smoking experience flawless.

You also get clear glass globes that are instrumental in making these bongs enjoyable to use. You only need to hold the hookah hose and the mouthpiece to enjoy smooth smoking. The pipe is essential because it is the one that determines the magnitude of the smoke that gets into your lungs.

St√ľndenglass Gravity Bong is Easy To Use and Maintain

Operating and maintaining a Stundenglass gravity bong does not require rocket science. The pipe has been made to be usable by a person of any age, provided they have reached the legal age. You will save time since you do not have to take long setting up the unit whenever you feel like smoking cannabis. If you go through any review by a customer, you will understand further that most people like the bong because of its simplicity in usage. You only need to fill the unit and continue to use the device conveniently.

What Should I Consider While Buying A Gravity Bong?

The Vendor

The main factor you should consider is the integrity of the shop you are buying from. For example, there are some shops known for their authentic smoking and cannabis accessories. Buying from such a shop guarantees you of getting a top-quality brand that comes from some of the leaders in the industry. In addition, you should consider the location of the shop so that you can know whether to purchase online or visit the shop physically.


Among the attributes you can expect from the right seller include free shipping. The bong will be sent to your address for free as a way of appreciating your purchase. You can also expect a warranty and reliable support from the sellers. The warranty is helpful because it confirms that the sellers have confidence in their product. You only need to visit the seller’s site, where you will get chances to watch a video on how the different accessories work. Furthermore, your accesories will come in a storage box where you will only need to put the herb and proceed to enjoy the smoking experience.


It is also helpful to consider how regularly you want to be using the Stundenglass gravity. The importance of this is that you can even share the bong with another user. You only need to know the number of hits you need in a day so that you can decide whether you can buy yours or you will be comfortable sharing. You can purchase your bong and use it for more than 10 year without experiencing any problem. However, if you are not a regular smoker, you can opt to share the cost and buy the bong together with another person who uses it.

The Bottom Line

The decision to purchase a bong can be rewarding, especially if you can purchase from the right buyer. The good news is that these bongs are made in modern designs where you shall have the chance to enjoy smooth smoking.

Furthermore, some of the gravity bongs have outstanding features that will give you value for your money. Therefore, if you like to enjoy several hits in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, you should consider getting a suitable gravity bong such as the Stundenglass gravity bong.