Silicone Bong Amazon Collections

When assembling smoking paraphernalia, most smokers go for glass bongs. After all, the glass bongs look pretty on a shelf and are considered higher quality.

Yet you can’t fully rely on a glass bong when it comes to daily usage, durability, and practicality. These bongs are easily breakable and may not be an easy-to-carry item when traveling. This is the reason silicone bongs are increasingly gaining popularity among smokers.

Below is a detailed overview of silicone bongs, including their make, how they work, and what you rip as a smoker.

Key Takeaways

  • A silicone bong is any bong made of silicone as the primary material.
  • Silicon bongs are durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and offer soothing hits.
  • Before you buy a silicone bong online, see customer reviews, and scrutinize the brand.

What is a Silicone Bong?

Simply put, a silicone bong is any bong made of silicone as the primary material. It’s worth noting that most silicone bongs are not made of pure silicon but have added chemical ingredients, including carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

Nonetheless, silicone dab rigs and bongs are very flexible and durable. In fact, the coveted collapsible bongs are made of medical-grade silicone hence the ability to bend or fold. Other higher-certified and food-grade silicone materials also have essential properties ideal for a smoking bong.

Benefits of Silicone Bongs

Acquiring a silicone bong from Amazon comes with numerous benefits no wonder they have become fans’ favorite. Below is an outline of a few advantages that’ll prompt you to go for the silicone bong over other materials.

Offers Soothing Hits

When your bong is made of silicone material, you will get solid and high-quality hits from the dry products you’ll be smoking. Besides, the silicone doesn’t react to heat or other chemicals, meaning that you’ll not be at risk of toxication when you take a drag.

Also, you won’t hurt your hands with the extreme heat inside the water pipe as the material exceptionally passes that test. Although you’ll not be enjoying the interior visual appeal, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy every bit of your smoking experience just like in a glass bong.

It’s Durable and Sturdy

Another benefit you rip from acquiring a silicone bong is peace of mind whenever you clean it, use it, or carry it around. You won’t need to be extra careful to avoid breakages. Our hands may get slippery when we smoke, and once we get high, the bong will likely slip from the hand.

If the bong material is fragile, it could break, ending your adventure with a mess all over your room. This is why you should go for a flexible, durable, and sturdy bong that won’t break after a blunder. Buy a silicone bong today and get as high as you’d like without worrying about losing your unique collection.

It’s Affordable

Silicone material has been widely used to make other products, some of which you may find in your house. Therefore, it’s a readily available material that’s significantly cheaper than ceramic or glass. So, if you want a simple and small silicone dab rig, you only need around $15. This gives you a quality bong made of food-grade silicone material. Sounds great, right?

The silicone bong also serves as the best option when you’re in a pinch and need a bong asap. Visit the site and choose your preferred size, color, and design. You don’t have to break the bank, yet you’ll get a functional top-notch bong.

Easy to Maintain

The best part about silicone material is that it doesn’t stick. Therefore, you can easily clean it by submerging it in water or a dishwasher, and it’ll look sparkling clean within a few minutes. It’s okay if you use a special cleaner, such as isopropyl alcohol, but you don’t necessarily need one. Just be thorough in your cleaning process; your bong will be as good as new. Below is a step-to-step guide on how to use a dishwasher to clean your silicone bong.

  1. Dismember any removable parts like the bowl.
  2. Secure the parts in the silverware section.
  3. Invert the bong.
  4. Add cleaning solutions
  5. Start the dishwasher and let it complete the cycle.
  6. Once the cycle is complete, remove the bong and check if it’s clean.
  7. If not, consider cleaning it with traditional methods.

It’s Convenient

Judging from all the benefits outlined here, silicone bongs’ small size, flexibility, durability, and lightweight makes them easily portable. You can pack your silicone bong in your purse, pocket, or car boot without fear of breaking it. Even if you accidentally lose your silicone bong, replacing it won’t be a hassle.

Considerations When Buying a Silicone Bong Online

Silicone bongs’ versatility makes them one of the greatest accessories you’ll find favored by the smoking community. It would help if you made crucial considerations when purchasing silicone bongs and other accessories.

The Brand

It’s always advisable to buy silicone bongs from popular brands as they have better chances of being legitimate and safe. No well-known bong manufacturer would like to tarnish its reputation by making faulty bongs or not listening to customers’ concerns.

Variety in Bongs and Accessories

Buy your silicone bong from a brand that also offers a wide variety of other bubblers for sale. A company with more products associated with silicone dab rigs is probably well-established and trustworthy. Usually, these top brands have specific types of designs you may lack in other outlets.


Check what other customers say about the silicone dab rig or the manufacturer. The reviews serve as the most reliable source of information regarding online bong purchases.

Is Silicone Bong the Best?

If you’re an avid smoker who travels regularly, a silicone bong is for you. Not only will you carry it comfortably, but you can also fold it to fit a smaller space. Besides, you should consider this bong if you’re tight on budget, have pets, or tend to be clumsy with your hands.