What’s So Special About Rick and Morty Silicone Bong?

You’ll have fun using a Rick and Morty bong if you love adult animated series and smoking. Like other anime bongs, Rick and Morty silicone bongs are beautiful pieces featuring the popular characters in the TV series.

Key Takeaways

  • The Rick and Morty TV series features eponymous characters entangled in family drama and epic fantasy.
  • The Rick and Morty silicone bong is themed with the film’s decal.
  • Review the available materials, design, prices, and sizes before you purchase a Rick and Morty bong.

What Is the Rick and Morty TV Series?

Rick and Morty is a popular adult sci-fi cartoon aired weekly on Cartoon Network. It premiered in 2013 and has enjoyed five and a half seasons. This sixth season, which premiered in September 2022, has announced a six-week break, leaving us with a few concerns. Nonetheless, Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon predict a more spectacular experience.

The Rick and Morty series involve Rick and Morty as the main character. Rick’s full name is Rick Sanchez- a drunkard genius scientist whose weird innovations propagate the episodes. Rick is also the father of Beth and grandfather to Morty and Summer. On the other hand, Morty is a teenage grandson to Rick struggling to maintain his sanity amidst his grandpa’s terrifying adventures.

After Rick goes missing for about 20 years, he suddenly reappears on Beth’s doorstep. Beth is excited to see her dad back after his disappearance, but she also knows his mind-bending explorations won’t go well with her husband, Jerry.

Rick tries his best to reconnect with the family, and it’s the grandson Morty who reflects the affection. The young boy also frequently follows the innovative grandfather in his adventures in the multiverse.

Jerry gets furious with Rick’s presence and duping of his son into the adventures. The bad blood between the two takes different forms throughout the series.

The massive following that the series attracts has seen businesses manufacture products themed in Rick and Morty. For example, McDonald’s revived the Szechuan sauce for the Ricky and Morty show, and demand remains high. Similarly, the bong industry has incorporated Rick and Morty themes as a way to reach out to fans in a more stylish way.

What is a Rick and Morty Silicone Bong?

As the name suggests, this bong features Rick and Morty themes on a silicone -made bong. This includes that simple beaker bong with Summer Smith decals and the massive silicone bongs with carvings resembling Rick’s head.

Sure, we have Rick and Morty silicone bongs shaped exactly like the characters, but a bong doesn’t necessarily need a Rick and Morty design to be considered a Rick and Morty bong. You can buy a plain bong, stick a few Rick and Morty themes and images, and you’ll be smoking the Rick and Morty way.

What To Look for In a Rick and Morty Bong

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro bong user, there’s a taste for you. Of course, this depends on several factors, like the frequency of use and your budget. Nonetheless, the best bong for you is one that provides more satisfaction and a better experience in your smoking experience.

Your Budget

The design, material, and size determine the price of a bong. The most expensive mushrooms are made of ceramic. However, other bongs may cost more, especially if you bought them from professional artists. Rick and Morty bong prices range from $5 to $300; if you’re on a tight budget, consider plastic.

The Bong’s Design

Since you’ll be using your Rick and Morty silicone bong regularly, you must pick the best design. The many options readily available today fit almost any personality you can find in a smoker. Some are gigantic, while others are as black as night with a brilliant glow in the darkness.

The Bong’s Material

Bongs come in different materials, like silicone, plastic, metal, or glass. All these materials differ in price range and, of course, durability. For instance, a ceramic Rick and Morty bong would give you a luxurious experience, but it’s pretty pricey.

Similarly, there’re materials likely to affect the taste of your smoke. A plastic bong, for example, would produce an odor when used extensively, thus exposing your lungs to toxic chemicals-not to mention the discomfort such an emission would cause in your surroundings. The safest choice for a Rick and Morty bong material is silicone.

Frequency of Use

If you’ll be using your Rick and Morty bong more frequently, it’ll wear quickly. So, settle for an affordable bong that you can easily replace. Silicone bongs also have a record of quality smoke and relative durability, but if you’re a frequent traveler, you may need to rethink this. A Rick and Morty silicone bong can inconvenience your travel since they are heavy and prone to shattering.

Available Bowl Sizes

Generally, there are three bowl sizes; small, large, and party size. It would be best if you bought a Rick and Morty bong with your preferable bowl size, as no one wants to end up with a party-size bowl when you smoke all alone. No need to waste your products with the wrong bowl; go for small bowls if you don’t take such big hits.

Contrastingly, the large bowl is necessary if taking massive hits is your thing. The best part about acquiring a Rick and Morty bong with a large bowl is that you can take several hits or even one massive one. If you’ve invited friends, the party-size bowl will serve you right.

Check out the most attractive Rick and Morty bong for you and await the remaining episodes in style.