Where Can I Buy a Champagne Bong

If you thought you had seen enough invention in the bong industry, you should check out the champagne bong-the much-awaited invention for people tired of sipping from a flute. Now you can take a champagne hit like a drag in a bong.

The item melodiously named the chambong is a glass creation combining a flute and a mouthpiece similar to a bong. The chambong website explains that the inventors initially tried to make a massive smoking bong when they came up with the vessel.

Although the final product didn’t do well for smoking dry herbs, it offered a great way to consume sparkling wine. That’s when the Chambong was invented, and life has never been the same again.

Key Takeaways

  • A champagne bong helps you chug your drink in style.
  • The V-shaped item has a flute on one side and a pipe on the other to enhance drink holding and draining.
  • Choose your best chambong and chug your drink through the bong functionality.

How To Use the Champagne Bong

Just by looking at the V-shaped vessel craft sophistication, you get nostalgic for parties with friends and family. One part of the V is a flute with a capacity of about 4 ounces, while the other is a relatively narrow funnel that serves as the outlet when you chug the champagne.

Note that the flute and the stem must form a V before refilling your drink. Then pour your drink and slip the stem into your mouth when the flute is almost full. Tilt the vessel up to increase the speed of the drink stream down your throat.

You can use a chambong without help unless this is your first time. You don’t want the glass material to break when you multitask while holding the vessel and pouring your drink. It’s also advisable not to fill the flute to avoid overloading and spills.

How to Maintain a Chambong

All glass items are fragile, so special care is needed for durability. The chambong innovators understand this and enhance the glass material with resilient borosilicate material.

Unlike other glass materials like soda-lime glass, borosilicate combines alumina, silica sand, and boric oxide. The combination gives the final product an upper hand in favorite bong material due to its physical appeal and sturdiness. Sure, making borosilicate glass is more complicated than traditional glass, but advanced technology has made production more economical. The material’s chemical and heat resistance are crucial in making cookware, lab equipment, windows, and lighting.

Having said that, you still need to handle the borosilicate made chambong with care, just like with other glass equipment. Putting it under extreme heat or pressure can lead to cracks and breakages that deprive you of a fantastic chugging experience.

Can I Use a Dishwasher to Clean a Champagne Bong?

If your dishwasher perfectly washes all the glass equipment in your kitchen, there’s no reason to fret about dipping in the chambong. However, making a few crucial considerations before spinning the washing machine would be best. Consider the size of the chambong and whether it’ll comfortably fit in the dishwasher.

It’s also worth noting that the dishwasher may not thoroughly clean the curved part of your V-shaped champagne bong. The outer part may look extremely clean, but the interior may be wanting. For this reason, it’s advisable to add a cleaning solution like hydrogen peroxide for a sparkling look.

Note the dangers associated with hydrogen peroxide to maintain safety and ensure an effective cleaning process. Here’s the champagne bong cleaning process in a dishwasher.

  1. Invert the chambong.
  2. Add cleaning solutions
  3. Start the dishwasher and let it complete the cycle.
  4. Once the cycle is complete, remove the chambong and check if it’s clean.
  5. If not, consider cleaning it with traditional methods.

Can I Smoke Through the Champagne Bong?

If you’re an experienced smoker, nothing should stop your creativity and innovation from smoking the champagne way. However, the innovators of the popular chambong gave up the smoking intentions and instead applied the bong functionality to aid drink chugging.

Nonetheless, you don’t necessarily need the chambong to incorporate champagne into your bong. You can customize your beer bong and replace the drink with fine champagne. Besides, you can replace the bong water in your run-on-the-mill beaker bong with a champagne or champagne-flavored drink and enjoy a steamy sesh.

Everything starts from your mind, and adding a flavor or theming the entire bong with a champagne decal is enough to boast of your self-made chambong. You can only smoke through the chambong by applying the gravity bong principles of draining water to draw the smoke into the chamber. However, you’ll struggle to cover the flute opening as you take a hit from the pipe.

What Other Bongs Are Made from Beer Bottles?

With the invention of the knockout, you can now turn almost any beer bottle into a bong. This tool can fit onto your bottle top and has two openings, one serving as a beer outlet and the other as a bowl.

Vodka also released a stunning version of their drink called bong vodka. The bottle has a perfect shape for a bong to redefine the spirit world and showcase exceptional artistic skills.

Where Can I Buy the Champagne Bong?

The chambong is available at our headshop as a single item, two-pack, and miniature at $20, $35, and $25, respectively. Our site also has additional chambong items like the stand and decals to keep your room packed.