Benefits of an Alien Bong

Aliens have arrived and taken over even the smoking sessions! Advanced technology and continued innovation have led to the production of infinite types of bongs of different materials metal and varying prices.

While the main objective of these products is to provide a smooth smoking experience, the premium designs and types have become part of smokers’ paraphernalia collections.

However, we also have standard bongs that are more compact, smaller, cheaper, and made from materials like silicone and plastic.

The third category involves patterned, colorful, and deconstructable bongs designed to meet specific customer needs. Most of these have additional features to help you achieve the best smoking experience.

Whether a simple plastic bong or a thick glass bong, all bongs target a segment of smokers. Nonetheless, we have bongs that are classified as the best in the market and alien bongs belong here. The difference between an alien bong and other smoking items is that it carries a special reason for the smoker. Read on for more.

Key Takeaways

  • Alien bongs feature alien themes.
  • In addition to the stunning looks, alien-themed bongs enhance smoke filtration and smoothen your hit.
  • Visit our online store to view different types of alien bongs and their prices.

What is an Alien Bong?

To begin with, the term alien describes mysterious things seen in the sky for which no valid explanation exists. So, when we bring alien nature to our bongs, the smoking experience takes us out of this world.

When a bong is referred to as an alien bong, it means either of the following;

  1. The bong has an alien-inspired design, so you can buy a simple beaker bong, add a few alien themes, and boom! You’ll be among the people with an alien bong.
  2. The bong has no alien-related design but comes with unique alien-themed accessories. For instance, if you add an alien percolator to your beaker bong, it becomes an alien bong. It’s worth noting that available alien percolators are special types and enhance the filtration and cooling effect. Alien percolators are allegedly made with alien technology, allowing a flavorful vapor hit.
  3. A bong with both the alien theme and alien-inspired accessories.

Benefits of an Alien Bong

Of course, many smokers like the last alien bong discussed above because it unites the alien upper chamber and the literal alien design. Here are reasons why such a piece would be priceless.

It’s Stunning

A lovely piece with alien imagery can become an imposing part of your smoking experience. Besides, presenting such an item as a gift at a birthday, wedding, or another event would leave your friends in awe.

Not only that, an alien bong would impress all the friends at a party or people who see your antique setting in your room. Whenever you smoke from the alien bong, you’ll easily imagine being in the deep ends of the yet-to-be-explored galaxies.

It Provides a Smooth and Cool Hit

When it comes to smoking, the alien vortex bong will filter the smoke as it heads to your mouth. The several venturi units in alien percolators will diffuse the smoke further, preventing any scorching to your throat and enabling massive hits. The light and cool breath you inhale from the alien bong is what every smoker wants in their session.

There’s An Option for Every Budget

The price range for your preferred alien bong will mainly depend on your preferred size and material. You can find an alien bong retailing at $15 and another at $300. Whatever option you choose, you’ll surely get an alien bong complementing your other alien-themed collections.

Alien Bong Features

When it comes to bongs, features are more important than just looks. You want a resilient bong from falls and changes in temperature. Besides, you want a bong that’ll be easy to clean and handle. Below are crucial features of an alien bong that make it the best fit for your smoking experience.

Durable Silicone Material

While glass has been the undisputed king in bongs, modern bongs come in different materials than glass. You’ve likely come across bongs made from bamboo, metal, or even acrylic. But what about silicone?

In addition to resilience, silicone is adored for its ability to form into just any shape. This is a very crucial aspect when making bongs. Besides, having the alien bong made with medical-grade silicone means that your smoking experience won’t have any nasty flavors. Silicone alien bongs are also easy to handle and clean.

Alien bongs are also glazed with ceramic and grip lings to avoid slipping from your hand.

Completely Easy to Disassemble

The cleanup process is the main reason everyone wants a bong that’s easy to disassemble. No one wants to take a hit from a dirty alien bong. You must take a few minutes or more to clean your bong thoroughly for a peasant look, freshness, and hygiene.

When it comes to the alien bong, you can easily disassemble most of its parts for quick cleanup. Also, you can remove the bowl, mouthpiece, and pipe to ensure they don’t break during cleaning. Keep the removed parts in a separate container to avoid misplacing them or infecting other kitchenware.

Glass Bowl With Built-In Screen

A bowl screen’s obvious benefit is protecting your throat from the leaves and particles from your herbs. Inhaling any of these scooby snacks would be horrible for your smoking experience.

Unlike traditional bongs, alien bongs have a built-in screen, meaning you won’t stress about doing it yourself. It would be a hassle figuring out which screen material is best for you and how to install it.


Alien bong is the perfect household addition for any alien theme fan. Besides, the bong has a wide mouthpiece to allow for maximum intake. The less than 25cm high alien bong is easy to handle and carry as you go on a trip.

Get High with an Alien Bong

While it’s quite unlikely to come across alien bongs in a headshop near you, they’re readily available online. Make sure that the product you want to smoke on this fantastic bong is legal in your state. Simply visit our online store, and you’ll get all kinds of hand pipes, herb grinders, products, and alien bongs.