Have Fun with A Pokemon Bong

If you grew up in the early aughts, the Pokemon franchise must have been your thing. Pokemon was popular even to those who hadn’t watched the TV series or played video games.

Most of us delved deep into the universe, and what’s surprising is that the Pokemon collectibles and memorabilia are still selling today!

Due to high demand, the number of Pokemon bongs is spiking. This gives you a wider selection if you want to invest in a useful, nostalgic, and fully-functional smoking bong.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pokemon bong is your typical bong themed with the popular Nintendo franchise.
  • Nintendo has returned the favor and added a character resembling a bong in recent game series.
  • Choose your preferable bong and handle it carefully for a long-lasting quality of service.

What is A Pokemon Bong?

If you’re familiar with the Pokemon world, imagine bringing the colorful and cute monsters’ thrill into your smoking experience. Combine this with a bong’s artistic and straightforward concept and get a Pokemon bong.

The Pokemon bong is nothing more than your run-of-the-mill smoking device but themed with this popular franchise. The actual design of your Pokemon bong can differ, depending on your preference.

A Pokemon Bong as A Character in Pokemon Games

In 2019, Nintendo seemed to read the hype among bong users and introduced a character looking like a smoking bong. In the Sword and Shield game, Weezing appeared with two “pipe” hats, a new Galarian form of the first-generation Pokemon.

In its trailer, Nintendo claims to use the two pipes to show the Weezing’s transformation from a pure poison character to fairly poison, making it more resilient in times of crisis. Nintendo’s announcement attracted a massive wave of reactions, most of them about the bong-like appearance of the popular character.

This is not the first time Nintendo has incorporated some smoking innuendo into their games. For example, the Fire Emblem: Three Houses lets you give some herbal remedies to students to boost their hope and courage.

Some have argued that Weezing’s new look is aligned with Nintendo’s UK-inspired trend, as the pipe hats look like your typical London rooftops. This would still make it hard for us to believe that the new Weezing developers didn’t have some fun here.

The name “Weezing” says it all, and he already looked pretty high before even the developer thought of exposing everything; no wonder the squinting eyes. It’s also weird how the developer added green hair around the spot we pack herbs in a bong. The new Weezing character even came with additional “levitative” abilities.

The trailer’s first reveal of the new Weezing entertained Pokemon fans and bong users. The fun in this character is pretty clear, and fans made all sorts of jokes regarding the announcement. Moreover, several art pieces went viral depicting people smoking from a Pokemon bong with the Galarian Weezing’s signature pose. The pretty creative artworks contributed to the massive excitement witnessed across network platforms.

As a player battling for the eight gym badges in Pokemon Sword and Shield and other games, you may want to enjoy a nice toke along the way with a Pokemon bong.

How To Use a Pokemon Bong

Nothing new comes with the Pokemon bong; you would handle it as you do with any bong. Here’s how.

  1. Ensure the base has the right amount of water covering all the holes.
  2. Add the downstem.
  3. Fill the percolators with enough water to cover the air holes.
  4. Make sure the airflow is sufficient, and gently park your herbs.
  5. Light a flame near the bowl and inhale.

Benefits of a Pokemon Bong

Having a Pokemon bong is itself a benefit. Honestly, being able to show a Pokemon bong is jaw-dropping. Most of us have grown with the franchise, and the first thing we think of when we hear the word “grass” is emerging Pokemon; of course, smoking follows closely.

The Nostalgic Design

One benefit of acquiring a Pokemon bong is its old-school feeling. This smoking piece lets you bring back a touch of your childhood.

Exceptional Quality

Another benefit of buying a Pokemon bong is that most are made of borosilicate glass, a high-quality glass type with enhanced durability. Remember that all glass objects have limitations, hence the need to handle them carefully.

You can also get Pokemon bongs made from Plastic, metal, and silicone. The bongs are customizable, so if you want a beaker bong with art features, a tree percolator, or a themed main water pipe body, you’ll find it in Pokemon style.

Pokemon Design

Acquiring a Pokemon bong adds beauty and uniqueness to your collectibles. The bongs are not only adored for their functionality, but they become part of your collection pieces.

The aesthetic value that the models bring outweighs the nostalgia. A Pokemon bong also allows you to add other matching accessories, such as the Pokemon-themed stash jar or a Pokeball grinder.

The Fun

Fun is inevitable, from Pokemon bong variants with sturdy silicone pieces to those with high-quality glass bongs featuring your favorite character.

Besides the nostalgic feelings, a Pokemon bong adds some spice to your smoking experience. Embrace the fun of a Pokemon-themed bong by packing your room with matching accessories and letting it look like the wild Koffing is about to appear.

Become a Smoking Pokemon

Since Pokemon is a popular franchise, it’s easy to find themed bongs online. But before you go on a shopping spree, consider your preferences. What material bong do you prefer? What about the size and design? Finally, what’s your budget?