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Is Bong Water Good for Plants

Is Bong Water Good for Plants Recycling stuff has now become second nature, trying to find another use for everything before throwing it out. After all, this is recommended by everyone from climate change crusaders to manufacturers. You probably have a reusable container or a water bottle to refill instead of buying bottled water every time. The same is true for smokers and vapers. You probably don't like draining your bong water down the sink regularly, especially after you've heard or seen people water their plants with dirty dishwater and the like. But is bong water good for plants? We've covered everything you need to know, but first, let's understand [...]

How To Choose the Best Penis Bong

How To Choose the Best Penis Bong Call it a cock bong or dick bong; a bong-shaped penis is one gift that can make someone laugh their heads off. Plainly speaking, most penis bongs have the girth and height of a regular penis. Sure, this is something you may want to keep inconspicuous, especially in the presence of sweet moppets. The penis bong is really kinky, and you'll likely feel hilarious, uncomfortable, or both simultaneously. Nonetheless, the detail and functionality of this simple tool make it nice to look at. Read on to understand the standard features of a penis bong that enhance usage and management. We also want to [...]

Best Heart Bongs to Warm Your Heart

Best Heart Bongs to Warm Your Heart If you're looking for the best gesture of love for your special stoner bae, consider the romantic heart bong. Yes, this type of bong takes the shape of a heart as a symbol of love, so you'll think of gifts, romance, and love when you see it. Heart bongs have all the essential parts of a typical bong but come with a little extra flair. The water chamber shaped like a heart makes these bongs aesthetically uplifting without compromising on quality. You still get a wide mouthpiece, a herb slide, a lengthy down stem, and a female connection. With the popularity of heart [...]

Prototype Gravity Bong

Prototype Gravity Bong Makers of gravity bongs provide you with an assortment of options to choose from. You get to choose the water pipe that perfectly suits your needs. One of the most widely used gravity hookahs is the Stundenglass gravity bong. Several attributes make this particular pipe so popular. Made With Superior Materials such as Surgical Grade Stainless Steel The primary factor that has made this gravity bong appealing to many people is its made with top-quality materials. Among the materials used in its making include surgical grade stainless steel and anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum surgical-grade stainless is especially important because it provides the gravity bong with optimum [...]

Cool Water Bongs

Cool Water Bongs Finding cool bongs for sale is the first step to enjoying each of your hits. The influx of different brands and types of bongs means that you should reach affordable bongs and pipes with excenjp non nonptional design. Therefore, before adding any smoking accessory to the , you should gain the insights highlighted below. The Trending types of Water Pipes. First, you need to understand the different types of bongs and their mechanism and features. Notably, the difference is based on the design and material used to create water pipes. The most common water pipes come as a straight tube bong and a bowl near the beaker [...]

2 Foot Bong

2 Foot Bong The gravity bongs have become one of the common ways to smoke your CBD. The challenge that remains is determining the best type of bong for you.  The 2ft bong (24 inches) is relatively bigger than most bongs that range between 13 to 17 inches. Below, you will find out the bong’s contrast with your typical bongs that influences its popularity. What are the Common Types of Water Pipe? The materials and design determine the quality of the bong you choose. The common bong materials in the market today include plastic, glass, and ceramic. Glass Water Bongs Glass bongs are known to provide the best quality as [...]