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Glong Bong Is Hilarious

Glong is a combination of Glock bong- a bong resembling the popular Glock pistol. From wooden pipes to bongs looking like a special pistol type, innovation brings every thrill we'd want in a smoking sesh. Like in other masterclass pieces, a Glock bong clarifies your personality and sensitivity to art. Millions of smokers in the country and globally are increasingly embracing design bongs to enhance cooling and filtration and connect with their fantasies. If you're yet to update your smoking item collections, why not consider bringing in the glong bong? Most might be expensive, but many are cost-friendly and would still make your friends and family go; wow. Key Takeaways [...]

bong super premium vodka

Recent vodka releases have stunning bottle designs that sweetly combine alcohol and luxury. Distillers are paying millions to well-known artists for a bottle design that is appealing and enhances filtration and distillation. One that has taken center stage is Bong Super Premium Vodka I liter bottle. Drinking from a bong was a bad idea until artist Jimi Beach developed the Bong vodka: a top-class spirit with a creamily smooth texture and a glowing flavor profile. The vodka's bong-like bottle design has been a big draw, even for nonsmokers. In fact, the new line of "super-premium" drinks seems to have struck two birds with a single shot by redefining the spirit [...]

Where Can I Buy a Champagne Bong

If you thought you had seen enough invention in the bong industry, you should check out the champagne bong-the much-awaited invention for people tired of sipping from a flute. Now you can take a champagne hit like a drag in a bong. The item melodiously named the chambong is a glass creation combining a flute and a mouthpiece similar to a bong. The chambong website explains that the inventors initially tried to make a massive smoking bong when they came up with the vessel. Although the final product didn't do well for smoking dry herbs, it offered a great way to consume sparkling wine. That's when the Chambong was invented, [...]

Bong Water Drinks Are Tastier Than They Appear

The beverage industry is getting more creative in incorporating smokers' and alcoholics' fantasies. One of the latest inventions that has caught our eyes is the bong water drink. Yes, you read that right. We have drinks named after the disgusting liquid from a used smoking bong. However, the name should not discourage you from trying the drinks. Sure, the drinks have no odor or taste close to their namesake, but they taste like fruit Roll-Ups or the Long Island Iced Teas. What makes drinkers suspicious at first is the weird looks of this cocktails, prompting the question of whether someone put some dirty bong water in there. But rest assured, [...]

What’s is a Rick and Morty Silicone Bong?

What’s So Special About Rick and Morty Silicone Bong? You'll have fun using a Rick and Morty bong if you love adult animated series and smoking. Like other anime bongs, Rick and Morty silicone bongs are beautiful pieces featuring the popular characters in the TV series. Key Takeaways The Rick and Morty TV series features eponymous characters entangled in family drama and epic fantasy. The Rick and Morty silicone bong is themed with the film’s decal. Review the available materials, design, prices, and sizes before you purchase a Rick and Morty bong. What Is the Rick and Morty TV Series? Rick and Morty is a popular adult sci-fi cartoon aired [...]

Smoke the Alien way With UFO Bongs

Advanced technology and continued innovation have led to the production of infinite types of bongs. You'll come across bongs made from premium materials such as metal or glass, with some retailing at insanely high prices. While the main objective of these products is to provide a smooth smoking experience, the premium designs and types have become part of smokers' paraphernalia collections. However, we also have standard bongs that are more compact, smaller, cheaper, and made from materials like silicone and plastic. The third category involves patterned, colorful, and deconstructable bongs designed to meet specific customer needs. Most of these have additional features to help you achieve the best smoking experience. [...]

Silicone Bong Amazon Collections

When assembling smoking paraphernalia, most smokers go for glass bongs. After all, the glass bongs look pretty on a shelf and are considered higher quality. Yet you can't fully rely on a glass bong when it comes to daily usage, durability, and practicality. These bongs are easily breakable and may not be an easy-to-carry item when traveling. This is the reason silicone bongs are increasingly gaining popularity among smokers. Below is a detailed overview of silicone bongs, including their make, how they work, and what you rip as a smoker. Key Takeaways A silicone bong is any bong made of silicone as the primary material. Silicon bongs are durable, affordable, [...]

Regular Ooze Bong – Make A Dab Rig

Make A Dab Rig Out of a Regular Ooze Bong Dab rigs and bongs have similar functionality of using water to cool and filter the smoke you inhale. Manufacturers, such as Ooze, have silicone bongs with extra chambers to hold the water and percolators to advance the filtration. So, you can convert such a bong into a dab rig, provided you have the right components. Below we break down the steps to transform a bong into a dab rig and the possible repercussions. Key Takeaways One of the conspicuous similarities between a dab rig and a bong is the use of water as the main feature in which the smoke [...]

How To Make a Pineapple Bong

If you're bored of smoking from your run on the mil bongs, we have a pineapple bong made with the complete elegance of ripe fruit. This alternative is not only fun but also friendly to your pocket. A pineapple bong is not necessarily that high-end bong perfectly designed like a pineapple. You can turn your simple beaker bong into a pineapple bong by adding a few themes or make your own pineapple bong from a real pineapple fruit. Read on to understand a pineapple bong and the items you need to make yours at home. Key Takeaways A pineapple bong can be a real pineapple fruit improvised to serve as [...]

Crucial Parts of a Strawberry Bong

If you're bored of smoking from your run on the mill bongs, we have a strawberry bong made with the complete elegance of ripe fruit. This alternative is not only fun but also friendly to your pocket. A strawberry bong is not necessarily that high-end bong perfectly designed like a strawberry. You can turn your simple beaker bong into a strawberry bong by adding a few strawberry decals and colors. Read on to understand a strawberry bong and its different parts. Key Takeaways A strawberry bong is another smoking item made with the complete elegance of ripe fruit. A strawberry bong can also be any bong themed with strawberry decals [...]