By hovering over our site, you’ll discover the many options to smoke your herbs ranging from edibles and dab rigs to joints and blunts; the bong reigns supreme for most smokers. Bongs take different shapes and sizes to meet your expectations and serve multiple purposes.

Basically, a bong has a small bowl to hold your products. It also has some water at the base/chamber, which sucks the smoke once you light up and inhale your tobacco or any other product. Notably, the water will bubble as smoke passes through, making it cooler and soothing hit.

The enhanced smoking experience is the main reason most smokers prefer bongs. Lately, different types of bong designs have emerged, and the recycler bong is one notable example with a tremendously soaring popularity.


Key Takeaways

  • The word recycler in the recycler bong means that the bong recycles the water in the chamber as you smoke to provide the best smoking experience.
  • Typically, the bottom chamber is bigger and holds the water to remove any substance that comes with the smoke from the downstem.
  • Common types of water bongs include external, internal, and Klein recycler bongs.

What is a Recycler Bong?

The word recycler in the recycler bong means that the bong recycles the water in the chamber as you smoke to provide the best experience.

Essentially, this type of bong has several chambers but the common recycler bongs have two. These chambers enhance filtering as the smoke passes through them-not to mention the enhanced cooling effect. So, unlike other bongs you’ll come across in our headshop, the recycler bong has additional layers of filtration, ensuring that no debris reaches the mouthpiece.

Simply put, a recycler bong has two chambers, with the first serving as the reservoir. When you smoke, the water drains into the second chamber and returns to the first one hence the word recycler. Below is a step-by-step overview of the bong’s functionality.

How A Recycler Bong Works

As mentioned above, a recycler bong has two chambers to provide the best smoking experience. These chambers are connected through tiny tubes that act as water passages.

Normally, the bottom chamber is bigger and holds the water to remove any substance that comes with the smoke through the downstem.

  1. The first thing when you want to use a recycler bong is filling it with water.
  2. Place your herbs in the bowl and light it up. Be sure to inhale gently through the mouthpiece to bring the smoke to the water chamber.
  3. It’s in the water chamber where smoke mixes with water and filtration kick-off.

At the same time, the water drains into the second chamber, where the smoke is recycled and refiltered.

This continuous loop of filtering ensures that the smoke you inhale is wholly filtered and easy to inhale.

Types of Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs come in different types and shapes, but we’ve listed some for you to choose from.

  1. External Recycler Bongs

The term external is derived from the bong’s external water chamber that sits above the bong’s main water chamber. The external recycler bongs are very popular among smokers mainly due to their pocket-friendly prices.

The first water chamber of an external recycler bong has a percolator to filter out the smoke and links to the second chamber through an interlinking arm. The movement of water from the first chamber to the external one is fun enough for most smokers. However, the filtration process of an external recycler bong may not be as efficient as that of the internal recycler bong discussed below.

  1. Internal Recycler Bong

Unlike the external recycler bongs discussed above, the internal recycler bongs have two water chambers attached internally hence the moniker “in-cycle bongs.” This bong is relatively small in size, mainly due to the interior location of the two water chambers. The simple design of this bong also makes it durable and easy to maintain.

  1. Klein Recycler Bong

This bong is simply a combination of internal and external recycler bongs. Klein recycler bongs have two tubes connecting the water chambers; one inside and another outside the chambers. This design offers a smooth hit for smokers, but many find it a hassle to clean the item thoroughly.

Benefits of Recycler Bongs

Although the description of recycler bongs makes them sound complicated, we have benefits that will persuade you to get one.

  1. It Looks Cool

Imagine the entire process of water and smoke draining from one chamber to another in a glass recycler bong. Looking at the bong as it functions is itself a mesmerizing experience as you watch the water turning smoky and traveling around the item, eventually hitting you with a plume of smooth and cool smoke.

  1. No Waste of Time

Most smokers are fooled into thinking that the added chamber in a recycler bong makes the smoking process longer. That’s not the case. The recycling process happens so fast that you won’t have any disparities between the time you take to smoke with a recycler bong and other bongs.

  1. Nice Smoke Flavor

Another benefit that comes with the recycler bongs is flavor. With the smoke passing through several compartments before it reaches your mouth, contact with the air is drastically reduced, enhancing airflow and flavor. Draining water from the first chamber to the second one also ensures that no bong water accidentally gets to the mouthpiece.

  1. Better Smoking Experience

Recycler bongs hold more water than other types of bongs. Therefore, the smoke is constantly covered by water, eventually cooling your hits even further. The high amount of water also helps filter out carcinogens or pollutants in your tobacco.

It is worth noting that the high efficiency associated with the recycler bongs may result in an intense intoxication level which could be uncomfortable for inexperienced bong users.

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