Invertible Gravity Bong

Using an invertible gravity bong is one of the best ways to consume your cannabis, especially if you don’t prefer smoking. One of the famous gravity bong used today is known as the infinity waterfall bong or the invertible bong.

So, if you are a new smoker, you might struggle to understand what the invertible waterfall bong is. Below you will find amazing insights on what a bong entails and how it works. You will also learn how easy it is to create your own bong at home with simple steps and tools.

The Gravity bongs

Commonly known as a GB, hookah, jib, etc. is a world’s award winning device you can use to smoke cannabis. The gravity water bong is rather an indigenous invention that enhances cannabis smoking when at home or outdoors. Therefore, you should have this tool at your convenience for the ultimate experience when smoking your product.

Are The Invertible Gravity Bong for Sale Online?

The bong has become so popular that different types have now flocked the market, confusing users even more. The vortex gravity has dominated the market mostly due to its features and efficiency. You can find invertible gravity bongs for sale online and can also receive a bulk shipment around the world.

You can make a purchase from a popular collection of bongs available online and subscribe on the website to receive update and launches of invertible bongs.

Here, you can quickly shop for clean design gravity bongs collection that will provide the desired results. Safety precautions are a must especially if you are hosting a party where you would not want to mess.

You have the prerogative to choose the best bong for you depending on the features, portability, durability, and ease of use. Typically, a gravity bong extracts as much smoke as possible when you light your dry marijuana herbs. Most gravity bongs are made of glass and plastic.

But how does the Gravity Bong work?

The bong works by first submerging a bottle inside the bowl that holds the cannabis extracts. In most cases, the bowl is a piece found on the top of a larger container of water, such as a bottle or bucket.

Don’t touch the bowl when burning your herbs. Any unnecessary touch shows a lack of clear understanding about proper usage and safety measures required.

After you light the cannabis on the bowl, it burns gradually, heating the water. At this stage, you can fill the bottle with smoke from the burning cannabis just by drawing it out of the water.

You can also remove the lid piece and place your mouth to allow the smoke into your lungs. This is done by pushing the bottle down to allow the ascending of the smoke through gravity.

Can I start with the Bong as a new user?

It will depend on your experience with cannabis extracts and the device itself. You need to understand the cannabis strain that works best for you, your tolerance levels, and the safety measures before you begin your hits.

Generally, it is not advisable to start with the gravity bong if you are relatively new to cannabis. There are numerous resources you can use to understand the features and use of the gravity bong. Besides, you can learn from more experienced friends.

How do I make a Gravity Bong?

There are numerous ways of making a great gravity bong at home, and it all depends on the level of materials you have available and your preferences.

One of the easiest and commonest ways to successfully make a bong is through the bucket bong method.

The bucket bong is considered among easy devices to develop since most of the materials needed are readily available. Essentially, a bucket bong uses water to force the smoke out. You will need the following materials for your bucket gravity bong;

Necessary Materials To Make A Bong

  • A drill
  • Scissors
  • a pipe
  • Aluminum foil
  • A bottle
  • A container larger than the bottle

The bong making process

  • Cut the empty plastic bottle in half to remain with the top half.
  • Drill a hole through the bottle’s lid and press the downstem through it. Ensure that the hole has a diameter same as that of the downstem for an airtight combination.
  • Fill the container with some water but leave some space at the top to avoid spillage as you press the bottle down the water.
  • Place your preferred cannabis extracts on the bowl, and feel free to light it up and enjoy.
  • Enjoy different intervals by lifting the bottle out of the water but don’t lift the entire bottle not to lose all the smoke.

But why should I use the Gravity bong?

Efficiency and quality are the best reason you need to use a gravity bong. Smoking your cannabis through the bong extracts more smoke and subsequently makes you higher faster than other consumption means.

While using Invertible gravity bong to smoke your cannabis can be enjoyable, it would be best to understand the different ways to make the bong most effective and efficient.