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Tylor Gang Gravity Bong

Tylor Gang Gravity Bong is Making Wiz Khalifa Even More Famous and Relevant If you want to become part of the Taylor gang squad, you got to do what they do best, smoke strong stuff and perhaps be clad in those dope Chuck Taylor shoes. Luckily, we have an even cheaper option to smoke the Taylor gangway, and most surprisingly, it's not your run-on-the-mill bong that gets noticed every time you pull it out in public. Taylor Gang has now teamed up with the seamless glassmaker Stündenglass in a somewhat iconic collab. Key Takeaways Wiz Khalifa registered The Taylor Gang Entertainment in 2008 as a film and music production company [...]

The Butterfly Bong Will Give You Butterflies

The butterfly is one of the perfect symbols to resonate with the feeling you get when smoking from a bong. The smooth and cool hits give you a gradual high, just like the butterfly moves from one twig to another. Depending on the concentrate you've placed on your bowl, the after-effect makes the environment look more attractive, and you suddenly have some enthusiasm building within. The experience from a modern bong is hard to describe in one sentence, but you can put it all in an image on your bong. For this reason, glass blowers have come up with different bong designs with a butterfly decal to clarify your statement [...]

The Best Frog Bongs

You probably don't give frogs much thought unless one jumps in front of you. The high time we think of these tiny amphibians is during the springtime when they emerge and sing loudly. But what if you bring a frog into your smoking sesh? How, you ask? By acquiring a bong decorated with different types of frogs and other underwater creatures. Below are a few bongs with a frog as an additional glass design and others with simple frog PNGs and drawing to serve as a personal statement and a conversation starter. Key Takeaways A frog bong has a frog design or image on it. Representations associated with the frog [...]

The 18 Inch Bong Is Adored for Its Big and Cool Hits

Large bongs are adored for their top-notch percolation and bigger hit every time you fire. When a bong reaches the 18-inch mark height, it means to serve you right with the best of all percolations. Of course, the mouth pipe takes much of the bong’s length meaning the smoke will have a long journey to your lips than, say, a shorter 6-inch bong. The water chamber in an 18-inch bong is also relatively large, aiding the cooling process further. Sometimes taking your joint huddling under a tree shade may not provide the needed spark. However, you shouldn’t lose hope of enjoying your herbs in style, even if it means getting [...]

I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong

How Well Can I Pose for the 'I like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong Lyrics' Moment? You've probably heard the country version song by Jamie Ray or the quite explicit version by Lil Wayne, but do they really mean the smoking bong? Even if the lyrics clearly indicate that the artists suggest needing a thick long-haired red bone, smokers have rephrased that and replaced the bone with a bong, which seems to serve them right. Key Takeaways The 'I Like a Long Haired Thick Red Bong' Phrase emerged from two popular songs about a thick red bone. Smokers and non-smokers have tweaked the phrase and used it as a [...]

How Do I Use the Butt Plug Bong?

It is no longer a secret that we like what we smoke because of the chill and euphoric vibe it gives us. And with all special events and holidays going hand in hand with smoking, the good people skilled in making bongs are helping us celebrate in a sexy way. The butt plug bong is themed to give you a smooth hit of your favorite dry herbs while you enjoy an all-around orgasm experience. Like the penis and dildo bong, the butt plug bong requires special attention during purchase, given the additional role it's needed to play. Here, we look at the safety measures when handling a butt plug bong [...]

Fly and Shine with a Sunflower Bong

Fly and Shine with a Sunflower Bong Sunflower is a happy flower, and adding such a perfect bloom to your smoking bong would undoubtedly brighten your mood. The gorgeous plant was named after the sun for its sheer delight and the ecstatic yellow, orange, and red colored parts. Be part of the holiday craze with a bong designed like a magnificent sunflower, or download several sunflower bong PNGs and drawings to stick to your bong. Below we explore the many types of sunflower bongs you can have and the symbolism such decal conveys. Key Takeaways As the name suggests, a sunflower bong is a smoking item conveying a sunflower theme. [...]

Dragon Ball Z Bong – Everything You Need to Know

The bong industry has been all around creativity for the past two decades, introducing jaw-dropping art, materials, features, and looks. Indeed, the answers to the innovative concerns about bongs have been provided severally through the enormous, resilient, and colorful bongs we already have in the market. It has turned the bongs from being for smokers but also avid smoking paraphernalia collectors. The latter is making it a hobby to acquire these beautiful pieces and display them on their shelves. Smokers, too, have their preferred smoking bongs and a plethora of others just for show. Most of these prefer themed pipes; something that'll evoke childhood fantasies and make smoking feel authentic [...]

Does a Glock Bong Really Look Like a Glock Pistol?

A Glock bong is a bong resembling the popular Glock pistol. From wooden pipes to bongs looking like a special pistol type, innovation brings every thrill we'd want in a smoking sesh. Like in other masterclass pieces, a Glock bong clarifies your personality and sensitivity to art. Millions of smokers in the country and globally are increasingly embracing design bongs to enhance cooling and filtration and connect with their fantasies. If you're yet to update your smoking item collections, why not consider bringing in the Glock bong? Most might be expensive, but many are cost-friendly and would still make your friends and family go; wow. Key Takeaways Glock bongs are [...]

Clam The Bing Bong Song Lyrics

If you've had a good time on TikTok for the past two years, you've probably seen the "fuck ya life, bing bong" video clip. Different people have adopted the "bing bong, fuck ya life" anthem and made videos of themselves emulating the original soundbite. The TikTok soundbite starts with a man shouting, "fuck ya life, bing bong," and has so far garnered millions of views. While in the first week, people wondered about the source of the inescapable trend, it was clear that the accent in the clip was from New York. To get the whole story, we conducted thorough research and discovered some interesting findings discussed below. Key Takeaways [...]