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Importance of Using a Filter when Smoking With a Bong | Premium Gravity Bongs

Importance of Using a Filter when Smoking With a Bong When it comes to smoking with a bong, many users might overlook one significant component—the filter. However, using a filter can dramatically enhance your smoking experience, ensuring smoother, cleaner, and more enjoyable hits. Let’s delve into the reasons why using a filter is vital when smoking with a bong. A Healthier Option Arguably the most significant benefit of using a filter with a bong is the reduced health risks. A filter works to trap harmful substances like tar and ash that are often inhaled during smoking. By preventing these substances from entering your lungs, filters ensure a safer, cleaner smoking [...]

How Do I Use the Butt Plug Bong?

How Do I Use the Butt Plug Bong? It is no longer a secret that we like what we smoke because of the chill and euphoric vibe it gives us. And with all special events and holidays going hand in hand with smoking, the good people skilled in making bongs are helping us celebrate in a sexy way. The butt plug bong is themed to give you a smooth hit of your favorite dry herbs while you enjoy an all-around orgasm experience. Like the penis and dildo bong, the butt plug bong requires special attention during purchase, given the additional role it's needed to play. Here, we look at the [...]

Can I Get a Spiderman Bong?

Can I Get a Spiderman Bong? Are you a Spiderman fan? We have fine-looking bongs incorporating spiderman and other Marvel superheroes. Now you can smoke under the guard of the supernatural spiderman squatting or hanging on your bong and let your friends know your affection for the character. This is the best smoking item to carry when you want to catch the latest thriller with your friends or family. Besides, a good-looking spiderman bong can be a perfect conversation starter when you place it on your table. Key Takeaways Spiderman is a fictional character in Marvel films, including the popular Spiderman sequel. A spiderman bong must have a clear depiction [...]

Simple Bong Drawing Techniques

Simple Bong Drawing Techniques Leisure activities vary with people, but incorporating creativity is one impressive way to have a good time. It would help if you had a little time to relax and unwind from daily stresses. So, if you're thinking of taking a drag and want to apply creativity, you can start by drawing the faithful companion in all your smoking sesh; the smoking bong. Perfectly drawing a bong is not rocket science, so you shouldn't fret if you lack drawing prowess. Besides, you could surprise yourself with one of the best drawings of a simple beaker bong. Find a pen and paper and follow through as we make [...]

Fuck Ya Life Bing Bong TikTok Lyrics

Fuck Ya Life Bing Bong TikTok Lyrics If you've had a good time on TikTok for the past two years, you've probably seen the "fuck ya life, bing bong" video clip. Different people have adopted the "bing bong, fuck ya life" anthem and made videos of themselves emulating the original soundbite. The TikTok soundbite starts with a man shouting, "fuck ya life, bing bong," and has so far garnered millions of views. While in the first week, people wondered about the source of the inescapable trend, it was clear that the accent in the clip was from New York. To get the whole story, we conducted thorough research and discovered [...]

Download Your Favorite Bong PNG Image

Download Your Favorite Bong PNG Image Like buying a fancy bong and using flavors on herbs and bong water, applying a bong PNG is adding the icing to smoking sesh. The HD bong images are an attractive decoration you can add to your smoking item and your clothes. Read on to find out what bong PNGs are, their application, and their benefits. Besides, we'll explore a few bong PNGs you can add to your antique setting and make your room glow. Key takeaways PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics, a file format applied in image compression. The difference between PNG and JPEG formats is that the former has lossless compression. [...]

Understanding The Meth Bong

Understanding The Meth Bong Meth pipes have been the commonly used paraphernalia to smoke methamphetamine. However, the deep hits provided by emerging smoking bongs design has seen almost every meth smoker turning to bongs. Unlike pipes, bongs are larger, taller, and cheaply made out of bottles. Silicone is probably the trendiest meth bong material due to its folding ability and durability. Key Takeaways A meth bong is simply a smoking bong used to smoke methamphetamine. Meth bongs have the same parts as any other bong, including the bowl, downstem, and mouthpiece. Drinking or keeping bong water is highly discouraged as it can lead to fatalities or litigation. What is a [...]

Best Materials for Cartoon Bongs

Best Materials for Cartoon Bongs Lately, the world has experienced a bong craze like never before. Smokers have even coined uncountable names for it - the list is endless: bubbler, straight shooter, calabash, hookah, hubble-bubble, and corn cob. The list of bong ideas is also longer than an arm. Designers can customize your favorite cartoon character in the form of a cartoon bong as opposed to just stickers. Key Takeaways Cartoon bongs depict different cartoon animations to incorporate the fantasy into your smoking sesh. Silicon is a more versatile and flexible material for making cartoon bongs While silicon bongs are more durable than glass bongs, they suffer under direct sunlight [...]

How To Get Rid of Dirty Bong Water Smell on Surfaces

How To Get Rid of Dirty Bong Water Smell on Surfaces No one wants a bed, car, or carpet stinking from spilled dirty bong water. Besides having to refill it with fresh herbs and water, you need to find a way to clear the mess asap, or you'll be dealing with a horrendous odor that the mess will leave behind. But with the pungent stench emanating from bong water, is there something you can do to clean your bedding, car seats, and carpet? Luckily, yes. Read on to find ways to get rid of the dirty bong water smell on any surface or material. First, we address the common question [...]

How to Fix a Broken Bong

How to Fix a Broken Bong Glass bongs are championed as the best for smoking your dry herbs. However, if you opt for cheap bongs with thin and weak material, expect what would probably be every stoner's nightmare: bong breakage. Glass bong breakage is something most smokers have experienced at one point, and you're probably in such a crisis as you read this. Count yourself lucky if only parts of the bong, like the downstem or bowl, broke. Otherwise, you may have to replace the entire bong. Check the tips below to repair your broken bong and carry on with the sesh. Key Takeaways Glass bongs are susceptible to breakages, [...]