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The OG Mug Bong Makes You the Real OG

The OG Mug Bong Makes You the Real OG Are you an OG? Then there is nothing better than waking up and baking with the OG mug bong every day. Using the mug bong will make you a responsible adult who benefits from mental and physical advantages that drinks such as coffee bring to your body. In fact, using the bong to smoke THC-rich herbs would complement these advantages, but we'll expound on that soon. The OG mug you use for your coffee is not only awe-looking but also reveals a lot about your personality. So, it would undoubtedly make the best choice if you enjoy smoking while drinking coffee. [...]

Popular Badass Bong Names You Should Know

Popular Badass Bong Names You Should Know Smoking all sorts of products has been our thing since time immemorial. Rolling a joint may be fun, but people are increasingly embracing smoking bongs. Today, we have some rocking badass bong names, which are only a click away. It may never have crossed your mind that you can find your favorite smoking item without having to travel miles to your nearest headshop. Many have been searching for ideas everywhere, but this site gives you access to some of the best badass glass bongs. You'll be surprised by the treasures of this badass bong collection with the best items for sale. Simply visit [...]

Glycerin Beaker Bongs and Nectar Collectors

Glycerin Beaker Bongs and Nectar Collectors How To Handle Glycerin Beaker Bongs and Nectar Collectors Like bongs, nectar collectors are among the trending items for smoking concentrates. Many smokers consider them one of the easiest and most convenient for taking a drag. In 2011, a prominent artist, Kristian Merwin, invented these items resembling small dab rigs designed to get the best from your oils and waxes. The collector resembles a tube design, and taking a hit will look like using a straw. Some of the nectar collector's main components include the tip, which touches the concentrate. It can be made of quartz and titanium, and you can change one for [...]

Comparison Of a Silicone Ooze Bong and A Silicone Dab Rig

Comparison Of a Silicone Ooze Bong and A Silicone Dab Rig Dab rigs and bongs have similar functionality of using water to cool and filter the smoke you inhale. Manufacturers, such as Ooze, have silicone bongs with extra chambers to hold the water and percolators to advance the filtration. So, you can convert such a bong into a dab rig, provided you have the right components. Below we break down the steps to transform a bong into a dab rig and the possible repercussions. Key Takeaways One of the conspicuous similarities between a dab rig and a bong is the use of water as the main feature in which the [...]

What Happens If You Drink Bong Water

What Happens If You Drink Bong Water We've all been there; you get high, and the next minute, you're wondering whether to drink the bong water to get higher. Actually, this is one of the urban legends making rounds in the streets. And look, I get it. There's a moderate amount of THC traces in used bong water, but you may need to read further before draining that colored mixture down your throat. This article will help you understand bong water better and know whether it's safe to drink. Key Takeaways Bong water comprises numerous chemical compounds and residue filtered from inhaled smoke. The THC and CBD traces deposited in [...]

Can You Put a Bong In the Dishwater

Can You Put a Bong In the Dishwater The question of how well to clean a bong has always been up for debate; should we adopt the new-age bong cleaners or maintain the old-school iso+salts combination? Whatever becomes your cleaning preference should leave a sparkling clean bong for a smooth hit whenever you wake and bake. In addition to doing your lungs a huge favor, a clean bong lets you appreciate the product's full terpene profile. You also want to keep your bong presentable at all times, especially if you invested a fair bit in it. The last thing you'd want to see is a bong filled with murky water [...]

Can You Clean a Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide

Can You Clean a Bong with Hydrogen Peroxide Failure to clean your bong could lead to the accumulation of resin and tar, which affects the device's efficiency and your smoking experience. You don't want to smoke the old burnt herbs that have stayed in the bong for weeks. One reason most people leave bongs unattended for a long is the technicality involved in the cleaning process. Luckily, we have highlighted simple methods to make the bong as clean as new. Many elements, such as isopropyl alcohol, have been championed as the best bong-cleaning agent, but can you clean a bong with hydrogen peroxide? Sure, hydrogen peroxide has proven to work [...]

Buying a Gravity Bongs on Amazon

Important Considerations to Make When Buying Gravity Bongs on Amazon Gravity bongs have gained true popularity all around the world because of their ability for smoking dry medicinal herbs such as marijuana. It uses the combination of air, pressure and water to pull smoke from the weed into the bong container. As such, it can be easily smoked. Believe it or not, these bongs found their popularity in the 1990s and were first discovered in Africa before 1400CE. Most smokers improvised their bongs from water bottles and ever since then, they have provided the most creative ways to enjoy a good hit. .Today, the popularity of pipes and bongs is [...]

The Benefits of Using the Vortex Pipe vs Dry Pipes

The Benefits of Using the Vortex Pipe vs Dry Pipes Most popular smokers are often torn apart when it comes to the use of a vortex pipe or a dry pipe. When it comes to smoking their precious herbs, they often want to milk everything out of their experience. However both the vortex pipe and dry pipe come with their own merits and demerits. Even so the vortex pipe appears much more superior because of the health benefits that it is associated with. To help you understand this better, here is a breakdown of all the advantages that you will enjoy when using this marijuana smoking pipe. The advantages of [...]

Gravity Bong: A Better Cannabis Consumption Method

Gravity Bong: A Better Cannabis Consumption Method A gravity bong is a special way of consuming cannabis. It uses two empty plastic bottles which funnel smokes through water pushing through the lungs of the consumer. Gravity bongs work by putting a bowl of cannabis on a submerging small bottle on top of a bucket or water or larger bottle. You light the cannabis and slowly draw the bottle out of the water to fill with smoke from your burning cannabis. Unscrew the lid then put your mouth over the opening of the bottle. Push the bottle down and let gravity propel the cannabis smoke into your lungs. Does gravity bongs [...]