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Best Bongs for Sale

October 21st, 2022|Rotating Gravity Bong|

With the influx in smoke shops physically and online, you need to understand the vendors’ stock. Online headshops have become popular mainly due to the public demand and the ever-evolving designs for bongs. For this reason, you need to remain updated about the evolving bong designs for sale and understand their different features. Modern technology has facilitated the development of new gravity bongs dab rigs. Today, you will find a simpler, portable, and durable accessory at an unbelievably affordable price. Besides, most of these brands are made of glass enhancing the smoking experience. The plethora of quality designs and reviews available in the market today leaves you with the task [...]

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The Best Frog Bongs

February 16th, 2023|Rotating Gravity Bong|

You probably don't give frogs much thought unless one jumps in front of you. The high time we think of these tiny amphibians is during the springtime when they emerge and sing loudly. But what if you bring a frog into your smoking sesh? How, you ask? By acquiring a bong decorated with different types of frogs and other underwater creatures. Below are a few bongs with a frog as an additional glass design and others with simple frog PNGs and drawing to serve as a personal statement and a conversation starter. Key Takeaways A frog bong has a frog design or image on it. Representations associated with the frog [...]

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What is the Best Purple Bong

December 28th, 2022|Bongs|

If you want a bong to match your purple herbs and decorate your room, the purple bong might be right up your alley. Any smoking purple-colored item enhances the tranquility, ambition, luxury, calmness, and royalty associated with the color. However, the complex blowing process involved in adding the color on glass is probably the main reason purple bongs are limited in supply and coveted among smokers. Below we explore other vital considerations you're supposed to make when buying that cute purple bong. We've also worked hard for you and highlighted some of the best purple bong selections. Key Takeaways A purple bong is an item decorated with a purple color [...]

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Which Is the Best Elephant Bong Design

December 26th, 2022|Flip Gravity Bongs|

Elephants are a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and vitality. With all these meanings, an elephant bong is something you may want to add to your smoking stack, especially if you need something to keep you going. Currently, the bong market is flocked with a myriad of elephant bongs, and this guide will help you determine the best design and purpose. Key Takeaways An elephant is a symbol of prosperity, good luck, and vitality. If a bong looks like an elephant or has an elephant decal, it is definitely an elephant bong. Design elephant bongs come with ice catchers and extra percolators to give you a trippier and cooler hit. [...]

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Best Bee Bong Design

December 18th, 2022|Bongs|

Which Bee Bong Design Is Best for Me? If you like bee-related activities and themes, from ripe fruits to sucking nectar, nothing will serve you better in your smoking sesh than a bee bong. Innovation and advanced technology have made it possible to add a bong that looks exactly like a bee to your collectibles. Besides, the availability of honey-like bong water makes even your run-on-the-mill beaker bong look and taste like a real bee hive. The wide variety of designs, shapes, themes and bong materials is the only hurdle to finding the best bee bong for you. Luckily, we've narrowed down the search and explored some common bee bong [...]

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Which Is the Best Gun Bong Material

December 8th, 2022|Flip Gravity Bongs|

Puff blasts the assault way with a bong resembling a massive rifle. We're now past the medieval and mediocre smoking methods thanks to advanced technology and high levels of creativity. From wooden pipes to bongs looking like an AK-47, innovation brings every thrill we'd want in a smoking sesh. Like in other masterclass pieces, a gun bong clarifies your personality and sensitivity to art. Millions of smokers in the country and globally are increasingly embracing design bongs to enhance cooling and filtration and connect with their fantasies. If you're yet to update your smoking item collections, why not consider bringing in the gun bong? Sure, most of them might be [...]

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Best Materials for Cartoon Bongs

November 27th, 2022|Tips and Tricks|

Lately, the world has experienced a bong craze like never before. Smokers have even coined uncountable names for it - the list is endless: bubbler, straight shooter, calabash, hookah, hubble-bubble, and corn cob. The list of bong ideas is also longer than an arm. Designers can customize your favorite cartoon character in the form of a cartoon bong as opposed to just stickers. Key Takeaways Cartoon bongs depict different cartoon animations to incorporate the fantasy into your smoking sesh. Silicon is a more versatile and flexible material for making cartoon bongs While silicon bongs are more durable than glass bongs, they suffer under direct sunlight The Smoking Bongs This brilliant [...]

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The Best Star Wars Bongs

November 17th, 2022|Bongs|

If you're a Star Wars fan, who likes to party, check out the list of bongs highlighted below. The cute Star Wars themes and resilient materials make the bongs the fun and talk of any party. This smoking bong features a wide array of adorable, powerful, and wise Star Wars characters. Key Takeaways A Star Wars bong covers different characters and themes in any Star Wars series, from Pokemon to Hello Kitty. Star Wars bongs include the Pokemon, Hemper Snail XL Bong, and the Yoda bong. Buy Star Wars bongs and any other bong at com online shop. What is a Star Wars Bong? A Star Wars bong covers different [...]

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Best Heart Shaped Bongs to Warm Your Heart

November 2nd, 2022|Bongs|

If you're looking for the best gesture of love for your special stoner bae, consider the romantic heart shaped bong. Yes, this type of bong takes the shape of a heart as a symbol of love, so you'll think of gifts, romance, and love when you see it. Heart shaped bongs have all the essential parts of a typical bong but come with a little extra flair. The water chamber shaped like a heart makes these bongs aesthetically uplifting without compromising on quality. You still get a wide mouthpiece, a herb slide, a lengthy down stem, and a female connection. With the popularity of heart shaped bongs, the market is [...]

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How To Choose the Best Penis Bong

October 23rd, 2022|Other Bongs|

Call it a cock bong or dick bong; a bong-shaped penis is one gift that can make someone laugh their heads off. Plainly speaking, most penis bongs have the girth and height of a regular penis. Sure, this is something you may want to keep inconspicuous, especially in the presence of sweet moppets. The penis bong is really kinky, and you'll likely feel hilarious, uncomfortable, or both simultaneously. Nonetheless, the detail and functionality of this simple tool make it nice to look at. Read on to understand the standard features of a penis bong that enhance usage and management. We also want to know whether these strong-looking penis bongs double [...]

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